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    1. FT Alphaville

      June 28, 2015

      Greece: bank analysts and eurowatchers on what to expect on Monday (UPDATED)

      For the latest on the ECB’s liquidity position on Greece, see our post here. Meanwhile, here’s some instant analysis by...

    2. FT Alphaville

      June 4, 2014

      Raters' sovereign bias, a new rebuke

      Another salvo arrives in the intellectual spat over whether or not credit rating agency opinions have been subject to...

    1. March 23, 2014

      Europe’s periphery in fundraising rush

      Eurozone governments are taking advantage of unexpectedly low borrowing costs to push ahead with debt issuance, with...

    2. FT Alphaville

      August 5, 2013

      The (early) Lunch Wrap

      Good morning New York, FT ALPHAVILLE This is worth reading – Joseph has posted the letter from TCI telling Tom Enders...

    3. beyondbrics

      July 5, 2013

      [video] Trouble ahead for Turkey

      The rally in Turkish stocks came to a halt in May. Erik Nielsen, chief economist at UniCredit, explains why to...

    4. December 9, 2012

      Italy plunges back into political turmoil

      Normal service is resuming. After a year of relative stability and regained market confidence, Italy is plunging back...

    5. November 29, 2012

      Investor sentiment boosts Italian bonds

      Italy’s government borrowing costs have fallen to lows not seen for more than two years, highlighting more positive...

    6. November 21, 2012

      A vital ally of the euro

      Perhaps finance ministers, like fine wines, take time to mature. For the seventh year, the Financial Times has ranked...

    7. August 6, 2012

      Bond buying plan heightens ECB dilemma

      Following initial disappointment, markets seem to have decided that they liked the European Central Bank’s latest plan...

    8. July 24, 2012

      ECB stands firm on Spain’s plea

      Spain’s insistence that the European Central Bank can stop the dangerous spike in its borrowing costs is unlikely – for...

    9. June 3, 2012

      ECB to review crisis options

      The European Central Bank will on Wednesday review its strategy for combatting the eurozone crisis with options...

    10. May 24, 2012

      Cameron tells eurozone how to solve crisis

      Six months after his isolation at a Brussels summit, David Cameron is raising hackles again – this time with strident...

    11. March 1, 2012

      Torm struggles as cash reserves dwindle

      Denmark’s Torm is rapidly depleting its cash reserves and risks being asked to repay all its $1.9bn debt immediately,...

    12. March 1, 2012

      Southern discomfort fuels German unease

      Jens Weidmann’s concerns about risks run by the European Central Bank are in part a response to debate in Germany about...

    13. January 24, 2012

      Uncomfortable days for ECB

      These are uncomfortable days for owners of Greece’s government bonds. For the European Central Bank, the country’s...

    14. January 16, 2012

      Tannhäuser/Così fan tutte, Lisbon

      When Guglielmo and Ferrando sing their second-act duet, they accompany themselves at the hotel lobby’s piano. Fistfuls...

    15. December 21, 2011

      ECB unleashes a wall of money

      If the answer to the eurozone crisis was a “wall of money”, it was provided on Wednesday by the European Central Bank....

    16. December 19, 2011

      ECB not required to keep monetary conditions similar

      From Mr David Mackie and Mr Malcolm Barr. Sir, Erik Nielsen fails to understand the European Central Bank’s dilemma and...

    17. December 4, 2011

      ECB to set sights on helping eurozone banks

      The European Central Bank is expected to escalate its response to the eurozone crisis significantly this week, with an...

    18. November 22, 2011

      FT ranking of EU finance ministers: Striker amid stumblers

      In public finances as in football, each European country fields its own team. In the past year, the lack of unity has...

    19. November 17, 2011

      Tanker slump pushes Torm to revamp debt terms

      The problems facing the global shipping industry continued on Thursday as Danish oil tanker operator Torm postponed an...

    20. November 8, 2011

      Draghi’s Europe interests come before Rome

      Will the European Central Bank be seen as an accomplice, inadvertent or otherwise, in Silvio Berlusconi’s downfall? As...

    21. October 10, 2011

      Italy’s debt a better bet than ‘triple A’ UK

      You would be forgiven for thinking that something has suddenly gone awfully wrong in Italy. Last week it was downgraded...

    22. October 6, 2011

      Bank of England increases QE by £75bn

      The Bank of England acted more swiftly and more decisively on Thursday than most economists had expected to inject a...

    23. February 15, 2011

      Weidmann chosen for Bundesbank presidency

      Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday picked Jens Weidmann, her chief economic adviser, to succeed Axel Weber, as...

    24. February 1, 2011

      ECB’s ‘sterilising’ operation hit by overnight rate snag

      The European Central Bank’s crisis-fighting measures have hit an unexpected snag with the surprise flop of...

    25. FT Alphaville

      December 10, 2010

      What a difference an EFSF year makes [updated]

      There’s something not quite right about this Goldman chart: Oh yes — now we realise. The European Financial Stability...

    26. November 15, 2010

      Dublin warned over ECB liquidity

      The European Central Bank has stepped up its calls for swift action by Ireland to restore confidence in its banking...

    27. Money Supply

      November 10, 2010

      Economics news headlines

      LCH.clearnet raises Irish bond margins – FT EU fails to forge Irish budget consensus – Reuters Irish ten year bond...

    28. November 1, 2010

      Debt costs jump for Dublin and Lisbon

      Borrowing costs for Ireland and Portugal shot up as investors took fright at European proposals to force them to take a...

    29. FT Alphaville

      October 8, 2010

      King Euro-Canute

      Yes, yes, we know the real reason King Canute told the waves to stop was to show ‘how empty and worthless is the power...

    30. September 29, 2010

      Eurozone optimism nears three-year high

      Eurozone economic optimism has leapt to a near three-year high, according to a survey released as the European Central...

    31. FT Alphaville

      September 20, 2010

      Access denied?

      Is that what Goldman’s Erik Nielsen means when he talks about losing access to the market? The Irish 10-year bond yield...

    32. FT Alphaville

      September 1, 2010

      The solution to all the ECB's problems, by Goldman Sachs

      Goldman Sachs does it better than the ECB . . . or the rating agencies. Late on Tuesday, the investment bank published...

    33. August 20, 2010

      Weber backs extending eurozone bank aid

      Axel Weber, the Bundesbank president, has put himself on a collision course with European Central Bank policymakers by...

    34. FT Alphaville

      June 28, 2010

      What's with the T-bills, Greece?

      Greece may be a month into its bailout — but its government revealed on Monday that it will still go to the market to...

    35. FT Alphaville

      June 8, 2010

      Wake up and smell the BTPs

      Here’s una piccola variazione all’italiana on why troubled eurozone sovereigns rely on domestic banks to buy up their...

    36. June 7, 2010

      Trichet set to keep ECB on steady course

      The European Central Bank faces a perilous task this week as it seeks to rebuild confidence in the eurozone while...

    37. June 6, 2010

      Trichet set to keep ECB on steady course

      The European Central Bank faces a perilous task this week as it seeks to rebuild confidence in the eurozone while...

    38. FT Alphaville

      May 14, 2010

      In Europa We Trust

      Now here’s a bravely contrarian Goldman Sachs research headline: The European Rescue: Stability and sanity restored!...

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