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    1. July 21, 2016

      Ted Cruz refuses to toe the Donald Trump line

      It took 72 hours for Donald Trump’s fractious convention to come together when it erupted in a unanimity of boos for...

    2. Fast FT

      July 20, 2016

      Trump wins Republican nomination for US presidency

      Donald Trump, the former star of The Apprentice, became the official Republican presidential candidate on Tuesday...

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    1. Investing in Cuba

      A rapprochement with the US has raised hopes that Cuba will open up to the world, with...
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    1. July 13, 2016

      Trump overtakes Clinton in poll of swing states

      Donald Trump has overtaken rival Hillary Clinton in the crucial US swing states of Florida and Pennsylvania and caught...

    2. July 11, 2016

      Trump narrows search for running mate

      Donald Trump is expected to name his vice-presidential running mate this week to generate buzz before the Republican...

    3. April 30, 2016

      US election: Money can’t buy you power

      Money may well be the root of all evil in American politics, but it is a curious, and very satisfying, fact that a lot...

    4. April 26, 2016

      FT explainer: What is a contested convention?

      Unless Donald Trump sweeps most of the Republican primaries by June 7, when the party’s race ends, chances are high...

    5. March 19, 2016

      The cloud of violence hanging over Trump breaks into a downpour

      One of the best lines in pop music is, naturally, by Leonard Cohen. “There’s a mighty judgment coming — but I may be...

    6. March 18, 2016

      The Republicans could be facing convention meltdown

      One of my earliest political memories is watching the Democrats’ 1972 national convention in Miami Beach on a black and...

    7. The World

      March 16, 2016

      White House Countdown - Viva la Revolution

      Sign up to receive White House countdown, our daily US politics email, here. (Key Biscayne) Donald Trump claimed that...

    8. March 16, 2016

      Why the Republicans face a contested convention

      The Republican establishment is terrified of Donald Trump and is desperately casting around for ways to stop him...

    9. March 16, 2016

      White House Countdown: The Ides of March

      After Jeb Bush scared Mitt Romney out of running in 2016 only to be outshone by Marco Rubio, his former protégé, one...

    10. March 16, 2016

      Super Tuesday 2: Trump knocks out Rubio

      Super Tuesday: Rubio bows out of presidential race Donald Trump knocked Marco Rubio out of the Republican race by...

    11. March 16, 2016

      Super Tuesday 2: Donald Trump’s scorched earth advance

      It keeps going Donald Trump’s way. What began in a spirit of sunny optimism ended on a devastating note in Miami with...

    12. March 16, 2016

      Super Tuesday 2: Trump and Clinton seize emphatic victories

      John Kasich has won the Ohio primary, complicating Donald Trump’s path to the Republican nomination, even after the...

    13. Fast FT

      March 16, 2016

      Clinton edges closer to winning Democratic nomination

      Hillary Clinton has won overwhelming victories in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, putting her much closer to...

    14. The World

      March 15, 2016

      Super Tuesday 2: results and reaction

      On Super Tuesday 2, the five primary races — in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina — helped to draw...

    15. The World

      March 14, 2016

      White House Countdown - Liddle Marco & Lyin' Ted

      Once upon a time Florida was the key state to watch in the Republican race. But with Donald Trump way ahead of Marco...

    16. March 14, 2016

      Trump basks as Rubio wilts in Florida

      US election 2016: on the Trump trail While Marco Rubio was winding his way down the Florida coast in a final effort...

    17. March 13, 2016

      Republican leaders look to Ohio to buck Trump’s populist trend

      As an automation engineer, Steve Terhune stands at the forefront of the modern manufacturing economy, advising...

    18. March 13, 2016

      Trump refuses to tone down aggressive rhetoric

      Donald Trump has refused to tamp down his confrontational rhetoric as the frontrunner for the Republican presidential...

    19. The World

      March 11, 2016

      Would the Real Donald Trump please stand up?

      Donald Trump’s press conference in Florida today was like a Peter Sellers movie. Ben Carson, the neurosurgeon who...

    20. March 11, 2016

      Politics: stranger than fiction

      Last weekend, I did precisely what you’d expect of a millennial political junkie: I parked myself on the sofa and...

    21. March 11, 2016

      Republican debate: Trump calls for party unity

      Donald Trump urged the Republican establishment to rally behind his campaign for the White House in a presidential...

    22. The World

      March 10, 2016

      White House Countdown - The boys are back in town

      Sign up to receive White House countdown, our daily US politics email, here. President Barack Obama said it was “novel”...

    23. FT Photo Diary

      March 10, 2016

      A selfie with Rubio

      Republican presidential candidate, Senator Marco Rubio, poses for photographs during a campaign rally in Hialeah,...

    24. The World

      March 9, 2016

      White House Countdown - Blades in the Glades

      Sign up to receive White House countdown, our daily US politics email, here. Donald Trump is going for the kill in...

    25. March 9, 2016

      Republicans weigh the lesser of two evils

      Donald Trump and Ted Cruz became the main rivals for the Republican presidential nomination by tapping into an...

    26. March 9, 2016

      America’s unpredictable voters make 2016 plot incredible

      As Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders can attest, we live in the age of the angry white male. But America’s 2016 election...

    27. March 9, 2016

      Donald Trump wins 3 races and Bernie Sanders gains in rust belt

      Trump takes Mississippi and Michigan Donald Trump, the frontrunner in the Republican race for the White House, won...

    28. The World

      March 9, 2016

      White House Countdown - Battle of Michigan

      Sign up to receive White House countdown, our daily US politics email, here. Polls will soon close in Michigan and...

    29. The World

      March 7, 2016

      White House Countdown - The Terminator

      Sign up to receive White House countdown, our daily US politics email, here. Michael Bloomberg is not running for...

    30. March 6, 2016

      Republican race is becoming two-man battle between Trump and Cruz

      The Republican presidential race is becoming a two-man battle between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz after the Texas senator...

    31. March 6, 2016

      Cruz and Trump take two states each

      Ted Cruz matched Donald Trump with victories in two states on Saturday, positioning the Texas senator as main rival to...

    32. The World

      March 4, 2016

      Jerry Springer vs Donald Trump

      The Republican debate on Thursday ​elevated farce to new heights. ​​Donald Trump ​raised eyebrows when he hit back at...

    33. March 4, 2016

      Trump show too juvenile for Jerry Springer

      When one of the bickering men on stage stated that there was nothing diminutive about parts of his anatomy, viewers...

    34. March 4, 2016

      Trump tackles barrage of attacks in Republican debate

      A bombastic Donald Trump sustained a barrage of attacks in Thursday’s Republican debate, on everything from his defunct...

    35. Fast FT

      March 3, 2016

      Romney: Trump playing Americans 'for suckers'

      Donald Trump is treating American voters as “suckers,” will drive the US into recession and make the world less safe,...

    36. The World

      March 2, 2016

      Trumpistan – Boca Raton

      Donald Trump is the only story in town. As I write in a hotel in Boca Raton, the punters at the bar are waxing lyrical...

    37. March 2, 2016

      Emboldened Trump takes aim at Republican establishment

      Super Tuesday results night in pictures Donald Trump redoubled his attacks on his Republican rivals and party leaders...

    38. March 2, 2016

      Trump closes in on Republican nomination

      Donald Trump is not yet the Republican presidential nominee, but the businessman is within close reach of the crown. Mr...

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