Tim Cook, Apple executive:illustration by Joe Cummings

Tim Cook became chief executive of Apple Inc in August 2011, taking over from company co-founder, Steve Jobs.

He was recruited from Compaq in 1998 and given the task of slashing costs. Previously he worked for Intelligent Electronics and IBM.

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Apple, keep your cool over global tax

Margrethe Vestager has made an audacious and revolutionary move, but that was Steve Jobs’s style too

24/11/1980 . Mr. Gene Fitzgerald,T.D. unveiling a plaque to officially open the new Apple Computer Ltd. plant at Hollyhill Cork , included in the picture are from left , Steve Jobs , Vice Chairman Apple, Mike Markkula , Chairman, and Alec Wrafter Man . Dir. Apple .Irish Examiner staff picture . Reference number 244/50
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Brussels strikes at Apple’s tax planning

EU ruling on Irish scheme raises bar against aggressive fiscal deals

Apple’s EU tax dispute explained

Consequences of the commission’s ruling and its wider implications


Apple’s Tim Cook: five years, five charts

Since succeeding Steve Jobs, Mr Cook has maintained growth but left investors wanting more

Cook must transcend Jobs’ legacy at Apple

Chief executive has done justice to the co-founder but has more to do

Apple has chance to pick better R&D model

Decision to set up Chinese facility means it can gain insights into how locals use its devices

Apple shines as investors look long term

R&D spike suggests bout of futurology from the iPhone-maker is more than just talk

Apple: song and dance

Even if the company’s demise has been exaggerated, it is still shrinking

F2828M Apple Watch Billboard above Union Square, San Francisco, CA.

Apple Watch sales fall 55%

IDC says interest in category is expected to be muted in 2016

Sham democracy of chief executives on Twitter

A champion tweeter and receiver of thousands of likes may be the opposite of prolific

Apple chief to visit India

US tech group looks to boost growth as sales flag in China

Tim Cook seeks slice of China goodwill

Apple chief in Beijing amid fanfare over Didi Chuxing investment

Apple invests $1bn in China’s Didi Chuxing

Biggest investment to date for Uber competitor

Apple encounters the laws of tech gravity

Go-go growth in the company’s iPhone sales may be coming to an end

What Apple can learn from Dyson

The US tech company should take notes from a British innovator, writes John Gapper

The end of iPhone’s glory days?

Trough in Apple’s smartphone business has become clear

Apple rebuffs China’s source code request

iPhone maker defends its stance as lawmakers query its encryption

The anti-gay backlash in the American south

Big business must lead the way in fighting a rash of discriminatory laws

Real-world solution to the tax ruckus

Ever-growing offshore cash piles, endless transatlantic battles and lousy infrastructure suit no one

Transatlantic face-off

Washington calls foul over the EU inquiry — amid anger over a $1tn offshore cash pile

US says third party can help crack iPhone

Offer of help to circumvent security raises vulnerability concern

Apple introduces cheaper iPhone

Tim Cook uses latest product launch to defend encryption policy

Apple loses ebook conspiracy case

US Supreme Court rejects tech group’s push for an appeal

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The Valley should step out of the cloud

As custodians of the digital future, they believe this higher calling should grant them immunity

Q&A: Apple v FBI on encryption order

Why the iPhone maker has refused to comply with US authorities

FBI demand ‘breaches Apple’s rights’

iPhone maker cites Constitution’s First and Fifth Amendments

Microsoft to back Apple in FBI fight

Show of support in tussle on access to shooter’s encrypted iPhone

Zuckerberg defends Free Basics push

Facebook chief denies service was part of commercial master plan

Apple wants government panel on encryption

FBI chief defends legal fight to unlock terrorist’s iPhone

FBI and Apple logos

US steps up pressure in clash with Apple

Company’s refusal to unlock iPhone is about branding, says DoJ

Apple’s Cook takes lead in privacy fight

Chief executive’s position hardens amid FBI encryption demand by FBI

FBI and Apple logos

Apple wins allies in FBI encryption fight

Google and WhatsApp voice support over unblocking of iPhone

Apple’s misjudgment over San Bernardino

Cook should drop his objection to the FBI order on iPhone access

Apple hits out at order to unblock iPhone

Tim Cook calls request to build back door to phone’s security system ‘chilling’

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Big Tech faces forced UK decryption move

Official pledge to respect web privacy at odds with GCHQ and MI5

A letter from Google, Apple and Facebook

You pay tax because you have no better ideas how to use the money. We do

Apple builds secret virtual reality unit

iPhone maker builds prototypes as it seeks new sources of growth

Joe Cummings illustration, Vestager

Margrethe Vestager, EU competition chief

The Eurocrat taking on the tech giants is an elusive character, write Christian Oliver and Alex Barker

Apple seeking to change tune about core

Tech group’s focus on growth of services as device sales slow

Apple: changing the subject

As iPhone sales go into decline, the group is determined to show it is more than a hardware company