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    1. February 27, 2015

      ‘The Sultan’s World: The Ottoman Orient in Renaissance Art’ at Bozar, Brussels

      ‘The Sultan’s World: The Ottoman Orient in Renaissance Art’ at Bozar, Brussels Walking across Koningsplein to Bozar,...

    2. February 23, 2015

      Netanyahu attacks Israel’s centre-left rivals on security

      Benjamin Netanyahu has accused his centre-left rivals of being weak on security, as the latest opinion polls suggested the...

    1. The World

      January 30, 2015

      Israelis transfixed by 'bottlegate'

      Did she or didn’t she? Israel’s chattering classes have been distracted this week by claims that Sara Netanyahu, wife of...

    2. January 3, 2015

      Israel withholds Palestinian tax revenue

      Israel is to withhold the tax revenues it collects on behalf of the Palestinians as retaliation for their decision to join...

    3. January 2, 2015

      Wendy Ewald: This Is Where We Live

      This is Where We Live by Wendy Ewald My way of making pictures differs from the customary method, where a photographer uses...

    4. December 31, 2014

      Palestinians to join international war crimes court

      The Palestinians on Wednesday evening signed the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, making good on a...

    5. December 23, 2014

      Palestinian scouting pipers promote harmony in Jerusalem

      In the Christian quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, the merchants have strung up rows of brightly coloured lights and set out...

    6. FT Photo Diary

      December 22, 2014

      Santa gets around Jerusalem

      A man dressed as Santa Claus walks along the wall of the Old City in Jerusalem, Israel.   ...

    7. FT Photo Diary

      December 10, 2014

      Orthodox tomb protest

      Israeli Orthodox jews seen protesting on Wednesday in Jerusalem, Israel. Orthodox jews are protesting the building of a new...

    8. FT Photo Diary

      December 2, 2014

      Praying at the Western Wall

      An Orthodox man prays at the Western Wall in the Old City in Jerusalem, Israel, on Tuesday. ...

    9. December 1, 2014

      Halt Jerusalem’s unholy descent into Dark Ages

      Jerusalem, the city at the heart of all three Abrahamic faiths, is undergoing one of the most disturbing episodes in its...

    10. December 1, 2014

      Israel’s Arabs in fear as politics shifts to the right

      “Accusation: Arab” the poster reads, alongside the image of a smiling young man, Kheir Hamdan, who was shot in the back in...

    11. FT Photo Diary

      November 26, 2014

      Jerusalem tensions

      Spencer Platt/Getty Images A Hasidic man pushes a buggy in the Old City in Jerusalem on wednesday in Jerusalem, Israel. Nine...

    12. November 23, 2014

      Israel presses on with Jewish state law

      Israel’s rightwing government on Sunday pushed forward with a law defining Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people,...

    13. November 23, 2014

      Jerusalem not the place to ignite a religious fire

      Jerusalem, sacred to the three monotheistic Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, has been a tinderbox for...

    14. FT Photo Diary

      November 21, 2014

      Friday prayers in Jerusalem

      Ahmad Gharabli/AFP Palestinian women pray outside the Dome of the Rock at the Al-Aqsa mosque compound following Friday...

    15. November 21, 2014

      Israeli use of skunk water fuels anger in East Jerusalem

      Inside the Mount of Olives mini market in East Jerusalem, a stench redolent of unflushed toilets and unwashed socks hangs in...

    16. FT Photo Diary

      November 20, 2014

      Ethiopian Jews celebrate Sigd

      Amir Cohen/Reuters Members of the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel pray during a ceremony marking the holiday of Sigd in...

    17. November 20, 2014

      Jordan $15bn gas deal under threat amid conflict

      A proposal for Jordan to buy $15bn of natural gas from Israel is facing strong opposition in the kingdom because of the...

    18. FT Photo Diary

      November 19, 2014

      Druze unite in grief

      Baz Ratner/Reuters Members of the Druze community watch the funeral of Israeli Druze police officer Zidan Nahad Seif in the...

    19. November 19, 2014

      Israeli minister insists Jerusalem violence ‘not an intifada’

      A day after four rabbis were killed in an attack on a West Jerusalem synagogue, an Israeli cabinet member warned that...

    20. FT Photo Diary

      November 19, 2014

      Home demolition in Jerusalem

      Ahmad Gharabli/AFP A relative of Abdel-Rahman Shaludi, the Palestinian who killed two Israelis with his car last month,...

    21. FT Photo Diary

      November 18, 2014

      Tears for a rabbi

      Abir Sultan/EPA Ultra-Orthodox Jews mourn during a eulogy ahead of the funeral of Rabbi Moshe Twersky in Jerusalem. Rabbi...

    22. FT Photo Diary

      November 18, 2014

      Jerusalem under attack

      Ronen Zvulun/Reuters An Israeli police officer gestures as he holds a weapon near the scene of an attack at a Jerusalem...

    23. November 18, 2014

      Five killed in Jerusalem synagogue attack

      Five Israelis were killed in an attack on a Jerusalem synagogue by armed men on Tuesday that marked the bloodiest incident...

    24. FT Photo Diary

      November 17, 2014

      Palestinian protest

      Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images Palestinian protesters burn tyres in front of Israel’s barrier that separates the West Bank...

    25. FT Photo Diary

      November 14, 2014

      Friday prayers at Al-Aqsa mosque

      Ahmad Gharabli/AFP Palestinian worshippers walk outside the Dome of the Rock at the Al-Aqsa mosque compound after Friday...

    26. FT Photo Diary

      November 10, 2014

      Restricted access in Jerusalem

      Thomas Coex/AFP The Muslim holy site of the Dome of the Rock on the Al Aqsa mosque compound in the Old City of Jerusalem. ...

    27. November 5, 2014

      Jordan recalls ambassador to Israel after violence at Jerusalem mosque

      Jordan withdrew its ambassador from Israel on Wednesday after Israeli security forces clashed with Palestinians at al-Aqsa...

    28. November 4, 2014

      Jerusalem’s Arabs would rather be in Israel than their own state says mayor

      Most Palestinians do not want to be part of a Palestinian state, according to the mayor of Jerusalem, who also denied that...

    29. FT Photo Diary

      November 4, 2014

      Prayers and sales

      Sebastian Scheiner/AP An Ultra Orthodox Jewish vendor prays near Rachel’s Tomb during an annual mass in Jerusalem ...

    30. October 31, 2014

      Time for US to step up on Israeli settlements

      Benjamin Netanyahu is continuing to expand Jewish settlements on occupied Arab land beyond the point at which a two-states...

    31. October 31, 2014

      Israeli finance minister vetoed spending on Jewish settlements

      Israel’s finance minister said he vetoed new spending on infrastructure for Jewish settlements in the West Bank after an...

    32. October 30, 2014

      Middle East: Walled in

      When she drinks her morning coffee on the veranda of her house in Bethlehem, Vera Baboun, the city’s mayor, can see new...

    33. October 30, 2014

      Jerusalem on edge after shooting of rabbi

      Israeli police officials said that they would reopen al-Aqsa mosque compound, shut on Thursday in response to the shooting...

    34. October 27, 2014

      Tensions rise as Israel vows to expand East Jerusalem settlements

      Israel’s government said on Monday it would push ahead with plans to build about 1,000 new homes in East Jerusalem...

    35. FT Photo Diary

      October 24, 2014

      East Jerusalem arrest

      Finbarr O'Reilly/Reuters Israeli police detain a Palestinian youth following clashes after Friday prayers in the East...

    36. October 24, 2014

      Rail line becomes lightning rod for tensions in Jerusalem

      It is 8pm and the train on Jerusalem’s Light Rail service is rolling uphill from the city’s Jewish, western city centre,...

    37. FT Photo Diary

      October 23, 2014

      Palestinian grief

      Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images Family members of Abdel Rahman Al-Shaludi, the Palestinian who was killed by police yesterday...

    38. October 10, 2014

      Life in Jerusalem: bad drivers, flying rocks and stunning sights

      Excuse me, are you Jewish?” The man, wearing the black garb of the ultra-Orthodox, was bobbing his head in prayer over a...

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