Chagos Islands: Long journey home

Islanders were forcibly displaced in the 1960s. Now there is hope of a return, but it is complicated by the US military presence

Modi starts Indian Ocean charm offensive

Visits aimed at countering Chinese influence in region


The beach in front of the Sugar Beach Resort complex at Wolmar on the west coast of Mauritius ©Alamy

The traditional economic reliance on distant trading partners must give way to forging stronger links closer to home

A worker for the Chinese company Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau (ZPEB) climbs onto the drilling platform of an oilrig near Melut, in the Upper Nile, Sudan, on Monday, Nov. 29, 2010. The oil operations are undertaken by Petrodar Operating Co., a Sudanese oil venture part owned by Petroliam Nasional Bhd., also known as Petronas and the China National Petroleum Corp ©Bloomberg

Environmental systems are easier to set up when development is still in its early stages

Ellison to defend America’s Cup in Bermuda

First time an American defender chooses finals venue outside US

Jumeirah to manage luxury Mauritius resort

Sheikh Mohammed has fixed on hospitality as a key sector

A 17th-century cabinet of curiosities from the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, originally in the collection of Agostino Scilla (1629–1700)
©Eva-Louise Fowler

Discoveries: Art, Science & Exploration from the University of Cambridge Museums, Two Temple Place, London

A collection of objects that all breathe the spirit of inquiry

Sugar industry reaps benefits of Africa move

A leaner industry is beginning an expansion into Africa as consumption grows rapidly

Diverse groups do business by consensus

‘Why can’t we be like Singapore?’ ask some Mauritians

Stock exchange sets sights on Africa

Bourse’s efforts to offer a range of products have borne fruit

Politics: Old guard resists change

The opposition sees the government as weak and vulnerable

India links: Treaty talks open way to loosen India ties

Pressure to curb the offshore industry is straining relations

Modern corporate buildings at Ebene, Mauritius

Offshore: Dispute with India offers chance to change focus

Tax dispute offers incentive to sidestep India

Economy: Slowed growth raises concerns

Uneven expansion between sectors fuels fears of a bubble

Chinese visitors help on rediscovery of paradise

Diversification is plugging the gap left by a drop in the number of European holidaymakers

Continental shift to secure future

The traditional economic reliance on distant trading partners must give way to forging stronger links closer to home – but competition is fierce

Air Mauritius continues flight into turbulence

National flag carrier under pressure to open up island for business

Paradise found as Chinese tourists keep islands afloat

Indian Ocean havens miss their European visitors

Offshore centres in race for Africa deals

Surge in foreign investment sparks hunt for favourable tax agreements

An illustration of Mrs Moneypenny orbiting alongside the International Space Station
©James Ferguson

Mrs Moneypenny: No smoke without ire

One of my greatest wishes has been that my children would understand how hateful smoking is

Caroline Daniel practises her swing in Mauritius, under the watchful eye of Chris Moody
©Jean Jacques Fabien

Golf: a holiday master stroke

A new travel company lets golfers play the world’s top courses, coached by former stars of the professional circuit. Caroline Daniel tees off in Mauritius

India probes Finmeccanica helicopter deal

Alleged corruption over €560m contract

Food group denies tax avoidance in Zambia

ActionAid claims ABF subsidiary used tax havens

Global inflows to Africa at two-year peak

Investors seek exposure to the region’s growth story

HSBC’s Islamic closures highlight dilemma

Bank’s pullback raises questions over model’s profitability

The community: Society is evolving faster than the political system

Mauritians want a non-racial identity, says Paul Adams

Environment: Sugar cane is central to sustainable energy plans

Paul Adams looks at a holistic plan that ranges from power generation to harvesting algae

Financial services: Banking on a good location and the law

Paul Adams considers the success of a sector that links investors worldwide

Real estate: Stream of rich immigrants may lead to social tensions

John Reed on a scheme to build luxury dwellings

Aviation policy: Ill health of national carrier causes concern

Viable air links are crucial for an island economy, writes John Reed

Chagos dispute: An emotive piece of unsettled colonial business

A claim concerning the displaced islanders’ right to resettle is awaiting judgment, says John Reed

Doubts remain over India tax proposals

Investors question efficacy of planned rule changes

Mauritius’ offshore niche faces threat

Tax dispute strains relations with India

HSBC: shrinking to fit

Gulliver has taken the biggest step in defining the bank’s future

Book cover: The Prisoner of Paradise

Pride and properness

Romesh Gunesekera’s ‘The Prisoner of Paradise’ is an east-west romance set in the fecundity of 19th-century Mauritius under British control

Cove Suites Penthouse, Blue Waters, Antigua

Hot property: Hotel homes

Five of the best serviced apartments attached to luxury resorts, from the west coast of Antigua to the affluent Golden Triangle district in Los Angeles

Steering a path to making bicycles in Africa

US group to start by assembling machines locally

Reliance linked to covert investments

Court revelation sparks calls for probe into Indian conglomerate

FSA bans former UBS wealth manager

Adviser worked on fund for rich Indian clients

London tribunal hears Ambani fund case

Indian ‘mega-client’ ultimate owner of Mauritius vehicle, court hears

Former UBS dealer faces heavy FSA fine

Regulator seeks £1.25m penalty

Monti’s budget plans shrouded in fog

Italy’s nerves frayed as new PM focuses on saving whelks