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    1. FT Photo Diary

      August 17, 2016

      Slippery pole to the top

      Participants struggle to reach the prizes on the top of greasy slippery poles in Jakarta as part of Indonesia’s...

    2. July 31, 2016

      Week Ahead World and Political Diary: On their marks in Rio

      The Rio de Janeiro Olympics will finally kick off this week after months of hand-wringing over whether the beautiful...

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    1. Tomorrow's Global Business

      Catching up can be hard to do. But while many emerging market economies have hit the s...
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    1. beyondbrics

      July 29, 2016

      Southeast Asia emerges as consumer powerhouse

      Kevin Martin, HSBC Don’t underestimate the Asean consumer. Yes, there are only about half as many of them as there are...

    2. June 21, 2016

      Local chains take on coffee giants

      Not long after Starbucks made its first foray into Ho Chi Minh City in 2013, a local coffee chain called Phuc Long...

    3. FT Photo Diary

      June 9, 2016

      Istiqlal mosque

      A group of youths read Koran as they wait to break the fast during the holy month of Ramadan inside Istiqlal mosque in...

    4. June 6, 2016

      India and Indonesia: rivals divided by a shared history

      Last year, after a period working in Mumbai, the city where I spent my early childhood, I began preparing to move 4,600...

    5. June 1, 2016

      Jakarta points the way for London mayor Sadiq Khan

      The election of Sadiq Khan, a practising Muslim, as mayor of London was rightly celebrated across the world. It...

    6. May 31, 2016

      Indonesia’s aspiring coffee kings

      From a small Thermos mount­ed on his bicycle, 21-year-old Ahmad Ali peddles instant coffee on a busy street in Jakarta...

    7. Fast FT

      May 19, 2016

      Cheap dates, sin and phones: Deutsche's global price list

      Thrifty souls can expect a dull and lonely time in Switzerland, Denmark and Japan, where “cheap dates” are the most...

    8. FT Photo Diary

      May 18, 2016

      Taking a break

      Workers sit as they take a break near a banner of a new apartment in Jakarta, Indonesia ...

    9. May 10, 2016

      Freeport-McMoRan mired in Indonesian uncertainty

      Richard Adkerson calls Grasberg the most complex mine in the world, and it is difficult to argue with...

    10. May 3, 2016

      Behind the velvet rope with Indonesia’s high-end bar pioneer

      Numerous women in Jakarta have endured this humiliation. You take the lift up 56 floors, ears popping all the way to...

    11. FT Photo Diary

      April 27, 2016

      Anti tobacco protest

      Indonesian students clash with police officers during an anti-tobacco protest outside the venue of the World Tobacco...

    12. April 17, 2016

      Indonesia: Toiling over transition

      Swinging a machete, Achmad Pailkol hacks a path through his three-hectare plantation in Indonesia’s Maluku province....

    13. April 15, 2016

      Widodo shuns grand plan for nuts and bolts approach

      As Joko Widodo clicks through a presentation on infrastructure projects he has launched, an adviser hurries him along,...

    14. April 5, 2016

      West Java strains to regain lead in Indonesian growth

      West Java, with 46m inhabitants, is Indonesia’s most densely populated province. Its large labour force and its...

    15. April 5, 2016

      Southeast Asia scheme taps taxi app to ease traffic jams

      The World Bank has tapped into the sharing economy to help improve one of Southeast Asia’s most intractable problems:...

    16. March 31, 2016

      Indonesia threatens to ban ride-hailing apps

      Jakarta has threatened to ban ride-hailing apps including Uber and GrabTaxi unless the companies register their...

    17. March 30, 2016

      Fight to become Indonesia’s Alibaba begins

      With a population of 250m and rising smartphone adoption, Indonesia would appear to have the fundamental qualities of a...

    18. Tech blog

      March 23, 2016

      #techFT - Streaming beats music downloads

      Streaming revenues overtook those of music downloads in 2015, Uber is suffering from non-existent Indian passengers,...

    19. March 22, 2016

      Indonesia to overhaul taxi app laws after Uber protest

      Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo has ordered a shake-up of regulations covering the taxi industry after violent...

    20. Fast FT

      March 22, 2016

      Jakarta protest to ban ride-hailing apps turns violent

      The roads of central Jakarta may usually blocked by Indonesia’s infamous traffic but they were blocked for a more...

    21. March 21, 2016

      Jakarta complains to Beijing over South China Sea clash

      Jakarta has protested to Beijing over “interference” in its sovereign affairs after a Chinese coast guard vessel sought...

    22. FT Photo Diary

      March 18, 2016

      Morning rest

      A man rests before attending Friday prayers at Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia ...

    23. Fast FT

      March 17, 2016

      Indonesia's central bank cuts reference rate to 6.75%

      Indonesia’s central bank has cut its reference interest rate to 6.75 per cent from 7 per cent previously. Bank...

    24. March 16, 2016

      Terror threat tests Indonesia’s traditional anti-terror stance

      At the Edi Mancoro school on the Indonesian island of Java, young women in floral headscarves sit alongside male...

    25. March 9, 2016

      Indonesia forest fires spark pollution fears

      Forest fires are again raging across parts of Indonesia, just months after the country faced international condemnation...

    26. FT Photo Diary

      March 9, 2016

      Watching the eclipse

      People watch a solar eclipse outside the planetarium in Jakarta, Indonesia on Wednesday ...

    27. Fast FT

      March 3, 2016

      FirstFT - The curious case of the coffee murder

      Here’s a taste of today’s FirstFT email. You can sign up to receive it here. Banking on land In the latest in a series...

    28. March 2, 2016

      Indonesia issues tsunami warning after earthquake

      Indonesia issued a tsunami warning after a powerful earthquake struck on Wednesday evening off the west coast of...

    29. March 2, 2016

      Indonesia set to slash government spending

      Indonesia is poised to slash government spending, its finance minister says, as the dramatic drop in global oil prices...

    30. February 28, 2016

      Mochtar Riady, chairman, Lippo Group

      An hour’s drive west of Jakarta the congested metropolis gives way to ordered streets lined with greenery. This is the...

    31. February 21, 2016

      Indonesia bag levy aims to cut pollution

      Indonesia, the world’s second-biggest plastic polluter, has imposed a new levy on plastic bags — but experts say it is...

    32. February 18, 2016

      Commuting times and housing costs compared in eight major cities

      In Jakarta you will — like as not — be reading this in a traffic jam. As your peers speed through bucolic countryside...

    33. February 15, 2016

      US-Asean relations: facts and figures

      President Barack Obama’s meeting with 10 Southeast Asian leaders this week is being touted as a big sign of the...

    34. February 12, 2016

      LGBT emojis come unstuck in Indonesia

      The Indonesian government has demanded social networks take down emoticons depicting same sex couples, raising concerns...

    35. February 5, 2016

      Indonesia GDP growth accelerates amid public spending boost

      The Indonesian economy expanded faster than expected in the final months of last year as President Joko Widodo’s...

    36. February 3, 2016

      Indonesia sect’s ‘re-education’ raises persecution fears

      Indonesia is preparing to “re-educate” thousands of members of a minority sect, raising fresh concerns over religious...

    37. February 1, 2016

      Terror: The globalisation of extremism

      Gunmen hunting foreigners kill a Japanese farm expert in northern Bangladesh and an Italian aid worker in the capital...

    38. February 1, 2016

      Indonesia: Tolerant nation wary of extremist trends

      When Isis-linked terrorists launched an attack on central Jakarta last month, social media was soon buzzing with...

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