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    1. FT Photo Diary

      September 24, 2015

      Philippine maneuvers

      Filipino Marine soldiers maneuver during a mock ‘beach assault’ scenario in the town of Ternate, Cavite province, South...

    2. FT Photo Diary

      July 30, 2015

      Earthquake drill

      Caregivers of patients hold plastic chairs over their heads while a nurse takes cover under a table as they participate...

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    1. Special Report: Urban Demographics 2013

      China’s growth rate faces serious challenges: the population growth behind recent econ...
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    1. FT Photo Diary

      July 27, 2015

      Anti-Aquino protest in Manila

      Policemen seek cover with their helmets and shields as they block protesters trying to march towards Batasang Pambansa,...

    2. FT Photo Diary

      July 27, 2015

      Manila protest

      Protesters burn an effigy of President Benigno Aquino during a rally near Batasang Pambansa in Quezon city, Metro...

    3. FT Photo Diary

      July 10, 2015

      Pregnant and flooded

      An eight-month pregnant woman stands near the entrance of her home at a flooded squatter colony beside a creek in...

    4. FT Photo Diary

      July 6, 2015

      Running through the rain

      A boy runs as heavy rains and high waves brought by typhoon Linfa, locally named Egay, crash along a breakwater along...

    5. FT Photo Diary

      July 2, 2015

      Raft amongst the rubbish

      A girl sits on a makeshift styrofoam raft as she collects recyclable material from floating garbage in a polluted river...

    6. June 16, 2015

      Manila in midst of ‘township’ boom

      The economic boom in the Philippines has come at a price: chronic traffic congestion. In Manila, the capital, gridlock...

    7. FT Photo Diary

      June 12, 2015

      Hands off

      Activists hold a protest in front of the Chinese Consular Office in Manila as the country commemorates the 117th...

    8. FT Photo Diary

      June 9, 2015

      Shanty town shade

      An elderly resident sits in front of her demolished house during the demolition of informal settlements in order to...

    9. June 5, 2015

      Airport delay highlights Philippine infrastructure gap

      The Philippines’ hopes of underpinning the country’s heady economic development through infrastructure investment have...

    10. May 28, 2015

      Graft probe raises doubts over Philippine presidential succession

      A growing corruption scandal has raised doubts over the Philippine presidential succession and threatens to unnerve...

    11. May 27, 2015

      Asia casinos hedge their bets amid China corruption crackdown

      Casino investors are divided over the regional impact of the corruption crackdown in China, with some hoping to pick up...

    12. FT Photo Diary

      May 26, 2015

      Demolition unrest

      A resident throws an empty bottle towards advancing policemen and a demolition team during the demolition of an...

    13. May 20, 2015

      Philippine port gridlock puts growth in the slow lane

      It’s not often that traffic congestion around a container port becomes a matter of national urgency. But over the past...

    14. May 18, 2015

      Philippine president seeks to defuse tensions with China

      Amid steadily escalating tensions in the South China Sea, Philippine President Benigno Aquino has moved to rein in his...

    15. May 14, 2015

      Fire kills 72 at Manila rubber slipper factory

      A fire on Wednesday that gutted a rubber slipper factory in the Philippine capital of Manila killed 72 people, a...

    16. May 11, 2015

      Typhoon Noul lashes northeast Philippines

      MANILA — Heavy rains and strong winds flattened houses on coastal areas as Typhoon Noul crashed into the northeastern...

    17. May 5, 2015

      Manila eclipses Mumbai as services outsourcing magnet

      The Philippines has gone from regional laggard to become one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia over...

    18. April 28, 2015

      Philippine casinos: raising the stakes on Macau

      “If [corrupt] officials gamble in Macau, they will be discovered,” warned Li Gang, mainland China’s representative to...

    19. FT Photo Diary

      April 16, 2015

      Manila's staying power

      Filipino linemen conduct preventive maintenance to electrical lines in a street in Manila, Philippines. The Philippines...

    20. beyondbrics

      March 23, 2015

      Guest post: will China chose a neutral HQ for the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank?

      By Gavin Bowring, Asean Confidential With the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) gaining support...

    21. FT Photo Diary

      March 18, 2015

      Fire debris

      Majay Bugarin, 5, shows materials he collected among debris after a fire in a slum area in Malabon City, north of...

    22. FT Photo Diary

      March 9, 2015

      A close shave in Quezon

      Filipina women have their heads shaved during a rally at the gates of the House of Representatives in suburban Quezon...

    23. FT Photo Diary

      February 16, 2015

      Searching for possessions

      Residents search for reusable items after a fire hit a residential area at Merville Park in Pasay city, Manila on...

    24. FT Photo Diary

      February 12, 2015

      Hot air

      Filipinos view a Vincent Van Gogh shaped character-themed hot air balloon being inflated during the 19th International...

    25. beyondbrics

      February 6, 2015

      Manila's new casino seeks business from Macau, Singapore

      By Gavin Bowring and Felipe Salvosa The City of Dreams Manila, an integrated gaming and entertainment resort that cost...

    26. FT Photo Diary

      February 5, 2015

      Manila Bay sunset

      Houses on stilts are silhouetted as the sun sets over Manila Bay in Manila, Philippines. ...

    27. January 18, 2015

      Seven million people flock to hear Pope Francis in Manila

      Pope Francis drew between 6m and 7m people to an open-air mass in the Philippines on Sunday, shattering the previous...

    28. FT Photo Diary

      January 16, 2015

      Photographing Pope Francis

      People hold up their phones and cameras to take a photo of Pope Francis in Manila, Philippines. Pope Francis will visit...

    29. FT Photo Diary

      January 16, 2015

      Waiting for Pope Francis

      Young boys dressed as the Swiss Guard rest as they wait for Pope Francis at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate...

    30. FT Photo Diary

      January 15, 2015

      Awaiting the Pope in Manila

      Filipino Catholics gather for Pope Francis’s arrival in Manila, Philippines. ...

    31. FT Photo Diary

      January 13, 2015

      Celebratory meal ahead of Pope Francis's arrival

      Residents of the garbage dumpsite Payatas, eat a “pagpag” or recycled meal to celebrate Pope Francis’s planned visit on...

    32. January 12, 2015

      Five themes colour Pope’s Asia agenda

      Pope Francis departs on Monday for his second trip to Asia — and his seventh international visit — since he was elected...

    33. FT Photo Diary

      January 7, 2015

      Black Nazarene procession

      Devotees with replica statues of the Black Nazarene participate in a procession in Manila. Millions of devotees are...

    34. FT Photo Diary

      December 23, 2014

      Wrapped up for Christmas

      Workers in Manila wrap an evenly cooked roasted calf to be delivered to a buyer. “Lechon” has always been regular fare...

    35. December 19, 2014

      Asian groups near deal to expand Dunkin’ Donuts in China

      One of Asia’s biggest private equity funds has teamed up with a Philippines restaurant chain to roll out Dunkin’ Donuts...

    36. December 16, 2014

      Manila: springboard into Asia

      Population of greater Manila 21.3m Number in Philippines living on less than $1 a day 25m Percentage of internet users...

    37. FT Photo Diary

      December 9, 2014

      Clearing after Typhoon Hagupit

      A boy looks for recyclable materials among the garbage washed ashore by Typhoon Hagupit in Cavite, south of Manila in...

    38. December 6, 2014

      Typhoon Hagupit tears into Philippines

      Typhoon Hagupit slams into the Philippines MANILA — A powerful typhoon tore through the central Philippines on Sunday,...

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