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    1. Fast FT

      1 hour ago

      Iran oil minister to attend Algeria Opec meeting

      Iran’s oil minister Bijan Zanganeh will attend a meeting of Opec ministers in Algeria in September, the country’s state...

    2. Fast FT

      August 23, 2016

      Oil climbs on report Iran may support coordinated action

      Oil prices rose in afternoon trading after reports suggested Iran will attend a meeting of Opec producers in Algeria...

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    1. Nick Butler

      August 22, 2016

      The summer mirage of rising oil prices

      Are we on the verge of a real upturn in oil prices? Over the last 10 days, the price has risen almost 20 per cent. Is...

    2. August 19, 2016

      Brent crude climbs above $50 a barrel on output freeze hopes

      Oil prices climbed back above $50 a barrel this week, registering a third straight week of gains, after Opec members...

    3. August 16, 2016

      Tunisia faces economic battle as Isis terror drives tourists away

      Typically in the high season, Tunisia’s beaches are packed with visitors from France, Britain, Germany and the...

    4. Fast FT

      August 15, 2016

      Hedge funds take the bait on oil

      Hedge funds and speculators turned more positive on US oil last week, adding to bullish positions for the first time in...

    5. Fast FT

      August 8, 2016

      Brent crude heads back to $45 on Opec meeting

      Oil prices are on the ascent for their third consecutive day as the world’s cartel said it will meet informally next...

    6. Fast FT

      August 8, 2016

      Opec lines up informal meeting in September

      Opec said the world’s biggest exporting nations will meet informally in September, the first gathering of member...

    7. July 5, 2016

      German arms exports flourish despite SPD pledge to curb sales

      Germany has recorded a big increase in arms exports this year, an embarrassing development for the Social Democrats,...

    8. Nick Butler

      June 6, 2016

      Don't count on an orderly transition to a low carbon world

      Remember the Arab Spring and the heady promise of freedom and peace in the Middle East? Many normally sensible...

    9. Fast FT

      June 2, 2016

      Algeria replaces central bank chief amid oil slump

      Algeria has replaced Mohamed Laksaci, the country’s central bank governor who has been the target of much public...

    10. Fast FT

      June 1, 2016

      Opec's 'Fragile Five' find life unbearable at $50 oil

      Gulf Opec countries are hailing the return of $50 oil but for their more economically fragile peers the current price...

    11. Fast FT

      May 31, 2016

      'Year of reckoning' awaits Opec's Fragile Five - RBC

      Oil prices may have stormed back 80 per cent since their early 2016 lows, but a “year of reckoning” awaits the world’s...

    12. Fast FT

      May 16, 2016

      Treasury discloses Saudi Arabia's US debt holdings

      Saudi Arabia has emerged as one of the biggest holders of US government debt, according to data released on Monday by...

    13. Fast FT

      May 12, 2016

      LafargeHolcim Q1 results disappoint as EM sales bite

      Operating profitability at LafargeHolcim came up short in the first quarter as the world’s biggest cement maker...

    14. beyondbrics

      May 9, 2016

      Intra-African collaboration is key to global health and local well-being

      In 2009, Bassirou Bonfoh, director of the Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifique (CSRS) in Cote d’Ivoire joined...

    15. May 4, 2016

      Charif Souki plots to undercut Cheniere Energy on LNG

      Charif Souki, the entrepreneur who pioneered exports of liquefied natural gas from the southern states of the US, is...

    16. beyondbrics

      May 4, 2016

      Muslim wealth funds stalk halal food acquisitions

      By Tomás Guerrero, IE Business School Nearly all muslim-majority countries currently import much of the food they...

    17. beyondbrics

      May 4, 2016

      Algeria seeks a route out of its budget woes

      By Edward Robinson, Culmer Raphael Algeria is in a tight spot. Last year, a $5bn trade surplus turned into a $14bn...

    18. Fast FT

      April 27, 2016

      Peugeot group bumps up sales, but Algeria drops hard

      The buoyant European automotive market helped PSA Group to report a rise in adjusted first quarter sales, making up for...

    19. Fast FT

      March 21, 2016

      BP relocates staff from Algerian project after attack

      BP is temporarily re-locating all staff from two gas projects in Algeria after one site came under rocket attack last...

    20. March 18, 2016

      Oil rallies to 3-month high above $42

      Oil hit a three-month high, rising above $42 a barrel for the first time this year on Friday before paring gain as...

    21. Fast FT

      March 18, 2016

      Emergency response after Algeria gas site attack

      Statoil and BP say no staff have been injured in a rocket attack on their gas plant in Algeria. The Norwegian energy...

    22. Brussels Blog

      March 17, 2016

      Auditors slam EU migration spending

      Brussels has turned on the financial taps to fix the refugee crisis. €700m for Greece. €1.8bn for African countries. In...

    23. Nick Butler

      March 7, 2016

      The Saudis are playing with fire

      The kingdom’s not for turning. There will be no production cuts. Oil will continue to be produced at unwanted levels...

    24. February 26, 2016

      Sunny Hill aims low with 3p-a-share bid for Petroceltic

      Petroceltic, the Dublin-based oil and gas explorer which put itself up for sale last year, has received a bid from a...

    25. Nick Butler

      February 22, 2016

      The Saudis blink over oil production

      The Saudis blinked. The latest deal — an agreement with Russia to freeze oil output at January levels if they are...

    26. February 9, 2016

      Oil industry leaders move to quash talk of stronger prices

      Powerful oil industry insiders have moved to quash talk of stronger prices this year, warning that turmoil in emerging...

    27. February 3, 2016

      Germany to limit north African asylum seekers

      Angela Merkel’s government has backed plans to curb the number of asylum seekers coming to Germany from Tunisia,...

    28. Fast FT

      January 15, 2016

      FirstFT - Why ruthless people get ahead

      Here’s a taste of today’s FirstFT email. You can sign up to receive it here. What millenials want More than half of the...

    29. January 14, 2016

      Algeria unease grows as ailing president remains elusive

      Algeria is facing deepening domestic uncertainty as collapsing oil revenues and tensions across the region threaten its...

    30. Fast FT

      December 23, 2015

      Oil & gas explorer Petroceltic puts itself up for sale

      Petroceltic International, the London-listed oil and gas explorer whose shares have dropped 77 per cent this year, has...

    31. December 3, 2015

      Saudi Arabia throws down challenge on oil production cuts

      Saudi Arabia has challenged other big oil producers to join it in output cuts, saying it will back actions to shore up...

    32. November 30, 2015

      Norway urges EU assurances on gas output

      Norway, the EU’s most reliable external supplier of gas, is seeking assurances that the bloc will remain committed to...

    33. November 20, 2015

      Germany’s Merck aims to more than double Africa sales by 2020

      German pharmaceutical company Merck is making a multimillion dollar push into Africa as it seeks to tap into the...

    34. beyondbrics

      November 6, 2015

      Egypt on the brink

      The tragic crash of Metrojet Flight 9268 in Sinai, killing 224 people, looks increasingly to be the result of foul play...

    35. September 8, 2015

      Managers seek to keep staff from harm

      It was 3am on a bleak February morning in central Moscow, and blood from the gaping wound in Charlie’s liver was...

    36. August 24, 2015

      African survey data point to robust growth

      Amid all the carnage, in emerging markets and developed ones, it is nice to discover some good news. At least it is if...

    37. Nick Butler

      August 24, 2015

      The next domino in the oil market — dividends

      For investors who thought the situation in the oil sector could not get worse, the last few weeks have come as a bad...

    38. FT Alphaville

      August 21, 2015

      Of China's "dirty peg" and spreading EM pain

      Jim Reid at Deutsche assesses the damage so far. As he says, this has something of a taper tantrum feel to it but...

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