Nick Clegg illustration by Joe Cummings

Prior to his election as MP for Sheffield Hallam in 2005, Nick Clegg has been an MEP for the East Midlands. He became leader of the Liberal Democrats in December 2007.

After the 2010 general election produced a hung parliament, he took his party into coalition with the Conservatives, taking the office of deputy prime minister in the new government.

Expose the brittle nature of Ukip

UK’s anti-EU party is more privileged than it suggests

Nick Matthew
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Deputy PM says some individuals do not want to face scrutiny

Clegg vows to stay on as Lib Dem leader

Deputy prime minister defiant in face of falling poll ratings

PM battles to halt Ukip’s rise in EU poll

Cameron says Farage’s party ‘extremist’ at start of campaign

UK diplomat wins prize for Brexit plan

Trade official set to receive €100,000 – and government wrath

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The Outers are touting three definitions of exit – two too many for anyone craving certainty

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Fathers face difficulty asking for flexible working hours

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Labour worried Tories trying to scupper general election face-offs

Ukip ‘People’s Army’ takes up arms

Cameron says many not represented by ‘extreme’ views of Farage and Clegg

Farage praises Putin’s power politics

Russian leader is hailed a ‘brilliant’ tactician

Tory green plans worry renewable groups

Clegg thwarts Conservative proposal to ban new onshore wind farms

Car industry revs up fight to stay in EU

Report details potential damage of exit to £60bn sector

UK exports to EU worth £211bn, says study

Research credits trade for supporting 4.2m jobs

Jonathan McHugh Illustration
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Cameron must do business with his rivals

Party leaders can change the bloc for the better and see off Ukip, writes Hugo Dixon

Farage reawakens Tory election fears

Concern grows Ukip leader will split eurosceptic vote

Farage and Clegg spar over Europe and immigration

TV poll gives Ukip leader clear win over Lib Dem rival

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s intention to ‘consciously uncouple’ strikes chords elsewhere

Cameron’s coalition is a radical bazaar

The government has acted more radically than even a single-party Tory administration could

The sun never sets on Eton’s empire

Controversy over the school reflects the increasing polarisation between rich and poor

Clegg vows to remain Lib Dem leader

Politician promises to head party after next general election

Clegg goes on attack against Ukip threat

Lib Dems make pro-EU pitch

Political risk on agenda in UK boardrooms

Business leaders feel under pressure from politicians

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrat party
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Clegg warns ‘extremism on the rise’ in UK

Lib Dem leader makes unashamedly pro-immigration pitch

Nick Clegg attacks Conservatives over immigration

Lib Dem leader rallies party with pro-European pitch

Pound tussle hit No camp, minister admits

Scotland secretary attacks No 10 critics of Darling

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrat party
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Clegg’s EU debate with Farage breaks rule

Lib Dem leader’s decision takes political establishment by surprise

Lib Dems clash with Tories on EU referendum

Move to include bill in legislative package slammed as ‘stunt’

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrat party
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Lib Dems name team for coalition talks

Clegg reveals quintet to negotiate in event of a hung parliament

Politicians criticise RBS bonuses

£576m payouts being made despite £8.2bn in losses

Ministers in Ulster meet for crisis talks

First minister threatens to resign over alleged IRA pardons

The tribal voices of British politics

Ruling out a coalition would be irresponsible of any party

BBC should be ‘more like John Lewis’

Director-general Tony Hall joins well-placed admirers

Farage agrees to live EU debate with Clegg

Issue is the most important country has faced, says Ukip leader

Mr Clegg urges the party to back the coalition’s controversial fiscal austerity policies
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Clegg challenges Farage to live TV debate

Lib Dem leader facing a drubbing lays down gauntlet to Ukip leader

Can boxing be a good career move?

We ask whether a bout in the ring can make you a knockout in the workplace

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrat party
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Clegg talks up prospect of Labour coalition

Some elements of a common Lib-Lab economic agenda have taken shape

Sudhir with Nick Clegg at the 2013 GG2 leadership awards in London
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Donors’ arrest worsens Lib Dems’ week

Financier had been put forward for peerage by party

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrat party
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Clegg to attack Osborne ‘assault’ on poor

Attack ‘on hardworking people’ condemned by Lib Dem leader