Hassan Nasrallah illustration by Joe Cummings

Hassan Nasrallah became the third secretary-general of Hizbollah, the Lebanese political and paramilitary organisation, following Abbas Mussawi's assassination by Israel in 1992.

He turned it into a formidable guerrilla army and a state-within-the-state able to dominate Lebanese politics.

Israel shelled after militant killed

Exchange risks escalating tensions between Israel and Hizbollah

Golan risks rise as Hizbollah drops rules

Shia group’s progress increases threat of regional conflict

Not all Iranians want a nuclear deal

Do not assume Tehran’s fractious relationship with the rest of the world is about to end, says Lionel Barber

Shutdown is just part of life in Lebanon

The resilient Lebanese have an unhealthily high tolerance of chaos. But today’s crisis is different

Blast kills 14 in Hizbollah Beirut heartland

Sectarian tension rises over Shia intervention in Syria’s civil war

Peacekeepers wary of EU move on Hizbollah

Decision has put the Unifil force in an awkward position

Joe Cummings illustration of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Hassan Nasrallah, Hizbollah leader

The militia chief’s backing for the Assad regime could ignite a bigger conflict, says David Gardner

Syria’s strife sparks fears over Lebanon

Rockets hit Beirut as international powers push for peace

Rockets strike near Hizbollah stronghold

Lebanese group vows to fight alongside Assad in Syria

Manila may withdraw Golan peacekeepers

Minister recommends pullout after abduction of four soldiers by Syrian rebels

Hezbollah leader hints at Assad defence

Rebel forces cannot win, says Sheikh Nasrallah

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Lebanon can heal divisions to deter Syria

Assad’s attempt to exploit his neighbour’s differences might instead have a unifying effect, says David Gardner