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    1. Fast FT

      February 9, 2016

      UniCredit weighed down by restructuring costs

      UniCredit, Italy’s largest bank by assets and its only globally significant financial institution, will offer its...

    2. February 8, 2016

      Paper pushers take issue with plans to scrap €500 note

      The rise in the terror threat has led to fresh calls to scrap the €500 note, long viewed as an easy means to finance...

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    1. Investing in Central & Eastern Europe

      The fundamental outlook in the region, especially for the 10 countries that have joine...
    2. Doing Business in Austria

      Austrian companies are world leaders in industrial innovation, science and research, b...
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    1. Lex Live

      February 8, 2016

      Wireless competition: there's no magic number of operators

        There has been plenty of blather – not a little of it generated by Lex – regarding the impact of reducing the number...

    2. February 5, 2016

      The home of skiing

      It was dark and snowing hard as we drove up towards Stuben, the highest village in the Klösterle valley; the taxi...

    3. Fast FT

      February 5, 2016

      Virgin Media in favour of Hutchison/O2 deal

      Virgin Media has called on Brussels’ antitrust regulator to allow the controversial £10.5bn takeover of O2 by CK...

    4. Fast FT

      February 5, 2016

      Fast Europe Open: the sea, the sea

      Little attention is being paid to the continent’s biggest frontier: the sea. New data have highlighted the extent to...

    5. February 4, 2016

      Ski jump school

      Some 28 years after he found surprise fame at the Calgary Olympics, Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards has finally made it to...

    6. February 1, 2016

      Britain must not go from four to three in mobile

      Over the past three years, Europe’s largest telecoms operators have rushed to consolidate the mobile industry....

    7. Fast FT

      January 25, 2016

      European Commission supports plan for tighter border control

      The European Commission threw its weight behind the Slovenian plan to bulk up the Macedonian side of its border with...

    8. Brussels Blog

      January 21, 2016

      Brussels Briefing: Austria - the first domino?

      Here’s Thursday’s Brussels Briefing, our new daily insight into Europe. To receive it every morning in your email...

    9. January 20, 2016

      German president backs refugee quotas as Austria sets first cap

      Germany’s president warned on Wednesday that refugee quotas might be “morally and politically necessary” as...

    10. January 20, 2016

      The Holy Roman Empire can help inspire a different European Union

      Germany’s past casts a long shadow. Last summer, Greeks protesting against the stringent terms of the EU bailout...

    11. January 20, 2016

      Austria offers Hypo bondholders up to 75% money back

      Austria hopes to draw a line under one of the most acrimonious European bank collapses in recent years by offering to...

    12. MBA blog

      January 19, 2016

      Location, location, location

      Well, let me say it right away: I love Toronto. Over the past 29 years, I have lived and studied in Austria, Finland,...

    13. Fast FT

      January 18, 2016

      Fast Europe Open: still seeking that January rally...

      Britain’s contentious push to curb EU migrant benefits is gaining political traction in Europe. Several countries in...

    14. January 17, 2016

      UK benefit reform demands appeal to rest of EU

      Britain’s contentious push to curb EU migrant benefits is gaining political traction in Europe, with expectations of a...

    15. FT Photo Diary

      January 15, 2016

      A cold leap

      Peter Prevc of Slovenia competes during the first round of the Ski Flying World Championships at Kulm hill in Bad...

    16. FT Photo Diary

      January 8, 2016

      Alpine flight

      Elisabeth Goergl, of Austria, speeds down the course during a training for an alpine ski, women’s World Cup downhill in...

    17. December 17, 2015

      Voestalpine cuts back growth plans amid sluggish global economy

      Voestalpine, the Austrian steel company, has scaled back its expansion plans for the next five years, blaming slower...

    18. December 16, 2015

      Orban basks in EU’s migrant struggle

      Not so long ago, Hungary’s railway stations and refugee camps overflowed with thousands of people trapped on the...

    19. December 7, 2015

      A lukewarm ‘Willkommen’ awaits refugees in Germany

      Bad news spreads fast, not least among the thousands of refugees making the nerve-racking journey from the Middle East...

    20. December 4, 2015

      EU to press ahead with plans to suspend Schengen rules

      EU interior ministers have agreed to press ahead with plans to suspend the Schengen passport-free travel zone, in a...

    21. December 3, 2015

      EU ministers eye temporary Schengen suspension

      EU ministers will on Friday discuss suspending the Schengen passport-free travel zone for two years, on the basis that...

    22. December 3, 2015

      German start-up Number26 launches banking app across eurozone

      A German mobile banking app is expanding to offer current accounts to users across eight eurozone countries, joining a...

    23. December 3, 2015

      How history echoes Syria’s unholy war

      The Middle East reminds us that there is nothing so unholy as a holy war. Europe learnt this in the 17th century....

    24. November 29, 2015

      Deutsche Bank created complex tax avoidance strategies

      Deutsche Bank has been devising complex international tax avoidance strategies for some of its largest corporate...

    25. November 29, 2015

      Creditors reject new Hypo Alpe Adria settlement

      International bondholders have escalated pressure on Austria over the collapse of Hypo Alpe Adria, one of the biggest...

    26. FT Alphaville

      November 27, 2015

      Further reading

      Elsewhere on Friday, - Banks are approaching an ‘Uber moment,’ ex-Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins says. - Turkey is trying...

    27. November 26, 2015

      If Schengen fails: Four scenarios threatening passport-free zone

      If the Schengen accord finally buckles under the weight of Europe’s migration and security crises, the world’s biggest...

    28. FT Data

      November 26, 2015

      Osborne's challenge to stop drop in UK home ownership

      George Osborne, the UK chancellor, announced in Wednesday’s Autumn Statement the “biggest housebuilding programme...

    29. November 26, 2015

      Syrian migrants get help from a smartphone app to cross Europe

      Projects that meet pressing social needs are among the challengers for inclusion in this year’s New Europe 100, a...

    30. November 16, 2015

      Paris attacks renew questions about Europe’s border-free travel

      Even before the Paris terror attacks, Europe’s Schengen system of border-free travel — one of the continent’s proudest...

    31. FT Data

      November 12, 2015

      Datawatch: highest support for the euro since 2002

      The share of the Eurozone population reporting that the single currency is a good thing stood at 61 per cent in the...

    32. November 11, 2015

      Sweden reintroduces border checks to stem influx of migrants

      Sweden will become the latest EU country to reintroduce border controls after the Stockholm government declared that it...

    33. November 4, 2015

      EU refugee policy helps people smugglers, says Austria

      Europe is running a “people-smugglers’ promotion programme” that is “massively overburdening” several countries,...

    34. FT Alphaville

      November 2, 2015

      €454bn worth of euro nuts

      What a difference a year makes, charted by JPM’s Niko Panigirtzoglou and team (with our emphasis): It has been over a...

    35. October 28, 2015

      Austrian and German tensions flare over migrant crisis

      A row has erupted between Germany and Austria over handling the tens of thousands of refugees moving across central...

    36. Nick Butler

      October 21, 2015

      Beyond Hinkley — the need for a plan B

      The announcement that some form of funding structure for Britain’s nuclear new build at Hinkley Point in Somerset has...

    37. October 20, 2015

      Austria’s teaching system under intense pressure to achieve

      First-year student Mona Saidi sits on the steps outside the main entrance of the University of Vienna and chats in...

    38. October 20, 2015

      Austria: a bridge, haven, stopover and melting pot

      When Christopher Clark, the Cambridge historian, describes in his book Sleepwalkers how tensions between Serbia and the...

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