Ed Miliband

A former adviser to Gordon Brown in both opposition and government, Ed Miliband has been MP for Doncaster North since 2005.

He entered the cabinet as chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in 2007, eventually becoming energy and climate change secretary. After the Labour Party's loss in the 2010 general election he was elected as its youngest-ever leader.

Osborne claims high ground as GDP rises

Blairites demand Miliband defend Labour’s record

We defend Labour’s economic record

The last government was one of the most prudent of modern era, say John Hutton and Alan Milburn

Universities warn Labour on fee cut plan

Academics concerned about potential funding gap

Labour seeks private health company levy

Opposition leader suggests money would pay for training NHS staff

Austerity will break a Labour government

Party’s votes are already floating to leftwing alternatives, and this is before Ed Miliband has made a single cut

Election spells end of two-party system

2015 poll the most unpredictable in living memory

Cameron to renew pledge to cut taxes

Tory leader believes promise will be popular with voters

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Greens contemplate life beyond the fringe

The party’s hippie gap year cannot last for ever

Ulster unionists open to election deal with Labour

DUP says it willl ‘do whatever is in best interests of N Ireland’

British Prime Minister David Cameron delivers his long-awaited speech on the UK's relationship with the EU on January 23, 2013 in London, England
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UK polls set to provide national identity test

Vote in May seems likely to reflect uncertainty over position in Europe and the world

Labour urged to rule out SNP pact

Osborne claims deal could be dangerous for taxpayers in rest of UK

ScottishPower to cut its gas price

Utility follows British Gas and Eon to trim tariff by 4.8%

PM accused of ‘empty promises’ on jobs

Cameron pledges ‘full employment’ if Tories win election

Poll ‘most unpredictable’ for almost century

Banks braced for challenges whichever party wins election

Conservative poster attacking Labours tax plans from 1992

Patten warns Cameron to beware Miliband

Former Tory chairman wary of televised election debate

Tory poll spending set to outgun Labour

Conservatives have stronger war chest and line-up of donors

Miliband attacks electoral roll ‘scandal’

Almost 1m people have vanished from voter lists, figures show

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White House truths for David Cameron

Fear of more defence cuts and possible Brexit weaken the UK’s privileged access to Oval Office

Ed Balls, left, and Ed Miliband
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Analytical faults discredit Labour’s pitch

Error of party’s high command was one of hubris

Cameron taunts Labour on energy prices

‘Cost of living crisis’ argument in tatters, says prime minister

Rivals warn Cameron over TV debates

Miliband, Clegg, Farage propose empty podium for PM

Cameron focuses on living within means

UK prime minister commits to £30bn savings or tax rises by 2017-18

Make utilities cut bills, says Labour

Pass on benefits of cheaper oil, party says

Green party leadet Natalis Bennett
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Channels confident over election debates

Broadcasters working with ‘all parties to ensure they happen’

Lobbying curbs leave UK unions uneasy

Trade unions feel cap will restrict activities in supporting Labour

In search of the real Ed Miliband

Daily routine offers clues on UK opposition leader’s style

Merkel visit to lay out extent of help on EU

Cameron to confer with German chancellor over renegotiation hopes

Voters impoverished by negative politics

When politicians attack each other, voters take them at their word

Miliband warns of Tory EU ‘chaos’

Labour leader launches general election campaign

UK parties draw election battle lines

Tories and Labour start election campaigning in earnest

UK election year may belong to fringes

Mainstream parties must fight, not ape, malcontents on left and right

Blair stresses ‘full support’ for Miliband

Interview suggests current Labour leader too leftwing to win poll

UK government spending: Back to the future

Proposed cuts to state spending in Britain prompt a warning of parallels with levels in 1930s

Polls say May election too close to call

Neither Labour nor Tories made breakthrough in 2014

Farage aides rule out Ukip coalition role

Party cites fate of Lib Dems for decision to stay out of formal pact

Miliband attacks Tories’ ‘1930s vision’

Labour leader says plan to slash state is a strategic error

UK election will be all about the economy

The Autumn Statement has widened the ideological choice between Tories and Labour

Miliband seeks to reassure on immigration

Labour plans new law against exploitation of UK’s migrant workers

Cameron to defend budget surplus goals

Lib Dem insist Tory spending cuts will ‘devastate’ public services

Miliband tackles his deficit attention disorder

Labour leader finally turns his mind to Britain’s borrowing problem