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    1. FT Alphaville

      August 4, 2016

      Don't bring a bad app to a taxi fight

      The taxi wars have entered a new phase, with the focus turning to consolidation rather than competition. Uber has...

    2. FT Alphaville

      July 15, 2016

      Alphachat: Vox-pop from Camp Alphaville; "Overrated/Underrated" with Tyler Cowen; and the JPM pay bump

      Alphachat is available on Acast, iTunes and Stitcher. Special thanks to the FT’s investigations correspondent Kara...

    1. FT Alphaville

      June 9, 2016

      Lending Club, securitisations and proper loan due diligence

      One of the causes of the global financial crisis — and there were many — was just outright fraud. Fraud when US...

    2. FT Alphaville

      May 23, 2016

      If it's free, it's not neutral

      In the run up to Camp Alphaville on July 1, we’re profiling the panels and discussions we’ve got lined up by trying to...

    3. FT Alphaville

      January 15, 2016

      Alphachat: whether Davos matters, the end of privacy, and the economics of aging

      A reminder that you’ll have a chance to win a Kindle by recommending ways to improve Alphachat at...

    4. January 15, 2016

      Why Davos is more than one big party, privacy in an age of security and convenient tech and the economics of ageing

      The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum kicks off in Davos next week, replete with captains of industry and...

    5. FT Alphaville

      July 9, 2015

      Politics not fintech will determine a Greek parallel currency's success

      Earlier this week we gave fintech people a brief guide to the Greek crisis in a bid to explain why payments technology...

    6. January 29, 2015

      The corporate miscreants who keep rock ’n’ roll excess aloft

      The skies over Davos were said to have darkened last week as 1,700 private jets delivered the world’s elite to its...

    7. FT Alphaville

      November 10, 2014

      Further reading

      Elsewhere on Monday, - The very long run equity bull market. - The IMF on the IMF’s 2010 austerity call. - Keynes...

    8. FT Alphaville

      September 15, 2014

      Further reading

      Elsewhere on Monday, - Silicon Valley has officially run out of ideas. - How to get it wrong. - Bitcoin and the Greater...

    9. FT Alphaville

      August 22, 2014

      This speaks for itself. When's the crash?

      Felix Salmon on the redundancy of banks, in Friday’s FT: Today’s big Silicon Valley deals are not based on corporate...

    10. April 9, 2014

      Silicon Valley gets excited about a small news story

      Suddenly, after a prolonged drought, fresh money is pouring into US digital news. The strange thing is where it is...

    11. FT Alphaville

      March 31, 2014

      A dangerous or ingenious musical precedent?

      The Wu-Tang Clan are releasing just one copy of their latest “secret” album in the hope of sparking a shift in the way...

    12. FT Alphaville

      February 25, 2014

      ISPit in consumers' general direction

      There’s been a ton of blogospheric analysis about the deal between Netflix and Comcast, and even after reading all of...

    13. FT Alphaville

      January 31, 2014

      No, regulatory evasion isn't 'disruptive innovation'

      Felix Salmon at Reuters sums up the problem with a lot of “disruptive” innovation these days. It’s not really all that...

    14. FT Alphaville

      January 14, 2014

      The Closer

      FURTHER FURTHER READING - Felix Salmon on why data isn’t everything. - Martin Wolf: Failing elites threaten our future....

    15. FT Alphaville

      January 3, 2014

      Academics and Wall Street

      Over the new year the New York Times published a scathing attack on Professor Scott H. Irwin of the University of...

    16. FT Alphaville

      December 4, 2013

      Should the US raise the minimum wage? (That's not a hook. We actually don't know.)

      You can’t turn a virtual corner this week without tripping over a discussion about the US minimum wage. The case in...

    17. FT Alphaville

      October 22, 2013

      The Closer

      FURTHER FURTHER READING - Peter Eavis and Felix Salmon on the JPM settlement. - Matt Klein on savings and monetary vs...

    18. FT Alphaville

      October 17, 2013

      Extremely cheap shots, House recalcitrance edition

      Here’s a list of the 144 Nays on last night’s House debt ceiling vote (so implicitly, then, 144 votes to find out how...

    19. FT Alphaville

      October 3, 2013

      Ludwig von Mises in the role of Walter White

      So the Feds have finally busted Silk Road, the digital black-market platform which happily brokered everything from LSD...

    20. FT Alphaville

      September 20, 2013

      The paradox of over-production in a world of QE

      The Fed’s taper no-show this week resulted in a plethora of commentaries and articles flagging the risks of the world’s...

    21. FT Alphaville

      August 29, 2013

      Prepare to be assimilated

      Felix Salmon at Reuters has a thoughtful response to our post on the value of unique and how it may come unstuck due to...

    22. The World

      August 26, 2013

      The Middle East made simple...or maybe not

      By Abigail Fielding-Smith in Beirut People struggling to understand the diabolical complexities of the Middle East may...

    23. beyondbrics

      April 1, 2013

      Further reading: power play

      Monday’s spare moments from the beyondbrics team: power politics in US-China trade are back; a portrait of Putin; and...

    24. beyondbrics

      November 26, 2012

      Further reading: the beauty of default

      Monday’s moments for reflection from the BB team: why default is a useful part of the system; dissecting POCC; and Olam...

    25. FT Alphaville

      October 22, 2012

      Further reading

      Elsewhere on Monday, - QE3 starts… here. - This is what money is. - Do MMTers think governments are like households?...

    26. FT Alphaville

      September 26, 2012

      The decline or the redefinition of labour?

      Felix Salmon at Reuters has picked up on the following chart from Margaret Jacobson and Filippo Ochhino at the...

    27. FT Alphaville

      July 24, 2012

      The Closer

      ROUND-UP The US S&P 500 ended the trading day down 0.90 per cent despite a late rally, while Spanish yields climbed yet...

    28. FT Alphaville

      June 4, 2012

      The Closer

      ROUND-UP The US S&P 500 closed roughly where it started the day after having fallen early in the trading session, while...

    29. FT Alphaville

      May 22, 2012

      The Closer

      ROUND-UP “After a strong session for global equities, the mood turned sour again as fears over Greece’s potential exit...

    30. FT Alphaville

      May 22, 2012

      Greenshoes, Facebook phantoms and ETF magic

      Successful or not, Facebook’s IPO has taught us one very important thing over the last two days. The...

    31. FT Alphaville

      March 22, 2012

      Further reading

      Elsewhere on Thursday, - The IPO market tennis match: Felix Salmon vs Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry. TED weighs in. - Reviewing...

    32. FT Alphaville

      March 20, 2012

      Further reading

      Elsewhere on Tuesday, - Why Felix Salmon is playing the lottery. - Bundesbank: “We have to keep a watchful eye on the...

    33. The World

      February 15, 2012

      In the Picture: Greece under pressure

      Louisa Gouliamaki for AFP/Getty Images Want to know a little of how it feels to live in Greece today? This photo, taken...

    34. FT Alphaville

      January 30, 2012

      Further further reading

      For the commute home, - An argument that weak labor demand is the primary explanation for prolonged unemployment...

    35. FT Alphaville

      January 19, 2012

      Further reading

      Elsewhere on Thursday, - Einhorn vs the eurozone foghorns. - Try as he might, Felix Salmon will never be Davos Deville....

    36. FT Alphaville

      January 9, 2012

      Further reading

      Elsewhere on Monday, - Epistemology and bank bonuses (or was it principals?). - How many US jobs are “structurally...

    37. FT Alphaville

      January 6, 2012

      On the flightiness of uninsured deposits

      There’s a heated debate going on in the blogosphere between Amar Bhidé, professor at Tufts’s Fletcher School of Law and...

    38. FT Alphaville

      December 7, 2011

      Bloomberg vs Bernanke

      How did it come to this? 1. Bloomberg News spent a couple of years trying to extract more information about the bank...

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