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    1. August 2, 2016

      Remain donor withdraws from Cameron honours list

      A leading donor to the Remain campaign has asked not be considered for a knighthood after his inclusion in David...

    2. July 31, 2016

      Cameron honours list rewards Remainers to cries of ‘cronyism’

      David Cameron has been accused by Labour of “cronyism” on a lavish scale after a leak revealed that his resignation...

    1. July 4, 2016

      Oando sells majority stake in downstream business to Vitol

      Nigerian energy group Oando has sold a majority stake in its fuels business to trading house Vitol and Helios...

    2. Fast FT

      July 4, 2016

      Vitol and Helios snap up Nigerian fuels business

      Vitol and Helios Investment Partners have completed the purchase of a majority stake in a Nigerian fuels business for...

    3. June 22, 2016

      New Saudi oil minister signals end to glut

      Saudi Arabia’s new oil minister has signalled an end to the worst of the oil glut and indicated the Opec kingpin is...

    4. Fast FT

      April 12, 2016

      World's biggest oil traders see end of rout

      The worst of the oil crash is over and prices should be stronger by the end of the year, six of the world’s biggest...

    5. April 10, 2016

      Commodity groups confront new reality

      When the world’s most powerful commodity traders and executives gather on the shores of Lake Geneva this week, they...

    6. Fast FT

      April 5, 2016

      Vitol profit up 15% as oil traders thrive

      Vitol, the world’s biggest independent oil trader, enjoyed one of its most profitable years on record, recording a 15...

    7. March 22, 2016

      Vitol posts 13% rise in traded oil volumes in 2015

      Vitol, the world’s largest independent oil trader, posted a large jump in oil volumes and net income in 2015 as the...

    8. Fast FT

      March 22, 2016

      Vitol oil volumes jump 13% in 2015

      Vitol, the world’s largest independent oil trader, posted a large jump in oil volumes in 2015 as the crash in prices...

    9. June 18, 2015

      i-Abra helping to keep future car on right track

      Companies from multiple industries are looking to barge their way into the future car. One of those companies is...

    10. April 26, 2015

      Commodity trading chiefs upbeat at FT conference

      After a period of weakness in commodity markets, some of the world’s biggest traders gathered on the shores of Lake...

    11. April 23, 2015

      Gunvor creates role to oversee acquisitions

      Gunvor, one of the world’s biggest oil traders, has created a position that will oversee dealmaking and investments as...

    12. April 21, 2015

      Oil prices have hit their lows, says Vitol chief Ian Taylor

      Vitol chief executive Ian Taylor said profitable trading opportunities created by the oil crash have been sharply...

    13. March 19, 2015

      Oil trader Vitol’s profits rebound to $1.35bn

      Vitol, the world’s biggest independent oil trader, saw a sharp recovery in profits in 2014, aided by more favourable...

    14. February 16, 2015

      Oil traders celebrate market rout

      For some the lavish party thrown by Socar, the state oil company of Azerbaijan, during International Petroleum Week,...

    15. February 10, 2015

      Rosneft chief Igor Sechin takes aim at Opec

      Igor Sechin, the president of Russian state-controlled energy company Rosneft, lashed out at Opec on Tuesday saying the...

    16. January 27, 2015

      Vitol to develop $7bn oil and gas project in Ghana with ENI

      Vitol, one of the world’s leading commodities traders, is to develop a $7bn offshore oil and gas project in Ghana with...

    17. FT Alphaville

      December 22, 2014

      Not everyone "deserves" oil market share according to Naimi

      For seasoned oil watchers the latest spew of “informed commentary” hitting the media waves is probably becoming...

    18. July 25, 2014

      SNP urges Better Together campaign to return Vitol donations

      The Scottish National party has renewed calls for the cross-party campaign against Scottish independence to return...

    19. May 15, 2014

      Brent oil benchmark is safe – for now

      When Ian Taylor, the head of Vitol, the world’s biggest independent oil trader, called in March for immediate and...

    20. May 7, 2014

      Vitol posts lowest profits in a decade

      Annual profits at Vitol fell to the lowest level in decade last year as the world’s biggest independent oil trader...

    21. April 4, 2014

      Commodities Summit: Lessons from Lausanne

      A dozen things we learnt at the FT’s Commodities Global Summit in Lausanne this week. 1) Glencore Xstrata chief...

    22. April 2, 2014

      Supply problems set to keep oil price stable

      The head of the world’s biggest independent oil trader has predicted a fourth year of stable oil prices, saying supply...

    23. March 24, 2014

      Trafigura’s co-founder to step down

      Claude Dauphin, is to step down from the day-to-day running of Trafigura, the commodities trading house, passing the...

    24. March 24, 2014

      Vitol flags tough markets while rival Trafigura appoints new chief

      Vitol, the world’s biggest oil trader, has flagged “very challenging” market conditions as it reported annual results,...

    25. February 21, 2014

      Vitol buys Shell’s Australian downstream assets for $2.6bn

      Vitol, the world’s largest independent oil trader, has closed its largest acquisition, spending A$2.9bn ($2.6bn) to buy...

    26. June 21, 2013

      Commodities traders need to wake up to key-man risk

      The leadership changes in Louis Dreyfus Commodities and Bunge are a good reminder that chief executives do not stay...

    27. May 22, 2013

      Commodities traders acquire power stations

      The Swiss-based commodities traders are expanding into assets, buying or leasing anything from refineries to pipelines...

    28. April 14, 2013

      Commodities: Tougher times for trading titans

      If you want to raise $10bn quickly, you need to know who to call. When Igor Sechin, chairman of Rosneft, decided to buy...

    29. April 2, 2013

      Vitol expands into grains trading

      Vitol, the world’s largest independent oil trading house, has announced an expansion into grains trading with the hire...

    30. February 28, 2013

      Vitol says oil will be steady for the year

      Vitol, the world’s largest oil trader, is forecasting another year of elevated energy costs, saying that oil prices are...

    31. September 26, 2012

      Vitol admits Iran fuel oil cargo deal

      Vitol, the largest oil trading house, on Wednesday admitted it has traded at least one large cargo of Iranian fuel oil...

    32. May 3, 2012

      Oil trader Vitol to buy Swiss refinery

      Vitol, the world’s largest independent oil trader, is to buy a Swiss refinery from Petroplus, the bankrupt Swiss...

    33. April 24, 2012

      Commodity houses court outside investors

      The world’s largest commodity trading houses have revealed how they are courting outside investors including private...

    34. April 24, 2012

      Brent’s record run predicted to continue

      Brent oil this month broke a new record: for the first time, the benchmark crude has traded above $100 a barrel for...

    35. Westminster Blog

      March 26, 2012

      Dinner diary

      The government has given in to pressure today for more disclosure of David Cameron’s meetings with wealthy...

    36. FT Alphaville

      March 26, 2012

      Those Cam dine with me donors

      There are a few familiar City faces in the list of Conservative party donors who have “privately” dined with the Prime...

    37. FT Alphaville

      February 22, 2012

      Vitol warns crude could pass $150

      The world’s largest independent oil trader says oil prices could jump this year to a record high above $150 a barrel...

    38. FT Alphaville

      February 21, 2012

      Vitol warns crude could pass $150

      The world’s largest independent oil trader says oil prices could jump this year to a record high above $150 a barrel...

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