Ed Miliband

A former adviser to Gordon Brown in both opposition and government, Ed Miliband has been MP for Doncaster North since 2005.

He entered the cabinet as chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in 2007, eventually becoming energy and climate change secretary. After the Labour Party's loss in the 2010 general election he was elected as its youngest-ever leader.

PM wants wage rises to replace benefits

Researchers say there is no clear evidence of link

Labour needs honest debate about Blair

Leadership candidates should acknowledge his achievements too

Legacy of failure to predict Tory win

Ignore those overcorrecting for their past misjudgments, the next election is wide open

Osborne to speed up spending cuts

Chancellor addresses OECD criticism of austerity

Shadow Health secretary, Andy Burnham, addresses deletes at the Labour party conference in Manchester this morning.
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Labour has nothing left to say on tax

Squeezing some remote sect called The Rich will deliver neither enough revenue nor solidarity

Labour’s chance to call time on business-bashing

Only a party that appreciates the private sector can hope to be elected

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Shrewd Cameron conquers centre ground

Having defeated his opponents, the prime minister is bending them to his view of the world

Cooper to rebuild Labour business ties

Shadow home secretary aims to be main Blairite in leadership bid

Harman to let ‘public in’ on leader choice

Interim party head attempts to dilute influence of trade unions

Q&A: Is McCluskey Labour’s kingmaker?

Links between the party and the union have come to the fore

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On Management: Skewed logic on bonuses

The UK’s poor productivity levels reflect the perversity of managers’ incentives

Labour leader Ed Miliband speaks to party supporters at the Griff and Coton Cricket Club in Nuneaton, during his General Election campaign tour.

How Nuneaton swung behind the Tories

Economy, SNP, Miliband and Ukip helped sway key marginal

Unions race to influence Labour battle

Officials predict unionists could cast more than half of votes

David Cameron gives a speech in Downing Street today announcing that the Conservatives had won a majority in the general election.
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Cameron must make sense of mandate

Britain does not feel like a country asking to be turned upside down by zealots

Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna appears on BBC television's Andrew Marr Show on Sunday
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Blairites aim to bury Miliband’s legacy

Mandelson attacks ‘terrible mistake’ of abandoning centre ground

Fear trumps hope in UK election

Voters seek the Conservatives when fearful, writes Vernon Bogdanor

Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna appears on BBC television's Andrew Marr Show on Sunday
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Umunna attacks Labour over vote failure

MP lays out his stall for possible leadership bid

Cameron’s one nation mission

Vow to govern ‘for one UK’ as focus turns to threat of Brexit

David Cameron gives a speech in Downing Street today announcing that the Conservatives had won a majority in the general election.

Victory over two Eds better than one

Everyone who had ever dissed or irritated Cameron suddenly found themselves vaporised

David Cameron gives a speech in Downing Street today announcing that the Conservatives had won a majority in the general election.

Famous win offers chance to restore UK

David Cameron’s task is to save the union and stay in Europe

Labour contest is battle for party’s soul

Blairites square up against leftwing after Miliband quits

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Cameron can savour campaign success

Austerity and popularity no longer seem so hard to reconcile

Cameron’s “one nation” government

PM vows to deliver on devolution, pays tribute to rivals

David Cameron, with wife Samantha, announces in Downing Street on Friday that his Conservative party had won a majority in parliament
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Cameron sweeps to victory in UK election

SNP wipes Labour out in Scotland, deepening rift with England

Vote brings highs and lows for bookmakers

Punters more accurate than polls in forecasting Conservative win

Miliband’s shift to left hurt Labour

Attempt to shift party back to leftwing roots ends in pieces

Miliband resigns after historic defeat

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls loses seat in painful night for party

Labour needs a more progressive message

Election result poses the party with some big, perhaps existential, choices, writes Matthew Taylor

Tory win gives City executive relief

Market rally was decent but not on a par with ‘Bolly-popping’ celebrations for Thatcher’s third victory

Prepare for the revenge of the Blairites

Those who were scorned and blamed for Labour’s woes are ready to fight again for their party

Vindication for Cameron and Crosby

There is no getting around it: the Tories have performed sensationally

© London News Pictures. 07/05/15. London, UK. Nuns vote at St John's Hyde Park, Central London as the UK general election takes place. Photo credit: Laura Lean/LNP

Brisk start as UK voters head to polls

Final Populus survey puts Labour and Tories on 33%

Voting under way in UK general election

Polls open after tight race for Downing Street

Six weeks that shaped the election

Key moments in the build-up to the UK’s tightest national poll

LONDON - JUNE 10: Members of the public mark their votes at a polling station on June 10, 2004 in London, England. British voters are heading to the polls in the European and local elections which are likely to be the last test of public opinion before the general election next year. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)
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Last-minute tactical voters may sway UK election

Miliband has more potential allies in hung parliament

Rich London viewed with voter mistrust

Election may show shift in attitudes on wealth

‘The British press at its partisan worst’

Spectator chairman laments lack of separation of news and opinion

Cameron ‘still fighting for a majority’

Tories ready to talk with Lib Dems if poll produces hung parliament

Now on to the bazaar of a hung parliament

With no party expected to win a majority, what will happen on May 8?

Cameron and Miliband eye coalition deals

Tory policy chief told to prepare agreement with Lib Dems