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    1. February 18, 2015

      Indonesia’s Widodo withdraws nominee for police chief

      Joko Widodo, Indonesian president, on Wednesday acted to defuse a growing political crisis by cancelling the nomination of...

    2. The World

      January 15, 2015

      The Haiti earthquake, five years on

      It is five years since a massive earthquake tore through Haiti, leaving tens if not hundreds of thousands dead and sparking...

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    1. Urban Resilience

      The world’s cities are growing at an increasing rate. But as the risks from extreme we...
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    1. January 14, 2015

      Oil price rout forces Venezuela to rethink petro-diplomacy

      Jamaica has its “Hope Zoo”, in Nicaragua garish yellow sculptures decorate the avenues of Managua called “The Trees of...

    2. October 4, 2014

      Jean-Claude Duvalier, Haitian dictator, 1951-2014

      In a city still in ruins in 2011, a year on from a devastating earthquake, the frail man cut a surreal figure. Jean-Claude...

    3. FT Photo Diary

      September 25, 2014

      Lightning over Haiti

      Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Lightning strikes over the sea along the coast of the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, during an...

    4. July 27, 2014

      Leadership lessons in Haiti

      The poverty-stricken Caribbean country of Haiti faces intense challenges. A World Bank report in 2014 states that Haiti...

    5. FT Photo Diary

      May 30, 2014

      Lightning strikes in Haiti

      Hector Retmal/AFP Lightning strikes in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti ...

    6. FT Photo Diary

      May 22, 2014

      Haiti's chemical defence

      AFP/Getty Workers from Haiti’s Ministry of Public Health and Population spray chemicals to exterminate mosquitoes in a...

    7. FT Photo Diary

      May 20, 2014

      Lightning over Haiti

      Hector Retamal/AFP A thunderstorm in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, on Tuesday   ...

    8. beyondbrics

      May 14, 2014

      IDB: LatAm lagging behind on broadband access

      Latin America and the Caribbean have some catching up to do in the provision of broadband internet services, according to a...

    9. April 7, 2014

      Success stories show ways to limit the damage to urban areas

      Recent disasters in Haiti and in Japan have highlighted the need to put plans in place to mitigate risk – even when events...

    10. beyondbrics

      December 21, 2013

      The Weekender, December 21

      The final weekender of 2013: our most read posts, five things we have learned, our favourite long reads, and the week in a...

    11. beyondbrics

      December 18, 2013

      Dominican Republic and Haiti: relations unravelling

      Haiti and the Dominican Republic share a long and tumultuous history. The two countries are joined by geography but...

    12. December 6, 2013

      Sean Penn on rebuilding Haiti

      The lobby of The Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel is a quiet spot where well-heeled locals or out-of-towners can take tea,...

    13. beyondbrics

      October 15, 2013

      Guest post: The case for Made in Haiti

      By Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister of Haiti Today, the global apparel and light manufacturing industry is undergoing a...

    14. October 9, 2013

      UN to be sued over Haiti cholera epidemic

      UN, October 9 – Human rights lawyers representing Haitian victims of a cholera epidemic they blame on UN peacekeepers...

    15. August 30, 2013

      Think carefully about the point of the Panthéon

      A mausoleum is not usually a place people clamour to get into, but France’s Panthéon is no ordinary mausoleum. A hundred or...

    16. August 25, 2013

      FT MBA Challenge – advising on long-term growth

      The Financial Times has partnered with the Global Fund for Children for its second MBA Challenge, in which nine teams of...

    17. August 9, 2013

      FT MBA Challenge 2013 – consulting remotely

      The Financial Times has partnered with the Global Fund for Children for its second MBA Challenge, in which nine teams of...

    18. FT Photo Diary

      July 30, 2013

      Carnival of Flowers in Haiti

      Dieu Nalio Chery/AP Revellers march in the “Carnival of Flowers” parade in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Tens of thousands of...

    19. July 12, 2013

      Suave storyteller who made his life an enlightening journey

      In the era before mass foreign holidays, it was Alan Whicker who first brought the world into many British homes. He came to...

    20. beyondbrics

      June 4, 2013

      Yunus's latest project: chickens in Haiti

      Persuading a Brazilian company to invest $300,000 in chickens in Haiti may sound like a rather tall order. Not, though, if...

    21. May 20, 2013

      China steps up Caribbean strategy

      China is raising its strategic influence in the Caribbean as it takes advantage of the continuing US withdrawal from what...

    22. beyondbrics

      April 1, 2013

      Chart of the week: Brazil's bottlenecks

      Several reasons have been given for Brazil’s economic slowdown: a self-inflicted sudden stop caused by capital controls;...

    23. February 15, 2013

      Radio Haiti

      Everywhere photographer Paolo Woods goes in Haiti he hears a radio playing. “It’s on all the time,” he says, “when you go...

    24. MBA blog

      February 14, 2013

      Haiti and the Dominican Republic: exploring two worlds in one study trip

      The view from the bridge at Dajabon between Haiti and the Dominican Republic will remain tattooed in my mind. On the Haitian...

    25. February 6, 2013

      FT raises $4.89m for children’s charity

      The Financial Times’ 2012 Seasonal Appeal has raised $4.89m for our charity partner, the Global Fund for Children, a...

    26. January 29, 2013

      Israel to boycott UN human rights review

      Israel said it was boycotting a UN meeting due to review its human rights record, in a move advocacy groups warned would...

    27. beyondbrics

      January 28, 2013

      Chilecon Valley: LatAm's anti-Brazil

      Want to start a business? Chile could be the place for you. The government is slashing through what little red tape remains...

    28. The World

      January 14, 2013

      Reporting Back: Orla Ryan on Haiti

      This weekend marked the third anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. We asked Orla Ryan to tell us about her trip to the...

    29. January 11, 2013

      Money for nothing

      The Big Truck That Went By: How the World Came to Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster, by Jonathan Katz, Palgrave...

    30. December 28, 2012

      Stigma holds back the disabled in Haiti

      Jesusla, 22, spends most days alone with her mother, Marie Bonel Mericia, in their simple tin-roofed house shaded by coconut...

    31. December 26, 2012

      Light in darkness of Cité Soleil

      Five of Pierre Jean Duclaire’s friends from primary school have died because of gang violence in Cité Soleil, a slum in the...

    32. December 21, 2012

      New hopes for Haiti

      Nearly three years after the earthquake that killed her mother and forced her into prostitution, Shirlie is slowly putting...

    33. December 21, 2012

      Seeds of hope

      Pierre Chel’s gardening project in the Haitian village of Cyvadier may be small but he hopes that, one day, it will offer...

    34. December 21, 2012

      Reaching the hardest to reach children

      The work we do matters. As described in the FT’s Seasonal Appeal, our work reaches around the globe, from India, Ghana,...

    35. December 21, 2012

      Crops lead the field for commodities

      Over the past decade, iron ore, copper or gold have topped the ranking of annual price increases in the commodities market....

    36. December 14, 2012

      ‘Everything was touched’

      For Elvira Etienne, the day in January 2010 when an earthquake hit Haiti – killing more than 200,000 people – will always be...

    37. beyondbrics

      November 2, 2012

      Sandy worsens Haiti's food crisis

      Such is the shock at the destruction wrought by Hurricane Sandy in the US that it has gone largely unnoticed that...

    38. November 2, 2012

      Sandy flooding triggers cholera in Haiti

      Flooding in Haiti caused by Hurricane Sandy has triggered a surge in cholera, with three deaths and almost 300 suspected...

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