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    1. October 8, 2015

      Osborne bolsters ‘magpie chancellor’ reputation with Labour ideas

      George Osborne’s reputation as the “magpie chancellor” was bolstered this week when he stole two more policies from the...

    2. February 16, 2015

      Labour policy chief angers outsourcing groups

      Business figures have attacked Labour over a suggestion from the party’s policy chief that companies running some of...

    1. July 1, 2014

      Ed Miliband accused of lack of coherency by former political guru

      Ed Miliband has been accused by his one-time political guru of lacking a coherent story to explain how Labour would...

    2. July 1, 2014

      Conformist mediocrity from Ed Miliband will not win Labour votes

      We have an England football team of a government, and the reserves are no better. Neither our coaches nor our political...

    3. June 15, 2014

      The real clever cogs in Labour’s machine

      Some of the most influential figures in Labour politics are people the public may not have heard of. They are not, in...

    4. April 7, 2014

      Labour vows to spread wealth away from London

      Ed Miliband will today promise the “biggest devolution of power to England’s great towns and cities in a hundred...

    5. April 2, 2014

      ‘Dysfunctional’ Labour team battles over party’s direction

      When Len McCluskey urged Ed Miliband this week to adopt a more radical programme, he crystallised a debate that has...

    6. March 19, 2014

      Labour considers rail fare freeze after general election

      Plans for a freeze in rail fares after the general election are being discussed at senior levels in Labour as a fresh...

    7. February 12, 2014

      Head of Labour policy review hits out over foreign takeovers

      Foreign takeovers of British assets have left people “powerless”, Labour’s head of policy has stated, in a blast...

    8. February 21, 2013

      Labour seeks to link benefits to work done

      People who lose their jobs after many years of work would receive higher benefits than those who have not held down a...

    9. Westminster Blog

      February 13, 2013

      Horsemeat lingers at the back as economy dominates PMQs

      Ed Miliband channelled Ronald Reagan as he used PMQs to push the prime minister on living standards – the issue likely...

    10. November 18, 2012

      Labour will fight to stay in Europe

      Ed Miliband will commit Labour on Monday to fight to preserve Britain’s EU membership, even as Tory pressure mounts on...

    11. Westminster Blog

      October 23, 2012

      Michael Gove disowns Benjamin Disraeli

      Benjamin Disraeli Ed Miliband used his conference speech a few weeks ago to try to steal the mantle of Benjamin...

    12. October 19, 2012

      Mandelson to warn on backing EU referendum

      Ed Miliband could split the Labour party if he bows to Tory pressure and backs a referendum on Europe, Lord Mandelson,...

    13. Westminster Blog

      June 7, 2012

      Ed M: Labour doesn't back an EU referendum

      Speculation on Labour’s position on an EU referendum has been building for a while. It all started with the arch...

    14. June 4, 2012

      Two Eds grow together as Balls’ star rises

      When Ed Miliband became the Labour party leader almost two years ago, he was determined to block one man from becoming...

    15. May 20, 2012

      Cameron brushes off EU referendum calls

      David Cameron on Sunday rebuffed those on the Conservative party right who want an in-out referendum on Britain’s EU...

    16. Westminster Blog

      May 16, 2012

      PMQs: Cameron's Cruddas attack plays into Labour hands

      It was a curiously flat PMQs today, partially because we have heard the stock questions and answers from both party...

    17. May 15, 2012

      Miliband carries out limited reshuffle

      Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, has put the party’s policy review in the hands of Jon Cruddas, an east London...

    18. July 5, 2011

      Immigration cap ‘risk’ to business, warn MPs

      Home Office policies that aim to reduce net migration by restricting the entry of skilled workers bring “significant...

    19. Westminster Blog

      August 26, 2010

      Further reading

      Robert Chote proves his mettle for OBR role by releasing critical IFS report on “progressive” Budget – FT Why I’m...

    20. August 11, 2010

      Straw gives backing to David Miliband

      David Miliband’s Labour leadership campaign will win the endorsement of Jack Straw, the former justice secretary, on...

    21. Westminster Blog

      July 30, 2010

      How the opinion polls were wrong about Labour deputy leadership race

      A postscript to my earlier blog about the Balls campaign being on the ropes. Here is a YouGov poll of Labour members...

    22. Westminster Blog

      July 5, 2010

      Stampede for places in Labour's shadow cabinet

      You may think it’s still months away. But the manoeuvrings have already begun. Up to 40 Labour MPs are likely to put...

    23. Westminster Blog

      June 3, 2010

      Jon Cruddas to nominate Diane Abbott

      Earlier in the week I wrote that it would be interesting to see who Jon Cruddas came out in support for during the...

    24. Westminster Blog

      June 1, 2010

      Ken Livingstone to stand for London mayoralty again

      LabourList has the story that Ken Livingstone wants another run for London mayor; he’ll be up against Oona King – and...

    25. Westminster Blog

      June 1, 2010

      Labour leadership: Whose endorsement matters?

      Several major Labour figures are yet to step out and endorse any of the six leadership candidates: whose backing should...

    26. Westminster Blog

      May 21, 2010

      "Blood on the wall": Labour general secretary versus the unions

      There could be “blood on the wall” within the Labour brotherhood over plans by the party’s general secretary, Ray...

    27. Westminster Blog

      May 20, 2010

      Is Labour about to extend the leadership nominations process?

      Another hit at the new Labour Uncut blog where founder Sion Simon reveals that Labour’s NEC will extend the leadership...

    28. May 19, 2010

      Balls set to run in Labour's leadership marathon

      Ed Balls will declare his candidacy for the Labour leadership today, joining a four-month contest in which the party...

    29. May 19, 2010

      Balls set to run in Labour leadership race

      Ed Balls will declare his candidacy for the Labour leadership on Wednesday, joining a four-month contest in which the...

    30. May 18, 2010

      David Miliband hails end of Blair-Brown era

      David Miliband called time on the "Blair-Brown era" as he officially launched his leadership campaign yesterday with a...

    31. May 17, 2010

      David Miliband calls end of ‘Blair/Brown era’

      David Miliband declared the end of the “Blair/Brown era” on Monday as he officially launched his leadership campaign...

    32. May 17, 2010

      Idealism pledge as stall is set out by Ed Miliband

      Ed Miliband, former energy secretary, yesterday promised to bring idealism and a "sense of empathy" to the Labour...

    33. FT Alphaville

      May 17, 2010

      Miliband brothers vie for Labour helm

      Ed Miliband, former UK energy secretary, on Sunday kicked off a potentially bruising contest against his brother David...

    34. May 16, 2010

      Ed Miliband pledges to revive Labour

      Ed Miliband, former energy secretary, on Sunday promised to bring idealism and a “sense of empathy” to the Labour...

    35. May 14, 2010

      Concern over career politicians’ dominance

      Team effort: Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister, is one of several politicians to have previously worked as a special...

    36. May 14, 2010

      Concern over dominance of career politicians

      The era of the "special adviser" in Westminster reached its zenith this week, as David Cameron became the first prime...

    37. May 14, 2010

      Miliband rides wave of support for candidacy

      Former defence secretary John Hutton threw his weight behind David Miliband for Labour's leadership yesterday in the...

    38. Westminster Blog

      May 12, 2010

      Is Jon Cruddas about to join the Labour leadership race?

      You might think so, given this comment at a Compass event this evening. Note the dig about not having a “coronation”....

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