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    1. August 10, 2016

      Israelis push to make Sunday an extra day to rest and play

      Consensus is rare in the Knesset, where debates escalate quickly into name-calling, few subjects are too touchy for...

    2. FT Photo Diary

      August 3, 2016

      Last respects

      Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men take part in the funeral ceremony of Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Chadash, head of the “Or Alhanan”...

    1. FT Photo Diary

      July 1, 2016

      Burning Liberty

      A statue depicting US’ Statue of Liberty decorated with a Star of David on its head is set ablaze by Iranian protestors...

    2. FT Photo Diary

      July 1, 2016

      Al-Quds Day in Baghdad

      Members of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces parade march on a representation of an Israeli flag during a commemoration...

    3. June 29, 2016

      Israel: Walled in

      The steel mesh fence stands about six metres high and runs more than 200km along Israel’s desert border with Egypt,...

    4. Fast FT

      June 27, 2016

      Israel-Turkey restore diplomatic relations

      Israel and Turkey have agreed to reconcile, officials from the two countries said, ending a five-year diplomatic...

    5. FT Photo Diary

      June 17, 2016

      Friday prayers in Jerusalem

      Palestinians are checked by guards at the Israeli Qalandia checkpoint as Muslim worshippers make their way to attend...

    6. June 7, 2016

      Netanyahu under fire over French tycoon’s $40,000 donation

      Benjamin Netanyahu is facing a wave of criticism over a donation he received 15 years ago from a businessman on trial...

    7. FT Photo Diary

      May 11, 2016

      Memorial day

      A boy sit on a tank on display at the Armored Corps memorial, before a ceremony marking the annual Memorial Day for...

    8. April 22, 2016

      Samaritans form bridge of peace between Israelis and Palestinians

      The men and boys, dressed in white and wearing fezes or caps, wrestled their lambs to the slaughter at the centre of...

    9. FT Photo Diary

      April 22, 2016

      Burning leaven before Passover

      Ultra-Orthodox Jews burn leaven in the Mea Shearim neighbourhood of Jerusalem, ahead of the Jewish holiday of Passover...

    10. April 21, 2016

      Israel says Hamas responsible for Jerusalem bus bomb

      Israeli authorities said on Thursday that a Hamas cell, rather than a lone-wolf attacker, was responsible for a suicide...

    11. April 18, 2016

      Hopes of end to violence fade as Jerusalem bus bomb injures 21

      A bomb exploded in a bus in Jerusalem on Monday afternoon, injuring more than a dozen and sending a column of smoke...

    12. Fast FT

      April 18, 2016

      Bomb blast on Jerusalem bus injures many

      A bomb exploded in a bus in Jerusalem on Monday afternoon, causing a large explosion that injured more than a dozen...

    13. March 24, 2016

      Israel decries UN ‘blacklist’ of companies working in settlements

      The UN Human Rights Council has voted to establish a database that will name companies doing business in Israel’s...

    14. March 22, 2016

      Donald Trump seeks to win back Jewish voters

      Donald Trump told an influential pro-Israel group that he would move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as the...

    15. March 11, 2016

      Israel in security crackdown after attacks

      Israel has resolved to plug gaps in the security fences and walls around Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank and shut...

    16. FT Photo Diary

      March 4, 2016

      Peace march

      Peace activists let go balloons along the Israeli separation wall during a joint Israeli-Palestinian peace march in the...

    17. March 1, 2016

      Google app led Israeli troops into clash

      Waze, Google’s navigation and mapping app, has been blamed for guiding two Israeli soldiers into a Palestinian refugee...

    18. February 29, 2016

      Palestinian Authority could ‘collapse within months’

      An Israeli government minister has warned that the Palestinian Authority is close to collapse, as President Mahmoud...

    19. February 26, 2016

      The Diary: Murad Ahmed

      I was born into a devout Muslim family of British Bangladeshis. Faith in our household wasn’t strict, just expected. As...

    20. FT Photo Diary

      February 25, 2016

      Climb to Israel

      A Palestinian man uses a rope to climb over a section of Israel’s controversial separation barrier that separates the...

    21. Tech blog

      January 27, 2016

      #techFT - Israel and the cyber arms race

      The military looms large in Israel’s cyber security scene, but that could be changing. Apple is trying to shift the...

    22. January 26, 2016

      Isis empowered by shifting forces in southern Syria

      Just above the confluence of the Rakad and Yarmouk rivers, on a high ridge of land in southern Syria, a new military...

    23. FT Photo Diary

      January 4, 2016

      A room with a view

      A relative looks at the demolished house of Palestinian Bahaa Mohammed Halil Allyan in the Arab east Jerusalem...

    24. December 28, 2015

      Israel advances planning for controversial West Bank zone

      An Israeli group that tracks development in illegal West Bank settlements said on Monday that Israel’s housing ministry...

    25. December 23, 2015

      The age of chivalry can show us how to help today’s refugees

      The refugee crisis has defined the year now drawing to a close. Finding a solution to it will be one the urgent...

    26. December 10, 2015

      Trump postpones Israel trip after rebuke

      Donald Trump, the billionaire leading the Republican presidential race, has postponed a trip to Israel after his...

    27. December 10, 2015

      Arab-Israel tension: Obstacles to peace

      A nondescript suburban traffic island, south of Jerusalem in the occupied West Bank, has become one of the most...

    28. December 4, 2015

      Festival director who met her future husband in a Jerusalem market

      Nothing beats the shuk, as far as Karen Brunwasser is concerned, especially on a busy Friday afternoon when...

    29. November 29, 2015

      Israel suspends co-operation with EU on peace process

      Israel has suspended its co-operation with the EU on the peace process in retaliation for the bloc’s decision to begin...

    30. November 19, 2015

      Israel and West Bank attacks kill five

      Five people were killed on Thursday in Israel and the occupied West Bank and many more were injured in the latest wave...

    31. FT Photo Diary

      November 10, 2015

      Juvenile assault

      Israeli police lead away a Palestinian minor in Pisgat Zeev…Israeli police lead away a Palestinian minor (C) they said...

    32. FT Photo Diary

      November 10, 2015

      Fishy friends

      Mayor of London Boris Johnson is given a fish during his visit to Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem, Israel, where he...

    33. FT Photo Diary

      November 2, 2015

      Bringing an axe to grind

      A Palestinian demonstrater uses an axe to try and destroy a part of the Israeli controvertial separation wall...

    34. FT Photo Diary

      October 28, 2015

      Hitting the wall

      Palestinian protester tries to hammer a hole through the Israeli barrier that separates the West Bank town of Abu Dis...

    35. October 25, 2015

      Cameras planned for Jerusalem holy site in bid to defuse Mideast tensions

      Israel has agreed to install cameras streaming round-the-clock video coverage of the sensitive Jerusalem holy site that...

    36. October 22, 2015

      Mutual suspicion fuels upsurge of violence in Israel

      Bayan al-Esseili was a bright, ambitious 16-year-old who on Saturday morning left her home in the West Bank city of...

    37. October 21, 2015

      Netanyahu’s Holocaust comments anger Palestinians

      Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, has angered the Palestinians by accusing a second world war era Muslim...

    38. October 19, 2015

      Two killed in Israel as wave of violence enters fourth week

      A wave of stabbings and shootings in Israel and the Palestinian Territories has entered a fourth week after an Israeli...

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