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    1. FT Alphaville

      July 30, 2015

      A sovereign legal scorecard

      First let’s start with a scatter chart, courtesy of Charles Robertson at Renaissance Capital. Click to enlarge… That...

    2. July 27, 2015

      Boston withdraws bid for 2024 Olympics

      The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has pulled Boston from the race to host the 2024 Olympics in the face of...

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    1. Turkey

      Turkey is steeling itself for elections in June that could determine its course for ye...
    2. Digital & Social Media Marketing 2012

      Viral: A look behind internet sensations’ success Marketing budgets: Campaigns via so...
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    1. FT Photo Diary

      July 27, 2015

      Seaside vendor

      A local vendor carries beach merchandise at the Black Sea beach resort Ureki, Georgia.   ...

    2. July 20, 2015

      Savannah makes waves as it lures shipping

      On a subtropical summer afternoon at the Port of Savannah, Georgia, it is tempting to conclude that the Savannah...

    3. July 17, 2015

      African ‘Sex and the City’ highlights the reality of coming ‘home’

      At a time when global migration is synonymous with the tragic deaths in the Mediterranean Sea of African and Middle...

    4. July 8, 2015

      Former Georgia president shakes up Odessa

      The treacherous six-hour drive from Odessa to Bolgrad, the rural town where Petro Poroshenko was born, helps explain...

    5. July 7, 2015

      Gulfstream finds its flight path with spacious business jets

      Even when the workers who build Gulfstream’s G650 business jet are on a break, it is easy to see that the world’s...

    6. July 1, 2015

      Fires at black US churches raise race fears

      Seven black churches in southern US states have gone up in flames in the two weeks since a white supremacist allegedly...

    7. FT Photo Diary

      June 30, 2015

      Working at the bottom

      Municipal workers examine the bottom of the Kura River after water was released from the dam in downtown Tbilisi,...

    8. June 23, 2015

      Southerners silenced too long by symbolism of Confederate flag

      When I was growing up in Georgia in the 1970s and 80s, the Confederate battle flag was part of the visual and cultural...

    9. June 22, 2015

      States rattled as ruling looms on Obama healthcare reforms

      Deep in southwest Georgia, where peeling verandas, peanut farms and watermelon stands dot the weathered landscape,...

    10. June 16, 2015

      Small US banks left behind by dithering Congress

      Cruising past the leafy verges and homespun businesses of Americus, Georgia, a banker named Rick Whaley points to...

    11. The World

      June 3, 2015

      Transnistria shapes up as next Ukraine-Russia flashpoint

      Keep an eye on Transnistria, the pro-Russian breakaway state in Moldova. On Monday, Dmitri Trenin, one of Russia’s...

    12. The World

      June 2, 2015

      Odessa appointment raises questions over Poroshenko’s judgement

      Unlike Russia’s leaders, who loathe him, and unlike some of his western friends, who once treated him as if he were...

    13. May 31, 2015

      Ukraine appoints former Georgian president as local governor

      Mikheil Saakashvili, the exiled ex-Georgian president despised by the Kremlin but hailed as a reformer in the west for...

    14. May 30, 2015

      Georgia’s Mikheil Saakashvili takes on Ukraine governor role

      Mikheil Saakashvili, the former president of Georgia, was on Saturday appointed governor of Ukraine’s strategic Odessa...

    15. May 28, 2015

      Sponsors step up pressure on Fifa over corruption probe

      Companies close to Fifa have stepped up pressure on football’s governing body, after US and Swiss authorities combined...

    16. FT Photo Diary

      May 26, 2015

      Georgian independence

      Georgian military personnel march during Independence Day celebration in Tbilisi, Georgia, on Tuesday ...

    17. May 22, 2015

      EU offers stronger ties to eastern nations — but cautiously

      The EU renewed its vows to strengthen ties with six former Soviet republics on Friday, but did it with circumspection...

    18. May 20, 2015

      Russia weighs on EU’s eastern ambitions

      The last time EU leaders met the six former Soviet countries in the bloc’s Eastern Partnership programme in Vilnius,...

    19. May 17, 2015

      Georgia hopes over Europe turn to disappointment

      Ask David Usupashvili, speaker of Georgia’s parliament, if the country’s dozen-year commitment to integration with Nato...

    20. April 23, 2015

      Arris chief plays down tax perks of Pace deal

      The head of US networking equipment maker Arris has defended his company’s £1.55bn takeover of UK rival Pace, brushing...

    21. April 22, 2015

      Pace $2.1bn takeover extends tax inversion deals

      Pace, the world’s largest maker of TV set-top boxes, has agreed a $2.1bn takeover by Arris, a US networking equipment...

    22. The World

      April 22, 2015

      Ukraine conflict attracts foreign fighters - on both sides

      Just like the conflicts in Iraq and Syria, the violence in eastern Ukraine is attracting foreign fighters – some with...

    23. beyondbrics

      April 15, 2015

      Russia's silent war against the west

      As revelations about cyber-attacks launched against the US last autumn show, Russia is engaged in a relentless...

    24. April 15, 2015

      Analysis: Turkey pivotal to future of European gas supplies

      On March 16, the presidents of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia travelled to Kars in Turkey’s mountainous northeast, and...

    25. April 8, 2015

      Rahm Emanuel wins Chicago mayoral run-off

      Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has defeated a union-backed challenger who had forced him into a surprise run-off election...

    26. April 6, 2015

      US broadband providers wake up to the need for speed

      Slow and expensive. For years, those two words have summed up the broadband internet experience in the US, despite the...

    27. beyondbrics

      March 26, 2015

      Georgia’s new migration policy: raising barriers or improving regulations?

      In a bid to promote its national pride and boost tourism, the previous Georgian government greeted travellers with a...

    28. FT Alphaville

      March 20, 2015

      The changing geography of US employment

      In a previous post we looked at which US states were the best for job growth in 2014. (North Dakota was best overall,...

    29. beyondbrics

      March 18, 2015

      Construction of Tanap pipeline begins in Turkey as EU and Russia spar for upper hand

      A long awaited plan by the European Union to import Caspian gas moved forward this week as construction work began on...

    30. FT Alphaville

      March 17, 2015

      Where the US added jobs

      We want to share a few highlights of the new state-level data on employment and unemployment from the US Bureau of...

    31. beyondbrics

      March 10, 2015

      Guest post: challenges and rewards of tapping the energy resources of the Caspian

      By Riccardo Puliti of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development With energy security once again a paramount...

    32. March 5, 2015

      Russia launches war games in disputed territories

      Russia has launched large-scale military exercises involving three disputed territories in a move likely to irk its...

    33. beyondbrics

      March 5, 2015

      Even without the conflict, Russia is bad for Ukraine and the CIS: Fitch

      It is news to no-one that Ukraine is suffering fall-out from Russia. But in a study to be published on Thursday that...

    34. February 27, 2015

      Bush holds his ground as activists circle

      Jeb Bush survived his first important encounter with rightwing Republican activists on Friday, holding his ground on...

    35. February 22, 2015

      Azerbaijan devalues currency by one-third amid oil price tumble

      Azerbaijan devalued its currency by a third over the weekend in a surprise move that laid bare the damage the oil price...

    36. February 19, 2015

      SEC challenged over use of in-house judges

      The Securities and Exchange Commission’s use of in-house judges to bring enforcement actions is being challenged once...

    37. February 18, 2015

      Georgia wary of Moscow deals with South Ossetia and Abkhazia

      Russia and Georgia’s breakaway region of South Ossetia signed a border agreement on Wednesday, setting off alarm bells...

    38. February 4, 2015

      Big data: Credit where credit’s due

      In late 2008, Kevin Johnson returned to his home in Atlanta, Georgia, after a honeymoon abroad to find the financial...

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