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    1. January 2, 2015

      City sneakers elevated from the gym to high fashion

      Sneakers and the City January is traditionally the month when we convince ourselves that the key to attending 6am gym...

    2. December 5, 2014

      It’s not fur, it’s faux

      It is increasingly difficult to tell where fur ends and faux begins. Designers delight in playing with our perceptions. At...

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    1. Watches & Jewellery March 2012

      Geneva Seal: overhauling a quality standard that has gone unchanged since 1957 Moveme...
    2. The New Trade Routes: Brazil

      Brazil is undergoing a deep shift in trade flows with the end of the commodity supercy...
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    1. December 5, 2014

      When Chanel went to Salzburg

      The magic mountain Was Mademoiselle Chanel inspired to create her simple, buttoned, bouclé wool jacket after spying a...

    2. December 2, 2014

      Case study: Melissa shoes

      Some businesses have found ways to cope with the dreaded “Brazil cost” and one of the more successful is the Melissa brand...

    3. Business Blog

      November 5, 2014

      The expat dilemma: foreign postings fuel creativity but suck up cash

      Karl Lagerfeld (Getty Images) I have spent more than a third of my professional career living and working abroad, so you...

    4. October 1, 2014

      Paris Fashion Week: Day 7

      The Air France pilots may have finally called off their strike, but there was still an air of political dissent in Paris on...

    5. FT Tech Hub

      September 30, 2014

      Apple Watch pops up at Paris Fashion Week

      Apple is making a big splash in Europe this week. On the same day the European Commission published the initial findings of...

    6. September 18, 2014

      Milan Fashion Week: Day 2

      “What I like personally about this collection is that there is no reference to the 1970s. I think there’s been enough,”...

    7. July 11, 2014

      Paris couture autumn/winter 2014

      Paris couture shows autumn/winter 2014 There was a clear message from the couture shows in Paris this season: that despite a...

    8. FT Photo Diary

      July 8, 2014

      Karl Lagerfeld's Haute Couture collection

      Philippe Wojazer/Reuters Models present creations by German designer Karl Lagerfeld at the end of his Haute Couture...

    9. Material World

      May 28, 2014

      Thomas Tait wins the LVMH Young Designer Prize

      After months of hype and incessant drum-rolling, the recipient of the inaugural LVMH Young Designer Prize was announced in...

    10. Material World

      April 14, 2014

      Assessing the Alexander Wang/H&M collaboration

        Getty Images So Alexander Wang, left, is the latest runway designer to team up with H&M in their high/low limited-edition...

    11. Material World

      April 9, 2014

      With Karl Lagerfeld investment, PVH’s masstige strategy takes shape

        Getty Images The news that PVH has bought an undisclosed minority stake in Karl Lagerfeld’s namesake brand (otherwise...

    12. March 21, 2014

      Denim still at the cutting edge of fashion

      Eighty years have passed since Levi’s launched its female version of the blue jean and denim is still at the cutting edge of...

    13. Material World

      March 17, 2014

      L'Wren Scott, fashion designer, dead at 49

      L’Wren Scott, the celebrated American fashion designer, has been found dead in New York after committing suicide, police...

    14. March 7, 2014

      From fashion photographers to lifestyle brands

      By timely coincidence, two very different photographic happenings took place in Paris this month, events that neatly...

    15. Material World

      March 4, 2014

      The J Crew/Fast Retailing rumours: cherchez l’amitié

      Getty Images It’s interesting, in all the breathless reports about Fast Retailing’s maybe-possibly-hope-so acquisition of J...

    16. February 19, 2014

      Platée, Theater an der Wien, Vienna – review

      Rameau’s swamp goddess is the Miss Piggy of the baroque. The ultimate fashion victim, she is unshakeably convinced of her...

    17. February 14, 2014

      Wool is now a yarn for all seasons

      Spring is approaching but wool, it seems, is fast becoming a yarn for all seasons – a fact embraced by men for whom frequent...

    18. December 22, 2013

      Diana Vishneva: On the Edge, Opéra de Monte-Carlo, Monaco – review

      Diana Vishneva’s career is similar to that of Sylvie Guillem. One of just a few ballet superstars in her generation, the...

    19. December 20, 2013

      Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show in Dallas, Texas

      Picture this: 900 Texas socialites mixing with British It girls and glamazon models. Throw in some old convertibles, a...

    20. December 13, 2013

      What fashion adds to the tech world

      Pity the poor fashion editor. Life is so confusing these days. Half the time I am wading through Christmas presents and...

    21. November 22, 2013

      Fashion learns the art of film

      It’s about now that a film studio’s fancy turns to thoughts of awards. They need to get their Oscar/Bafta/Golden Globe...

    22. October 18, 2013

      Designers embrace Steiff bear’s faux fur

      For shoppers seeking comfort in the winter, what could be cosier than wrapping up in the stuff of the original teddy bear?...

    23. October 18, 2013

      Chain bags are big this season

      I know women. Give them chains. Women adore chains,” said Gabrielle “Coco” Bonheur Chanel, of the 2.55 bag, featuring a...

    24. October 4, 2013

      Short cuts: Paris, snorkelling in Antarctica, and Shenzhen

      Monte Carlo The talk of last week’s Monaco Yacht Show was the cool €1m a week that Moran Yachts is asking for a week’s...

    25. October 1, 2013

      Paris Fashion Week: Pull-push of classic-modern mash-up

      For years, Bernadette Chirac, wife of Jacques Chirac, a former French president, and Danielle Mitterrand, wife of François...

    26. September 19, 2013

      Sparse pickings for power women at Milan Fashion Week

      What happened to the power woman? She has, apparently, left Italy and emigrated to Germany, the United States and Brazil....

    27. September 13, 2013

      Big sole sensations

      Strappy, pedicure-revealing sandals may be making news on the spring/summer 2014 runways and Sarah Jessica Parker may be...

    28. Material World

      July 26, 2013

      Dolce & Gabbana: the movie

      Getty Images Forget reality TV; nothing has been more mesmerising than the Dolce & Gabbana soap opera of summer. First they...

    29. Material World

      July 23, 2013

      Colombia reclaims favourite son: Haider Ackermann is thin end of the wedge

      If ever there was an event that highlighted the complicated politics of fashion nationality in a global world, it was...

    30. July 5, 2013

      Couture vs culture

      It’s too bad EU trade commissioner Karel De Gucht wasn’t at the couture shows last week. It would have given him lots of...

    31. Material World

      May 6, 2013

      Fur on the rise with global warming; seasons on the wane

      Interesting news today that fur sales are at “a record high”, especially in the Far East: Korea, China, and so on. Karl...

    32. May 3, 2013

      Punky pins and needles

      With his mix of sparkle and safetypins, neon and spikes and pearls, Tom Binns has been challenging jewellery conventions for...

    33. April 26, 2013

      The world’s most important fashion prizes

      The oldest resort town on the French Riviera, Hyères, might be best known as a holiday destination. But this week it also...

    34. March 5, 2013

      Paris Fashion Week – runway report 6

      What happens when someone – a big, important, global, heritage brand – sends a major “up yours” to fashion? When a designer...

    35. March 1, 2013

      Bangs on trend: the fringe

      When Michelle Obama unveiled her “49th-birthday cut” earlier this year – a thick, blunt fringe – it provoked an e-storm of...

    36. February 15, 2013

      Head lines

      And so to London Fashion Week. The British Fashion Council on Friday celebrated millinery designers with Headonism, an...

    37. Material World

      February 6, 2013

      Marc Jacobs signs with Diet Coke and why Dell should care

      Marc Jacobs. Getty images The post I wrote about the fashionisation of life? Well, today comes the news that stubbly...

    38. Material World

      January 29, 2013

      Fendi to restore Rome's Trevi fountain

      Getty Images Diego Della Valle, the chairman of Tod’s, has been making a big ruckus lately about the need for Italian brands...

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