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    1. May 20, 2016

      Travel updates: Dublin, California, London and Cornwall

      Dublin CityJet, the Dublin-based regional airline that uses London City airport as its main hub, will next month become...

    2. Fast FT

      May 17, 2016

      Heathrow names Javier Echave acting CFO

      Heathrow’s hunt for a permanent finance director continues but it has appointed an interim chief financial officer to...

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    1. London and the World

      Exploring the global city, from ‘superdiversity’, the housing crisis and the capital’s...
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    1. May 14, 2016

      Do we still need to build a third runway at Heathrow?

      Heathrow airport has tried to smooth the take-off for plans for a third runway by giving up its opposition to a longer...

    2. May 11, 2016

      The complicated politics of Heathrow airport expansion

      Airport expansion will be the government’s next headache, after the pain of June’s EU referendum. The decision on...

    3. FT Data

      May 11, 2016

      These are the UK regions that depend on tourism

      The tourism industry contributed 3.7 per cent to the nation’s gross value added with tourists spending around £59...

    4. May 11, 2016

      Heathrow backs down on night flights

      Heathrow has abandoned resistance to a longer ban on night flights in an effort to secure the government’s backing for...

    5. May 11, 2016

      Gatwick hits at 'desperate throw' from Heathrow

      The tit-for-tat between London’s main airports continues, with Gatwick describing the latest efforts by Heathrow for a...

    6. May 6, 2016

      Snapshot: ‘Heathrow in Photographs’, by Adrian Balch

      Today, London’s Heathrow airport is a global aviation hub that caters to 70m passengers each year. It’s a far cry from...

    7. May 4, 2016

      Ministers told to stop ‘dithering’ over Heathrow expansion

      Ministers should stop their “political dithering” over airport expansion in south-east England and make a firm decision...

    8. May 3, 2016

      Property sales along Crossrail link slow after initial boom

      London’s new east-west rail link is more than two years away from fully opening, but housebuyers hoping to buy along...

    9. MBA blog

      April 29, 2016

      An elective in South Africa: part one

      Just hours after I finished my accounting exam last week, I was in a minibus on my way to Heathrow airport. The...

    10. April 26, 2016

      Grand projects are worthless if they fail to work

      Does it lift your heart to hear that “Britain is uniquely placed to lead the world in a smart power revolution”? Do you...

    11. April 25, 2016

      Heathrow dismisses £18bn transport cost claims

      Heathrow airport has dismissed claims by the government agency in charge of London transport that more than £18bn would...

    12. April 24, 2016

      Heathrow runway ‘faces £16bn black hole’

      Heathrow faces a “black hole” of more than £16bn to fund the upgrade of road and railway links to the airport if the...

    13. April 20, 2016

      Know your rights when your flight is delayed

      The television weather forecasts were showing swirls of white across the northeastern US. It may have been spring, but...

    14. April 17, 2016

      Passenger jet landing at Heathrow feared struck by drone

      A British Airways flight was struck by what is believed to be a drone as it came in to land at Heathrow airport on...

    15. April 8, 2016

      Travel updates: London, US and Switzerland

      London The heavily protected US Embassy in Grosvenor Square is to be reborn as a 137-bedroom luxury hotel with five...

    16. April 7, 2016

      Heathrow faces competition from Dublin

      London Heathrow is to face more competition in the battle among Europe’s hub airports after Dublin said it would build...

    17. April 1, 2016

      Sajid Javid faces threatened workers in Port Talbot

      Sajid Javid faced hundreds of steel workers outside the threatened Port Talbot plant on Friday and promised to do...

    18. Fast FT

      March 28, 2016

      Storm Katie causes UK flight disruption

      Storm Katie is causing some travel disruption, with Gatwick Airport cancelling a small number of flights. Some flights...

    19. March 22, 2016

      Investment opportunities abound but we must get over the barriers

      This was to have been the year of exit from quantitative easing. Instead, 2016 is going to be the year of negative...

    20. March 16, 2016

      London’s suburbs are key to race for City Hall

      With eight weeks to go until London votes for its next mayor, success in the poll will hang on voters such as...

    21. Fast FT

      March 8, 2016

      Heathrow names Lord Deighton as new chairman

      Lord Paul Deighton, the man credited with successfully delivering the London 2012 Olympics, will now take over the...

    22. Fast FT

      March 7, 2016

      Former Heathrow chief heading to Shanks

      The former chief executive of Heathrow Airport, Colin Matthews, has been named as the new chairman of UK waste...

    23. March 4, 2016

      Parliament put on hold to avoid Tory split

      The government is clearing the parliamentary agenda of anything that could fuel Conservative tensions over Brexit in an...

    24. March 1, 2016

      Mitie criticised for ‘insanitary’ immigration centre

      Mitie, the UK outsourcing group, came under fire for its management of the biggest immigration detention centre in...

    25. February 28, 2016

      Qantas boss urges Britain to vote to stay in the EU

      Qantas boss Alan Joyce has urged Britain to vote to stay in the EU, saying UK membership in the union is good for trade...

    26. February 26, 2016

      UK airports entice overseas investors

      The battle to buy London City airport for more than £2bn highlights just how sought-after the UK’s main airports have...

    27. February 23, 2016

      Heathrow boss warns UK needs to stay in EU to thrive

      The chief executive of Heathrow airport has become the latest business leader to warn the UK must stay in the EU for...

    28. Fast FT

      February 23, 2016

      UK 'better off in reformed EU' says Heathrow CEO

      The latest corporate voice to weigh in on the possibility of the UK dropping out of the European Union comes from...

    29. February 1, 2016

      Osborne urged to bolster case for Heathrow expansion

      George Osborne is facing demands to do more work on the “opaque” economic case for expanding Heathrow airport after...

    30. January 29, 2016

      Call for drone crackdown after four near-misses

      Pilots used to worry most about bad weather and bird strikes. Now, drones and lasers are on the list of flying risks...

    31. January 22, 2016

      Heathrow decision put off until after EU referendum

      David Cameron’s government has come under fire after coming up with a new reason for delaying a decision on whether to...

    32. January 22, 2016

      Postcard from . . . Heathrow

      “Ladies and gentlemen, we seem to be experiencing some problems with the aircraft undercarriage. Please listen very...

    33. January 12, 2016

      Ryanair and easyJet eye work with rivals

      European passengers flying long-haul to the US or further afield could soon find themselves travelling part of the way...

    34. January 11, 2016

      Heathrow passenger traffic hits record high

      Almost 75m passengers travelled through Heathrow airport in 2015, setting a new record for the UK’s biggest and most...

    35. Fast FT

      January 11, 2016

      Heathrow traffic hits record high

      Almost 75m passengers passed through Heathrow airport in 2015, up 2.2 per cent on the previous year and the highest...

    36. January 5, 2016

      London mayoral candidates trade racism accusations

      The two main candidates in May’s election for London mayor have started the year by trading racism accusations. Zac...

    37. December 17, 2015

      Sir Nigel Rudd relinquishes Heathrow role

      Sir Nigel Rudd has announced plans to step down as chairman of Heathrow airport’s parent company, amid uncertainty as...

    38. Fast FT

      December 17, 2015

      Sir Nigel Rudd stepping down as Heathrow chairman

      Sir Nigel Rudd is heading for the departure lounge at the UK’s Heathrow Airport after a nine-year spell at the helm....

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