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    1. July 22, 2016

      Greek leader Alexis Tsipras fails to abolish 50-seat bonus rule

      Greece’s parliament has voted to overhaul the country’s electoral law, throwing out a system that gives the winning...

    2. July 20, 2016

      Governance drive pushes Michalis Sallas to quit Piraeus Bank

      A European drive to improve corporate governance in Greece’s banking system has claimed the head of Michalis Sallas,...

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      Turkey’s current political outlook is fraught with tension. The country looks both iso...
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      Dampened Chinese demand is hitting luxury brands hard, but they are innovating wildly ...
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    1. Fast FT

      July 20, 2016

      Chairman of Piraeus bank quits after 25 years

      Michalis Sallas, the long-serving chairman of Piraeus bank, has quit after more than a quarter of a century at the helm...

    2. July 20, 2016

      Turkish turmoil strengthens case for Greek debt relief, says US

      Jack Lew, US Treasury secretary, has said the current turmoil in Turkey makes it more important than ever to solve...

    3. Brussels Blog

      July 20, 2016

      Brussels Briefing: The forgotten crisis

      To receive the Brussels Briefing every morning, sign up here. The flow of people into Greece may have stopped, but...

    4. Fast FT

      July 20, 2016

      Rémy Cointreau Q1 sales match estimates

      Rémy Cointreau served up no surprises as the French spirits maker reported first quarter sales on Wednesday. Sales in...

    5. July 19, 2016

      Greek tax investigators raid home of former local UBS bank boss

      Greek investigators have raided the home of a former local boss of UBS as part of a widening investigation into...

    6. The World

      July 16, 2016

      Turkey coup foiled: Erdogan demands cleric extradited from US as judiciary is purged

      This Live Blog session closed at 20:13 on 16 Jul 2016.Live coverage of the aftermath of an attempted military coup in...

    7. July 14, 2016

      Greece’s island refugee camps strain under EU-Turkey deal deadlock

      Under a broiling midday sun, Mohammad, an Afghan refugee, helps serve small portions of rice and meat to headscarfed...

    8. Fast FT

      July 13, 2016

      Eurozone industrial production takes surprise dip

      The euro area’s factories made a sharp pull-back in May. New data from Eurostat shows that industrial production fell...

    9. Fast FT

      July 12, 2016

      Greece 'stable' but Moody's cautious on growth

      The worst might finally be over (or at least close) for the Greek economy, according to Moody’s annual credit analysis,...

    10. July 10, 2016

      Athens’ plans to create state-owned TV ad agency hit opposition

      Plans by the Greek government to establish a new state-owned agency for selling television advertising have been...

    11. FT Alphaville

      July 7, 2016

      Italian banks, this is euro area politics. We think you already know each other? [UPDATED]

      Italian banks are a problem. Post-Brexit they’re a serious problem. A full recap of said banking sector and its...

    12. Fast FT

      July 7, 2016

      Global turmoil weighs on Temasek portfolio

      A turbulent period for global stocks in 2015-16 weighed on Singapore investment fund Temasek, which reported the first...

    13. July 6, 2016

      Italy state rail operator makes binding bid for Greek counterpart

      Italy’s Ferrovie dello Stato tendered the only binding offer on Wednesday for TrainOSE, the Greek state rail operator,...

    14. July 6, 2016

      I am young and I voted Leave — and there are no regrets

      I should not have voted for Brexit. As a twentysomething London-dwelling grandchild of immigrants, polling and...

    15. Brussels Blog

      July 5, 2016

      Brussels Briefing: Beyond the law

      To get the Brussels Briefing into your inbox, sign up here. “Don’t like it? Then don’t do it” has become a mantra for...

    16. July 4, 2016

      Death of Greek entrepreneur shakes business community

      The apparent suicide of Kyriakos Mamidakis, the founder of a leading Greek fuel supplier, has sent shockwaves through...

    17. July 1, 2016

      Migrant influx causes split in tourism fortunes for Greek islands

      The Aphrodite Hotel in Lesbos boasts a view of a gold-streaked Aegean Sea lapping gently beside a well-stocked beach...

    18. July 1, 2016

      Serifos — a Greek retreat

      Some 636 cruise ships docked at Santorini last year, disgorging 790,000 tourists into the narrow streets, sometimes...

    19. Fast FT

      July 1, 2016

      Eurozone unemployment falls to near 5-year low

      Could the eurozone be heading for single digit unemployment for the first time in seven years? Unemployment in the...

    20. June 30, 2016

      Britain is starting to imitate Greece

      Britain’s politics are going the way of Greece. The economic risks of Brexit were well rehearsed. The political perils...

    21. FT Alphaville

      June 29, 2016

      Greece's depression is forcing dis-saving on an epic scale

      The collapse of the Greek economy is almost without precedent. Real household consumption has dropped by 27 per cent...

    22. Fast FT

      June 24, 2016

      How the eurozone's rebellious south welcomed Brexit

      Right-wing eurosceptics from the Netherlands to France have welcomed the UK’s momentous decision to exit the EU,...

    23. Fast FT

      June 24, 2016

      Italian stocks suffer worst ever day with 11% fall

      Italian stocks are having a torrid day as equities across the continent are in the grips of a sell-off. The country’s...

    24. Fast FT

      June 24, 2016

      Swiss National bank intervenes in currency markets

      Switzerland has wasted no time to respond to Brexit. The Swiss National Bank has intervened in the currency markets on...

    25. Fast FT

      June 24, 2016

      Bunds scream higher at open

      Wow. The safety of Bunds is clearly in demand, with yields on the country’s 10-year debt dropping by 0.259 percentage...

    26. June 22, 2016

      ECB votes to reinstate measure to aid troubled Greek banks

      Greece’s banking system on Wednesday took a big step towards its rehabilitation, after monetary policymakers backed a...

    27. Fast FT

      June 22, 2016

      ECB restores funding for Greek banks

      Another baby step to recovery? After a near six month impasse in its latest bailout deal, Greece’s commercial banks...

    28. June 22, 2016

      Opposition leader Mitsotakis warns Greek tax rises will stifle growth

      Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Greek opposition leader, has a blunt message for the country’s international creditors and Alexis...

    29. Fast FT

      June 17, 2016

      Eurozone at risk of 'lost generation' - ECB's Cœuré

      The eurozone will suffer a “lost generation” without urgent government action as high levels of youth unemployment...

    30. Fast FT

      June 17, 2016

      Lagarde questions IMF Greek debt participation

      Christine Lagarde has thrown fresh doubt on the International Monetary Fund’s financial participation in Greece’s €86bn...

    31. Brussels Blog

      June 17, 2016

      The Greek Bailout Odd Couple

      “Which debt relief agreement are you talking about?” If anyone had any doubts that Christine Lagarde, the managing...

    32. Fast FT

      June 17, 2016

      Greece gets €7.5bn bailout injection to avoid summer default

      Greece will receive its second injection of rescue money under its €86bn bailout programme after European creditors...

    33. FT Alphaville

      June 16, 2016

      Why is the Netherlands doing so badly?

      It’s been eight lean years for residents of the euro area: Some might blame the weak growth figures on the failure of...

    34. Fast FT

      June 16, 2016

      IMF's Lagarde: Germany needs structural reforms

      How’s that for a taste of your own medicine. Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund,...

    35. June 16, 2016

      Nato to expand role in tackling refugee flows in Mediterranean

      Nato will take a more prominent role in handling the EU’s refugee crisis by expanding its presence across the...

    36. June 15, 2016

      Greek central bank warns on growth-harming taxes

      Greece’s central bank has warned that new taxes introduced by the leftwing Syriza government in return for more bailout...

    37. June 15, 2016

      Europe’s periphery begins to feel Brexit pain

      Europe’s weakest economies are bearing the brunt of the UK’s wavering support for EU membership as fears of “Brexit”...

    38. Fast FT

      June 15, 2016

      Greek recession to hit 0.3%, lower fiscal targets needed - Bank of Greece

      Greece is set to record its second consecutive year in recession even if the country makes significant progress in its...

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