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    1. Brussels Blog

      February 15, 2016

      Brussels Briefing: Greece and The Wall

      This is Monday’s edition of our new Brussels Briefing. To receive it every morning in your email in-box, sign up here....

    2. December 13, 2015

      The week: December 14

      • Gordon Brown, the former UK prime minister, is to become an adviser at Pimco, the $1.5tn US asset manager. In his...

    1. December 8, 2015

      Former UK PM Gordon Brown to join Pimco as adviser

      The former UK prime minister Gordon Brown has taken his first large-scale role in the private sector since leaving...

    2. July 30, 2015

      Link pay to standards, says bankers’ group

      An influential advisory group has lambasted standards of conduct across the banking industry, calling for boards to...

    3. FT Alphaville

      July 3, 2015

      Financial technology, sustainability & Trichet on our sci-fi future

      We’ve rushed straight from Camp Alphaville’s big data, AI and debt sustainability conversations to Paris to take part...

    4. March 9, 2015

      Coeuré calls for respect for EU budget rules

      Since the outset of the eurozone debt crisis five years ago, there has been one institution more than any other...

    5. February 24, 2015

      Trichet warns on dangers of Greek eurozone exit

      Greece’s exit from the eurozone would be as dangerous for the currency bloc now as it would have been at the height of...

    6. Brussels Blog

      December 10, 2014

      Leaked EU summit conclusions: Draghi left hanging?

      The dance had become so routine that we at the Brussels Blog were thinking of giving it a name, the Eurozone Two-Step....

    7. November 6, 2014

      Mario Draghi’s ‘autocratic’ style stays off the menu

      It had not been an easy week for Mario Draghi, European Central Bank president. Concerns over divisions within the...

    8. November 6, 2014

      Trichet played the tough man with Dublin, but he had no choice

      A small sovereign country brutally dictated to by unelected central bankers in Frankfurt – that is the impression given...

    9. November 6, 2014

      ECB threatened to end funding unless Ireland sought bailout

      Ireland’s banking crisis returned to centre stage after the European Central Bank released letters showing that its...

    10. FT Alphaville

      November 6, 2014

      The Irish letters

      Here is an unimpressed Jean-Claude Trichet. And here is the ECB’s full response to the revelation of the Trichet...

    11. FT Alphaville

      November 6, 2014

      Dear Ireland, take the bailout. Yours, Jean-Claude

      With a large hat-tip to the Irish Times, here’s a friendly 2010 missive from former ECB president, Jean-Claude Trichet,...

    12. Brussels Blog

      February 13, 2014

      Does anybody love the troika?

      Jean-Claude Trichet, right, with the parliament's economic committee chair, Sharon Bowles The troika of bailout lenders...

    13. Off Message

      January 30, 2014

      Carney's Scotland speech should matter - but it won't

      Power devolved is power retained. - Renton, ‘Trainspotting’ by Irvine Welsh On Wednesday, Mark Carney made a speech...

    14. October 17, 2013

      Extracts from the 2013 shortlist

      The Alchemists: Inside the Secret World of Central Bankers (UK subtitle); Three Central Bankers and a World on Fire (US...

    15. October 16, 2013

      Global institutions need revamp, Oxford Martin Commission warns

      The world’s governing institutions are in dire need of a revamp to make them relevant to the 21st century and should...

    16. September 25, 2013

      Forward guidance and home economics

      Questions are being asked in the markets about the central bank creed of forward guidance (the practice of giving a...

    17. August 16, 2013

      Central banks and asset prices

      Alien economics students find the reverence in which central bankers are held on planet earth puzzling. Zog textbooks...

    18. April 21, 2013

      Private lives of the monetary superheroes

      The Alchemists: Three Central Bankers And A World On Fire, by Neil Irwin, Penguin (RRP£25, RRP$29.95) More than five...

    19. March 27, 2013

      EADS: ready for take-off

      If Tom Enders ever decides to quit EADS, could somebody offer him a job in Brussels? Anyone who can persuade France and...

    20. FT Alphaville

      March 4, 2013

      The (early) Lunch Wrap

      Good morning New York, FT ALPHAVILLE An FLS fail? We are (reluctantly) giving the Bank of England the benefit of the...

    21. February 5, 2013

      American to join EADS board for US market

      EADS is planning to bring an American on to its board for the first time, as the European aerospace and defence company...

    22. February 4, 2013

      EADS turns to ex-Thales boss as chairman

      Denis Ranque, the former chief executive of Thales, has emerged as frontrunner to be the next chairman of EADS. Two...

    23. January 27, 2013

      Enders seeks to fend off French pressure

      Tom Enders, chief executive of EADS, has sought to assert the independence of the aerospace group amid intense lobbying...

    24. January 22, 2013

      ECB missing in action in the currency war

      Who would have thought six months ago that in early 2013 the euro would rank among the world’s strongest-looking...

    25. December 19, 2012

      Carney to receive £250,000 for housing

      The incoming governor of the Bank of England will get a housing allowance that dwarfs the salary of the prime minister....

    26. December 13, 2012

      FT Person of the Year: Mario Draghi

      On the eve of the 2012 Olympic Games, Mario Draghi found himself in the august setting of Lancaster House in the heart...

    27. December 7, 2012

      Trichet a candidate for EADS chairman

      Jean-Claude Trichet, former president of the European Central Bank, has emerged as a contender to be the next chairman...

    28. Brussels Blog

      November 6, 2012

      US vote: Who you gonna call? ECB, not Brussels

      Geithner, left, has been in frequent touch with ECB's Draghi and his predecessor, Trichet. A joint election party...

    29. October 31, 2012

      Draghi expands role in fight to save euro

      Like a company chief executive feted by analysts for stopping losses but who has failed to generate shareholder...

    30. September 7, 2012

      Super Mario reaches the last level – German politics

      Disco hits from the 1980s rarely get much of an airing at European Central Bank press conferences. But on Thursday,...

    31. September 6, 2012

      Investors dissect central bank’s unlimited firepower

      This time it will be different. Mario Draghi was keen to stress on Thursday that the European Central Bank’s plans for...

    32. Money Supply

      August 20, 2012

      Norway’s risky strategy is good for stability

      In the early days of the crisis, Ben Bernanke and Jean-Claude Trichet injected liquidity on an unprecedented scale to...

    33. FT Alphaville

      July 27, 2012

      Can Draghi bluff as well as Trichet?

      “Such a speculation [on whether Greece will default] would be a sure-fire way of losing money given the decisions...

    34. July 27, 2012

      Bundesbank repeats hostility to ECB bond buying

      Germany’s powerful Bundesbank issued a reminder that it still opposed sovereign bond purchases by the European Central...

    35. July 16, 2012

      ECB shows signs of bailout flexibility

      Ten days after becoming Irish finance minister last March, Michael Noonan spoke with Jean-Claude Trichet, then the...

    36. July 6, 2012

      Lunch with the FT: Jean-Claude Trichet

      At precisely 12.20pm, I enter the courtyard of the Louvre. In front of me is IM Pei’s Pyramid, the entrance to the...

    37. July 3, 2012

      ECB workload unsustainable, says union

      As it grapples with the eurozone economic crisis the European Central Bank is also confronting a problem within its...

    38. Money Supply

      June 22, 2012

      Auf Wiedersehen, ECB!

      After eight years, I am leaving Frankfurt to return to London. Following the European Central Bank has meant many...

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