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      Signs look dire for Zimbabwe economy

      On May 1 — Labour Day — one of President Robert Mugabe’s top officials took to Twitter to offer a bleak assessment for...

    2. March 1, 2015

      What Robert Mugabe’s ‘birthday bash’ celebrates

      Since its contested election victory in July 2013, the main business of Zimbabwe’s Zanu-PF government has been not to rescue...

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    1. The New Africa

      From Senegal to Kenya and from Morocco to Mozambique, Africa is enjoying an era of eco...
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    1. January 30, 2015

      Zimbabwe’s Mugabe becomes African Union chairman

      Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s divisive president, assumed the chairmanship of the African Union with an acceptance speech that...

    2. December 10, 2014

      Robert Mugabe appoints ‘The Crocodile’ Mnangagwa as deputy

      Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe has named his justice minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa, as his new deputy in the ruling party...

    3. December 9, 2014

      Mugabe dismisses vice-president and eight ministers

      Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s veteran president, fired his deputy and eight cabinet ministers on Tuesday following months of...

    4. November 27, 2014

      Robert Mugabe tightens his grip on power in Zimbabwe

      Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s veteran president, is tightening his vicelike grip on the country’s politics as his ruling Zanu-PF...

    5. November 5, 2014

      ‘Gucci Grace’ Mugabe steps into Zimbabwe politics

      Grace Mugabe does not hide her displeasure about one of the frontrunners eventually to succeed her husband, Robert Mugabe,...

    6. beyondbrics

      November 3, 2014

      Zimbabwe ponders the struggle to industrialise

      As the world’s least industrialised region with a youthful and fast-growing workforce, African policymakers have for decades...

    7. October 5, 2014

      Failure of political systems is biggest threat to African renaissance

      The last time there was this level of sustained optimism about Africa was when the continent’s many parts began breaking...

    8. August 28, 2014

      No blank cheque for Robert Mugabe from China

      Robert Mugabe left China on Thursday without the unconditional support he had sought from Beijing to keep Zimbabwe’s...

    9. May 2, 2014

      The chains of liberation

      It’s easy to look at South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma and think: he’s just an opportunist. There’s his lovely new...

    10. April 27, 2014

      Zimbabwe opposition in disarray

      Zimbabwe’s main opposition party is in disarray after a faction in the Movement for Democratic Change said at the weekend it...

    11. March 21, 2014

      Michael Buerk returns to Zimbabwe

      He looks like an Old Testament prophet even though his fiery chariot is an elderly, single-engined Cessna. White-haired,...

    12. March 5, 2014

      The west lays itself a trap over Uganda’s anti-gay laws

      Poor Yoweri Museveni. Like a bear in a cage, goaded and provoked by jeering onlookers, he cuts a sorry figure. The ageing...

    13. beyondbrics

      February 23, 2014

      The week ahead, Feb 24-28

      The week ahead in emerging markets: some big EM GDP numbers out, including India, Brazil and South Africa; HSBC results; and...

    14. The World

      February 2, 2014

      The African Union: access all areas

      On catching sight of Sudan president Omar al-Bashir, I was so intent on my head-down enterprise to keep pace with him and...

    15. The World

      January 23, 2014

      Reporting back: Equatorial Guinea

      In our Reporting Back series, we ask FT foreign correspondents to tell us about a recent trip. Javier Blas, the FT’s Africa...

    16. beyondbrics

      November 19, 2013

      Zimbabwe plan: optimistic, to put it kindly

      Mugabe: management-speak It’s a 15,000-word document setting out how the government will “prioritise its programmes… and...

    17. November 5, 2013

      IMF holds Zimbabwe talks amid signs of thaw on company ownership

      An International Monetary Fund team will begin talks with Zimbabwe on Wednesday amid signs that President Robert Mugabe...

    18. beyondbrics

      November 1, 2013

      Zimbabwe's mining bond vs its bad boy reputation

      Zimbabwe is increasingly pinning its hopes on its mining industry to beef up the government coffers. The government is keen...

    19. September 27, 2013

      The sun sets on the west

      There’s a story the American writer PJ O’Rourke loves to tell about anti-Americanism. Covering Lebanon’s civil war in 1984,...

    20. beyondbrics

      September 26, 2013

      Zimbabwe: 'Hurricane Closure' highlights business slump

      At least someone is selling In just under two weeks the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) is due to hold its annual...

    21. FT Photo Diary

      September 17, 2013

      Mugabe supporters

      Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/AP Supporters of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe cheer upon his arrival for the opening of the first...

    22. beyondbrics

      September 15, 2013

      Week ahead: Sep 15 - 20

      The week ahead in emerging markets: inflation figures from India, Russia and South Africa; rate decisions in Turkey, India...

    23. September 10, 2013

      Opposition absent as Robert Mugabe appoints old-guard cabinet

      Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has named a new slimmed down cabinet dominated by old-guard loyalists and with no...

    24. September 10, 2013

      Face up to reality and start talking to Robert Mugabe

      It is time for the west to take stock, set aside old scores and take a fresh look at Zimbabwe. And as the prime mover in a...

    25. FT Photo Diary

      August 22, 2013

      Mugabe supporter

      Alexander Joe/AFP A woman, wearing a scarf bearing portraits of Robert Mugabe, attends Mugabe’s swearing-in ceremony in...

    26. August 22, 2013

      Robert Mugabe sworn in for five-year term as Zimbabwe president

      Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s veteran leader, was sworn in for a new five-year term as president in front of more than 60,000...

    27. August 20, 2013

      Court backs Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe poll

      Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Court ruled on Tuesday that the country’s disputed presidential election that saw Robert Mugabe...

    28. August 15, 2013

      Africa: Mugabe undaunted

      Cairns Holdings has long produced some of Zimbabwe’s most popular foods, ranging from Chompkins crisps to Cashel Valley...

    29. August 13, 2013

      Mugabe vows to put companies in hands of black Zimbabweans

      Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s veteran president, on Tuesday pledged to forge ahead with his indigenisation drive, which calls...

    30. FT Photo Diary

      August 12, 2013

      Mugabe supporters celebrate

      Philimon Bulawayo/Reuters Supporters of Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe at the Heroes Day commemorations in Harare, on...

    31. August 9, 2013

      Zimbabwe opposition challenges Mugabe landslide

      Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change filed a legal challenge to disputed elections at the Constitutional Court on...

    32. August 5, 2013

      Zimbabwe stocks plunge on Mugabe victory

      The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange plummeted on Monday in its first day of trading since Robert Mugabe, Africa’s oldest serving...

    33. Nick Butler

      August 5, 2013

      Oil and power in Zimbabwe

      Robert Mugabe has “won” another election in Zimbabwe. In plain English for “won” read “stolen”. The people of Zimbabwe are...

    34. August 4, 2013

      The dying art of stealing elections, Mugabe-style

      Zimbabwe’s election demonstrates a dangerous trend. If bullets do not fly and heads are not broken, many outsiders, notably...

    35. August 4, 2013

      Odds are against Morgan Tsvangirai to change Zimbabwe’s course

      During a decade in opposition battling the autocratic rule of President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF party, Morgan...

    36. August 3, 2013

      Mugabe declared winner in Zimbabwe election

      President Robert Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe for 33-years, was on Saturday declared the outright winner of a bitterly...

    37. August 2, 2013

      Mugabe, the ageing ‘master’, delivers knockout blow to rival

      On the eve of Zimbabwe’s crucial election this week, President Robert Mugabe was in jovial spirits as he joked about his...

    38. beyondbrics

      August 2, 2013

      New York headlines

      * Zimbabwe election: Mugabe heads for landslide victory * Brazil backs IMF aid for Greece and recalls representative *...

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