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    1. FT Alphaville

      April 23, 2015

      The great Bonar caper

      Are you an EM fund manager? Do you live in London or New York? Were you by any chance offered some of the $1.4bn of Bonar...

    2. April 22, 2015

      Argentina casts a wide net for cash

      Argentina’s thirst for dollars has been temporarily quenched by a $1.4bn bond sale but a state visit to Russia this week is...

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    1. Doing Business in Mendoza

      On the world stage, Argentina is perhaps best known for three things, all beginning wi...
    2. Polo

      The English high-goal season promises to be the most dynamic for years - but competiti...
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    1. April 22, 2015

      The king of soya focuses on a high-tech vision of farming

      Argentina’s “king of soya” wears his crown reluctantly. Gustavo Grobocopatel winces at the mention of his nickname,...

    2. beyondbrics

      April 21, 2015

      Brazil's reality show

      I have just returned from abroad. It felt like déjà vu from a distant past. Explaining Brazil has become complex again. “I...

    3. April 17, 2015

      Argentina launches legal action against UK oil groups in the Falklands

      Argentina has launched a lawsuit against British companies exploring for oil and gas in disputed waters around the Falklands...

    4. beyondbrics

      April 15, 2015

      Argentina likely to return to capital markets

      Whatever the result of Argentina’s presidential election later this year, the country will be in a different place a year...

    5. beyondbrics

      April 15, 2015

      China takes strides in aim to lead world in nuclear power

      Argentina recently announced a deal to buy nuclear reactors from China, one of which is expected to be of original design....

    6. April 10, 2015

      Don’t try for me, Argentina

      Nature can be so spiteful. The fruit trees in the garden, I could tell, were not going to blossom with me staring at them...

    7. April 9, 2015

      Jauja — film review

      In Lisandro Alonso’s bewitching Jauja — a film from Argentina combining slow-drip minimalism with scenic beauty and poetic...

    8. April 8, 2015

      Argentine soyabean ‘stocks bubble’ set to burst

      Argentina’s soyabean “stocks bubble” is about to burst as the country’s farmers are set to sell their crops to support their...

    9. April 6, 2015

      Americas summit marks region’s historic changes

      Corruption scandals taint the presidencies of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Chile is squabbling with Bolivia. Venezuela is...

    10. The Exchange

      March 31, 2015

      To save the euro, let Greece go

      Another deadline is approaching for Greece and its fate within the eurozone. The tripwire is April 9, when the next loan...

    11. March 30, 2015

      Argentina in last-ditch manoeuvre to pay bondholders

      Argentina is struggling in last-ditch efforts to use the byzantine global payments system to distribute money to bondholders...

    12. March 30, 2015

      Cristina Fernández holds out for victory in debt battle

      The legal feud between Argentina and a group of “holdout” creditors is inflicting collateral damage on a growing number of...

    13. March 29, 2015

      Bright spots in a region blighted by graft

      Five years ago, Petrobras raised $70bn in the biggest ever equity offering; rich pickings given the easy credit and soaring...

    14. beyondbrics

      March 27, 2015

      Guest post: Argentina is in checkmate and must negotiate a way out

      By Arturo Porzecanski of American University Recent moves, countermoves and judicial decisions have brought the government...

    15. March 26, 2015

      Wild Tales — review

      Wild Tales is a profane comedy about nasty accidents on life’s superhighway. It’s a stylish, spiky, malign sextet of stories...

    16. March 24, 2015

      UK pledges to boost Falklands defences

      Michael Fallon will on Tuesday promise to boost British defences in the Falkland Islands, warning that the threat of...

    17. beyondbrics

      March 24, 2015

      bb review: is Nigeria really the most attractive frontier market?

      “Buy when there’s blood in the streets,” Baron Rothschild once famously said. Applying that wisdom to emerging markets,...

    18. FT Alphaville

      March 23, 2015

      An Argentine bond reprieve -- or is it?

      Could there finally be a limit to just how far around the world the pari passu saga goes? No. But for a longer answer, read...

    19. March 19, 2015

      Explorers hold high hopes for oil prospects off Falkland Islands

      Argentina began issuing 50 peso notes this month featuring a map of the Falkland Islands. Through mass circulation, they are...

    20. beyondbrics

      March 19, 2015

      Ukraine's debt: don't write it off just yet

      So, how would you go about bailing out a war-zone? The IMF’s rescue plan for Ukraine, agreed by the fund’s executive board...

    21. March 12, 2015

      Citi blocked on Argentine bond payment

      The legal feud between Argentina and a group of New York-based hedge funds that has prevented the government from servicing...

    22. March 6, 2015

      Argentina’s higher plain

      It may seem unfair to highlight just one family to illustrate the recent history of Argentine wine but there is one...

    23. February 26, 2015

      Judge rejects charges against Fernández

      An Argentine judge has dismissed an accusation by prosecutors that President Cristina Fernández conspired to hide Iran’s...

    24. FT Alphaville

      February 26, 2015

      Bonar turns into subpoena

      That’s the gist of the latest from Judge Thomas P. Griesa… On Wednesday the District Court judge ordered Deutsche and...

    25. beyondbrics

      February 26, 2015

      The singular goal of multiple exchange rates

      The intricacies of Venezuela’s bizarre economic policy apparatus long ago became a subject approached with confidence only...

    26. February 18, 2015

      HSBC tax scandal prompts rivals to check for ‘problem dossiers’

      The reaction of rival private banking executives to the tax evasion scandal unfolding at HSBC has been swift. Many have...

    27. beyondbrics

      February 17, 2015

      The four potential crises stalking EM

      With US interest rate hikes likely this year, EM markets may be catapulted into four separate currency, sovereign or banking...

    28. FT Alphaville

      February 16, 2015

      Pari passu: the English patience

      Q. You are a foreign judge being pulled into one of the longest, biggest, stupidest sovereign debt cases in history, one...

    29. February 13, 2015

      Stage set for lengthy Argentine probe

      An investigation in Argentina into President Cristina Fernández’s alleged attempt to protect terrorists is to continue...

    30. beyondbrics

      February 11, 2015

      Mexico: car quotas and soapy South American fish

      Just over a month to go, and Mexican car exports to Argentina and Brazil (which Mexico has overtaken as No. 1 Latin American...

    31. February 10, 2015

      Pressure mounts for formal investigation into HSBC unit

      The US, France, Belgium and Argentina are all doing it. So why do UK authorities seem reluctant to formally investigate...

    32. February 8, 2015

      Doubts cast over fate of missing Mexican students

      A respected Argentine forensic team helping investigate the fate of 43 Mexican students believed kidnapped by police and...

    33. February 6, 2015

      Death revives Argentina’s dirty past

      State prosecutor’s death rocks Argentina A year after the death in 1952 of Eva Perón, Argentina’s beloved heroine, her older...

    34. February 5, 2015

      Democracy in Argentina dented by mysterious murder

      Truth can be stranger than fiction. Ever since Alberto Nisman was found dead in his Buenos Aires apartment, Argentina — or,...

    35. February 4, 2015

      Fernández gaffe adds to furore over death

      Argentina: a state prosecutor’s death Cristina Fernández, Argentina’s president, dismissed as “absurd” the latest twist in...

    36. February 3, 2015

      Fernández warrant adds to death mystery

      Argentina: a state prosecutor’s death Alberto Nisman, an Argentine prosecutor found dead in mysterious circumstances last...

    37. MBA blog

      February 3, 2015

      Argentinian reflections

      My 10-days in Argentina are over, leaving me with memories of fantastic steak and sunshine, plus a much better understanding...

    38. beyondbrics

      February 2, 2015

      Guest post: Algeria faces "state of crisis" as oil prices fall

      By Edward Robinson, Culmer Raphael Last December, Sonatrach, the state owned Algerian oil and gas monopoly, announced that...

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