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    1. The World

      May 9, 2016

      White House Countdown - War on chickens

      Sign up for our daily US politics newsletter here. When Donald Rumsfeld was asked in 2006 how the search for Osama bin...

    2. April 19, 2016

      Race for London: Extremism looms large in election

      Sadiq Khan visited Battersea this month, going door to door to canvass votes to be London’s next mayor. One of the...

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      Confronting an age of austerity...
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    1. FT Alphaville

      April 6, 2016

      Further reading

      Elsewhere on Wednesday, - In finance “there are lots of other ways to get paid, too; the only limit is my imagination,...

    2. March 7, 2016

      Hassan al-Turabi, Islamist theologian, 1932-2016

      Hassan al-Turabi, Sudan’s foremost theologian, who has died aged 84, spent his final years attempting to restore the...

    3. FT Alphaville

      March 2, 2016

      Further reading

      Elsewhere on Wednesday, - Paraphrasing Dimon: “It’s finance’s world, we just get to intermediate it.” - Two related...

    4. December 2, 2015

      The deadly contest between Isis and al-Qaeda

      Dabiq makes for chilling reading. Isis’ slick-looking magazine celebrates the killing of innocent people and offers...

    5. September 30, 2015

      Arabs pay the price after Kurds drive Isis out

      He nearly lost his family and his life when jihadi militants seized his town and slaughtered hundreds of Yazidi...

    6. September 25, 2015

      Last Briton at Guantánamo to be released

      Shaker Aamer, the last Briton to be incarcerated without trial at Guantánamo Bay, is to be released and returned to the...

    7. August 31, 2015

      The opposition is not David Cameron’s biggest problem

      It must count as one of the easiest assignments ever given to the attack unit of any political party. Tory staffers in...

    8. August 2, 2015

      The aftermath of the shadowy life and death of Mullah Omar

      In late 1994 and much of 1995 I would stand outside the Kandahar residence of Mullah Mohammed Omar, leader of the newly...

    9. August 1, 2015

      Osama bin Laden’s family members killed in private jet crash

      Relatives of al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden are among the four people who died when a private jet crash-landed at a...

    10. June 16, 2015

      Al-Qaeda number two killed in US strike

      Nasir al-Wuhayshi, second-in-command of al-Qaeda and leader of its most virulent cell, has been killed by a US strike...

    11. June 12, 2015

      Pakistan expels Save the Children charity

      Pakistan has shut down the offices of Save the Children and given the global charity 15 days to leave the country as...

    12. May 22, 2015

      Isis bombs and al-Qaeda papers make bin Laden seem soft touch

      A spate of massive car bombs in an Iraqi city and a slew of new al-Qaeda documents have pulled off the improbable feat...

    13. May 20, 2015

      Bin Laden bookshelf shows taste for conspiracy theories

      The man behind the 9/11 attacks took an unusual interest in conspiracy theories that questioned his role in the 2001...

    14. May 8, 2015

      Texas bristles at Obama’s ‘invasion’

      President Barack Obama plans to launch a military operation this summer that will see the special forces which killed...

    15. The Exchange

      April 10, 2015

      The mysterious reappearance of the Taliban's Omar

      The Afghan Taliban posted on their website on April 4 an extraordinary 5,000-word biographical essay about their...

    16. February 19, 2015

      White House grapples with jihadi threat

      “We cannot win this war by killing them,” Marie Harf, a spokeswoman for the US Department of State, told MSNBC on...

    17. January 9, 2015

      Charlie Hebdo attack marks new ‘hybrid’ terror model

      For western security chiefs, one thing is already clear from the brutal slaying of 12 journalists and police in Paris...

    18. December 11, 2014

      CIA made serious mistakes, says Brennan

      The director of the CIA admitted that the agency made serious mistakes in how it ran a programme to interrogate terror...

    19. October 30, 2014

      Until we understand Isis, we cannot hope to defeat it

      It is time to admit the inadmissible: the west is not yet equipped to dismantle Isis. Our weaknesses are its strengths....

    20. September 4, 2014

      Isis sends a gruesome message but reveals little about itself

      When Osama bin Laden wanted to deliver a message to the west, he summoned a journalist or a television network. Before...

    21. June 30, 2014

      Isis Q&A: why ‘caliphate’ declaration is an effort to topple al-Qaeda

      On Sunday, the extremist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) – whose campaign of terror has...

    22. FT Alphaville

      June 20, 2014

      Further reading

      Elsewhere on Friday, - Can we declare the global financial crisis ended? - How to lose $1bn, Yeshiva University blows...

    23. Business Blog

      June 18, 2014

      Chilling management logic behind Isis's annual terror reports

      Isis infographic detailing attacks by type (Institute for the Study of War) Chilling though it is to read how the...

    24. The A-List

      June 1, 2014

      Pakistan’s polio disgrace

      For a country of 200m, with a modern economy, an elected democratic government, nuclear weapons and one of the largest...

    25. The World

      May 23, 2014

      Empty symbolism of UN's blacklist of Boko Haram

        Nigerian teachers at a rally in Lagos protesting against the abduction of 200 schoolgirls and the killing of 173 of...

    26. April 18, 2014

      ‘The Wrong Enemy’, by Carlotta Gall; ‘Magnificent Delusions’, by Husain Haqqani

      The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan 2001-2014, by Carlotta Gall, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, RRP$28, 352 pages...

    27. March 26, 2014

      Bin Laden son-in-law found guilty

      Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law was convicted on Wednesday by a federal court in New York of conspiring to kill Americans,...

    28. FT Alphaville

      March 20, 2014

      Further reading

      Elsewhere on Thursday, - A little bit of speculation. - ‘Strangers’ in a train station. - What Pakistan knew about Bin...

    29. The World

      January 12, 2014

      McCain on Gates on McCain

      By Richard McGregor in Washington After sensitive details of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden began leaking, an...

    30. Material World

      January 10, 2014

      Tiffany joins hottest fashion trend: documentaries

      Getty Images Following Vogue (The September Issue), Gucci (The Director), Bergdorf Goodman (Scatter My Ashes at...

    31. January 9, 2014

      US feared threat from ‘virtual bin Laden’

      US intelligence experts were worried that Osama bin Laden would be reincarnated in an “immortal” form: as a virtual...

    32. November 28, 2013

      Review: Dirty Wars

      Dirty Wars should be more shocking than it is. Richard Rowley’s documentary zones in on the alleged rogue atrocities of...

    33. October 20, 2013

      US offers $1.6bn in aid to Pakistan ahead of White House talks

      The White House has quietly cleared the way for the release of $1.6bn in military and economic assistance to Pakistan...

    34. September 27, 2013

      The sun sets on the west

      There’s a story the American writer PJ O’Rourke loves to tell about anti-Americanism. Covering Lebanon’s civil war in...

    35. September 17, 2013

      Obama is beginning to sound like a lame duck

      Barack Obama had an eventful presidency. He came into office during the worst financial crisis in three generations,...

    36. The World

      September 9, 2013

      Rainbow coalition: Australia's colourful candidates

      Tony Abbott’s Liberal-National coalition yesterday won a commanding lower house majority, ending six years of Labor...

    37. The World

      August 27, 2013

      Why Syria is not Iraq, despite the shadow

      Should the west intervene in Syria? Whatever it does, it will do so in the shadow of the war in Iraq. Tony Blair, the...

    38. August 21, 2013

      US military tested using Twitter to profile civilians in anti-terror scheme

      The US military has been investigating how to track security threats from terrorism to money laundering by mining...

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