Kim Jong-eun illustration by Ingram Pinn

Kim Jong Un became supreme leader of North Korea in December 2011 after the death of his father, Kim Jong-il. His grandfather, Kim Il-sung, led the country from its foundation in 1948 to 1994.

Since coming to power he has embarked on one of the most intensive reshuffles of top-level personnel in the country’s history.

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North Korea Congress shrouded in mystery

Media kept in dark as party meets for first conclave in 36 years

North Korea spy colonel defects to South

Officer believed to be highest ranked to have fled Pyongyang

North Korea fires ballistic missile

Latest provocation draws condemnation from Washington and Tokyo

Kim plans fifth N Korea nuclear test

Move comes less than two weeks after toughening of UN sanctions

N Korea claims nuclear warhead capability

Miniaturisation would mark big step for weapons programme

Real pain must be inflicted on N Korea

We should not expect Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons soon, writes Robert Manning

N Korea leader orders nuclear readiness

‘Pre-emptive attack’ stance follows UN sanctions vote

North Korean children in 'The Propaganda Game'

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Tensions rise on Seoul’s Kaesong closure

S Korea stands by move after N Korea’s nuclear bomb tests

Sanctions fail to halt N Korea nuclear tests

Analysts see little hope new measures will cripple Pyongyang

Seoul’s message to North: ‘Let us just love’

S Korea responds to bomb tests with blasts of K-pop

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China and US must co-operate to resolve Pyongyang’s nuclear threat

Top N Korea negotiator dies in car crash

Kim Yang-gon’s death the latest among high level officials

North Korea says it has hydrogen bomb

Kim Jong Un’s claim draws sceptical response from analysts

Kim banishes key aide to farm

S Korean report says party secretary exiled over policy differences

North Korea parades missiles in show of power

Rare speech by Kim Jong Un proclaims readiness for war with US

Pyongyang parade to highlight party power

Event marks renewed prominence acquired by the ruling party

Food shortage tests N Korea farm reforms

Reduced rations temper optimism on economic progress

Despots use muscle to turn back time

North Korea is to set its clocks back but it is not hard to see the absurdity, writes Alan Beattie

The businessman Sam Pa in front of the Pyongyang skyline. His Queensway Group is linked with KKG, a North Korean enterprise
©Dreamstime; Noor Bank

North Korea: The secrets of Office 39

Shadowy organisation’s alliance with Queensway Group helps Pyongyang bring in cash

Kim purge suggests struggle for loyalty

Churn of officials raises doubts over N Korea leader’s grip on power

N Korea executes minister with heavy weapon

Defence chief’s crimes reported to include falling asleep before Kim

US and China seek to restart Pyongyang talks

Move revive dialogue comes as N Korea tests new ballistic missile

Shared woes unite Russia and North Korea

Co-operation deepens between isolated nations

Kim and country

Artifice and dissembling have long been daily requirements for those seeking to escape — or just survive — life in North Korea. Review by Simon Mundy

From left, Diana Bang, Seth Rogen and James Franco in 'The Interview'

The Interview — film review

Seth Rogen’s controversial movie is intermittently funny

Sony seeks delay releasing full results

Japanese group says computer systems are not fully restored

S Korea’s Park open to Kim Jong Un summit

‘No preconditions’ to a meeting with N Korean leader

FBI details North Korean attack on Sony

Comey says Pyongyang ‘got sloppy’ in cyber assault on studio

North Korea blasts US over new sanctions

Pyongyang reiterates denial of involvement in action against Sony

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Neither the US president nor a North Korean despot can make me watch a film if I don’t want to

North Korea farce packs US theatres

Controversial film ‘not actually a serious comedy’

Sony releases North Korea film online

Google Play, YouTube and Microsoft Xbox to stream The Interview

N Korea film to show in some US cinemas

Sony Pictures reverses decision after criticism from Obama and Hollywood

James Franco and Seth Rogen in a still from ‘The Interview’, the comedy North Korea does not find funny

North Korea knows the power of film

Pyongyang’s propaganda machine takes the big screen seriously