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    1. Fast FT

      May 26, 2016

      UK trader in 'flash crash' probe appeals extradition

      Navinder Singh Sarao, the British trader accused of contributing to the so-called stock market “flash crash” of 2010,...

    2. Fast FT

      February 10, 2016

      Cameron: UN ruling on Julian Assange 'ridiculous'

      UK prime minister David Cameron has branded as “ridiculous” a UN ruling last week that WikiLeaks founder Julian...

    1. FT Photo Diary

      February 5, 2016

      All eyes on Assange

      WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange addresses a press conference at the Frontline Club via video link from the Ecuadorian...

    2. February 5, 2016

      Julian Assange says UN ruling on arbitrary detention a ‘vindication’

      Julian Assange on Friday claimed “victory” in his legal battle against UK and Swedish authorities after a UN panel said...

    3. Fast FT

      February 5, 2016

      UK 'completely' rejects that Assange was arbitrarily detained

      The UK government has “completely” rejected a ruling from a United Nations working group that WikiLeaks founder Julian...

    4. Fast FT

      February 5, 2016

      UN: Julian Assange 'arbitrarily detained'

      The UN has ruled that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s three and a half year stay at the Ecuadorean embassy in London...

    5. February 4, 2016

      Q&A: Julian Assange’s unlawful detention case

      The UN is expected to rule on Friday that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s decision to take refuge in the Ecuadorean...

    6. January 15, 2016

      Journalism in the movies

      “I hate newspaper men,” Orson Welles told an interviewer in 1960. The sentiment had a certain clout. Welles, after all,...

    7. October 12, 2015

      Police stood down from watching Julian Assange

      Police officers lying in wait outside the Ecuadorian embassy for Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder and diplomatic...

    8. FT Photo Diary

      August 21, 2015

      Julian and Jesse

      WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with Reverend Jesse Jackson outside the Embassy of Ecuador in London   ...

    9. August 12, 2015

      Julian Assange should leave his Knightsbridge bedsit

      For the past three years, Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has been holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in...

    10. August 12, 2015

      Q&A: Assange weighs options as potential charges set to expire

      Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder who has been living in Ecuador’s embassy in London since 2012 after he was...

    11. August 12, 2015

      Sweden and Ecuador agree to talks over Julian Assange

      Ecuador has agreed to hold talks with Sweden about questioning WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over alleged sex...

    12. June 24, 2015

      US ‘tapped’ French leaders’ phones

      US intelligence services tapped the phones of French president François Hollande and his predecessors Nicolas Sarkozy...

    13. April 16, 2015

      WikiLeaks revives Sony’s email discomfort

      WikiLeaks has published online a vast, searchable trove of emails and documents stolen from Sony Pictures Entertainment...

    14. March 13, 2015

      Swedish prosecutors offer to question Assange in London

      Swedish prosecutors have made a big concession in their investigation of Julian Assange, offering to question the...

    15. beyondbrics

      November 3, 2014

      Will Ecuador's success stand up to cheap oil?

      Of the generation of radical Latin American leaders that have won office in the last decade, Ecuador’s Rafael Correa –...

    16. October 16, 2014

      Citizenfour – film review

      Citizenfour is a true-life spy thriller, which means it’s a true story about lies and falsehoods. It’s a nonfiction...

    17. September 15, 2014

      WikiLeaks releases copies of FinFisher ‘malware’

      WikiLeaks has released copies of surveillance software, developed by German company FinFisher, that has been used by...

    18. beyondbrics

      August 21, 2014

      Ecuador: Standard & Poor’s raises rating of market's prodigal son

      Everyone loves the biblical story of the prodigal son. On Wednesday that tale received a touch of market realism when...

    19. August 18, 2014

      WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to leave Ecuador embassy ‘soon’

      WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has confirmed he will “soon” be leaving the Ecuadorean embassy in London, where he has...

    20. Material World

      June 27, 2014

      A man for all seasons: Julian Assange, fashion model extraordinaire

      So Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder and self-anointed hero of media freedom, is adding yet another...

    21. June 17, 2014

      Argentina: sovereign debt fine print

      Waivers of immunity in sovereign bond contracts, as a rule, exclude embassies. So, no: bondholders will probably not...

    22. October 31, 2013

      Cryptoanarchists pull trigger on fight over future of Bitcoin

      The inventor of the 3D printed gun has trained his sights on Bitcoin, fronting a campaign to keep the virtual currency...

    23. beyondbrics

      October 18, 2013

      Ecuador gets Fitch upgrade - but does it deserve it?

      Like Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder that it is sheltering in its London embassy, Ecuador and the state of its...

    24. October 10, 2013

      The Fifth Estate – film review

      Julian Assange: hero of media freedom or, one character’s verdict in The Fifth Estate, “manipulative asshole”? The jury...

    25. October 4, 2013

      We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks – DVD review

      Alex Gibney 2013 Universal Julian Assange does not emerge well from this documentary. Among the many examples of the...

    26. August 30, 2013

      What a tangled web we weave

      It started when Beeban Kidron heard her daughter screaming. The 14-year-old was in her bedroom with a friend. They were...

    27. July 11, 2013

      Cinema reviews: We Steal Secrets, Monsters University and more

      Truth, contended the crusaders of WikiLeaks, should be free, universal and out there. Except in the case of the leading...

    28. July 5, 2013

      Europe falls into imperialist stereotype trap in Bolivian airline drama

      In Latin America it used to be called an “international incident” – the kind of minor diplomatic cock-up that mushrooms...

    29. July 3, 2013

      Why the doors have slammed in Edward Snowden’s face

      Edward Snowden is still holed up in the transit lounge of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. From almost every corner of...

    30. July 2, 2013

      Snowden continues search for haven as asylum options narrow

      Edward Snowden’s search for a haven continued on Tuesday as Moscow said he had retracted his application for asylum in...

    31. June 28, 2013

      Tailor-made for the role

      Is anyone else struck by how much Edward Snowden, in the few pictures that have surfaced and are used again and again,...

    32. The A-List

      June 28, 2013

      Ecuador is no haven for homegrown whistleblowers

      Amid all their vicissitudes, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency leaker,...

    33. June 21, 2013

      At home: Ana Alban, Ecuador’s ambassador to Britain

      On June 19 last year, Ana Alban, Ecuador’s ambassador to Britain, received an unexpected visitor at her London office:...

    34. June 19, 2013

      Julian Assange to remain in UK even if Sweden drops charges

      WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said on Tuesday he will stay holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London even if...

    35. June 17, 2013

      UK and Ecuador fail to end impasse over Julian Assange

      WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will remain holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London a little longer after talks...

    36. April 19, 2013

      Lunch with the FT: Kim Dotcom

      Kim Jong-eun is not the world’s only cartoon villain lobbing verbal hand-grenades at the US from the sanctuary of his...

    37. beyondbrics

      November 15, 2012

      Ecuador's banks brace for new tax

      Rafael Correa, Ecuador’s president Banks in Ecuador are bracing themselves for a new tax on the sector designed to...

    38. October 12, 2012

      Anonymous withdraws support for WikiLeaks

      WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has lost another high-profile supporter as Anonymous, the hacking collective, said the...

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