Larry Page illustration by Ingram Pinn

Larry Page is, along with Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google. He conceived PageRank - a breakthrough idea for assessing the importance of a web page based on the number of other sites linking to it.

He has been the company's chief executive since April 2011 and ranked 20th on the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans in 2013

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Banks bypassed by intellectual capital

Silicon Valley deals are not based on factors that bankers can model, writes Felix Salmon

It can help to bring stress home

The office can invade personal time but that need not be a bad thing

Rush of requests to delete Google results

Europeans make 41,000 applications in four days

Google’s Larry Page accepts privacy fears

Users will be able to ask for old or damaging links to be removed

Google bows to EU privacy ruling

Larry Page warns of risks to innovation

Google victory against Oracle overturned

Court’s software ruling will introduce new uncertainty for Android

Google+ chief quits ahead of shake-up

Vic Gundotra’s departure comes as group fails to unseat Facebook

FILE -- A visitor tries the Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, March 28, 2013. In the unpredictable world of tech start-ups, some interesting firms to watch, like Oculus Rift, in 2013 could fizzle and be forgotten by the end of the year, but they could also be the next big thing. (Winni Wintermeyer/The New York Times) Credit: New York Times / Redux / eyevine For further information please contact eyevine tel: +44 (0) 20 8709 8709 e-mail:

Technology: All eyes on the future

Apple, Facebook and Google aim to create and control the next crucial technological platform

WhatsApp lifts tech deals total to $50bn

Google-Facebook fight echoes dotcom rush

Colleagues and bosses are not your family

The idea that employees are part of one big, corporate family is delusional

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Davos lacks Valley’s revolutionary spirit

The tech set stands out while a familiar crowd returns to the task of making the world nicer

Google to buy Nest Labs for $3.2bn

Deal is bold bet on emerging ‘internet of things’

Google defeats challenge to book scanning

Plan to display extracts in search queries overcomes legal hurdle

Asteroid mining: space odyssey

There is something self-defeating about the desire to gather precious metals in outer space

Google shares soar past $1,000

Internet search group eats up online ads market share

Google launches healthcare company

‘Calico’ to be run by Apple’s chairman Art Levinson

Google suffers amid ad pricing pressure

Search engine company misses Wall St forecasts for revenues and earnings

Founder CEOs: the untouchables

Overheard: Sergey Brin and Larry Page on zero-vote shares

Google settles suit over founder control

Effectively guarantees Page and Brin lifetime control of company

Ingram Pinn illustration
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Big data has to show it’s not Big Brother

We do not know yet what this new technology of data analysis and artificial intelligence means

Space miner looks to Kickstarter for funds

Silicon Valley-backed group turns to crowdsourcing for telescope

Google chief touts utopian ambitions

Tech vision where ‘being negative is not how we make progress’

Google’s Page discloses voice damage

Chief also has thyroid condition that causes him ‘no problems’

Business blog: Page proves himself right chief for Google

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Bechtel joins crew for asteroid mining

Engineer teams up with Google founders’ inter-planetary project

Evgeny Morozov: Google revolution

This is a future we would be wise to avoid, writes Evgeny Morozov

US heartland offers visions of cable’s future

Two announcements from Kansas and Colorado provide important pointers for the cable industry

Google’s head of Android to take new role

Latest in series of sudden management changes at tech groups

Google chairman to sell $2.5bn of shares

Schmidt plans to cut stake in search group by 42%

EU to review Microsoft’s new terms of use

Watchdog to examine potential privacy violation

Motorola and adverts give cause for alarm

Google results show operational cost of acquiring troubled group

Google panic over results bungle

Page ‘sorry for scramble’ after figures published prematurely

EU warns Google risks fines over privacy

Search engine criticised over use of personal data

The question with interviews is why we bother

Study after study shows an interview is not much better than picking people at random

Google – cheap if not cheerful

The negatives are significant, but the positives are overwhelming

Yahoo hires Google’s Mayer as chief

Fifth head in four years at struggling web portal

Facebook raises IPO price range

Move puts social networking group in sight of $100bn valuation

Case could ripple through software world

Repercussions of Oracle-Google court decision still unclear

Asteroid mining is for space cadets

Stellar break-even prices make Google mission impossible

Tech power shift puts bankers on back foot

Financiers fear a precedent might be set with Facebook’s IPO