Ed Miliband

A former adviser to Gordon Brown in both opposition and government, Ed Miliband has been MP for Doncaster North since 2005.

He entered the cabinet as chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in 2007, eventually becoming energy and climate change secretary. After the Labour Party's loss in the 2010 general election he was elected as its youngest-ever leader.

Antipathy towards London feeds devolution

Poll finds 65% think ‘too much of England is run from London’

Illustration by Lucas Varela of Queen Elizabeth
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Lift your game, House of Windsor

‘We’ve gone from “Game of Thrones” to Lame as Clones. Do you realise we haven’t even had a decent beheading since 1697?’

Miliband hires Obama adviser Axelrod

Campaign strategist will help with UK election campaign

Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna

Umunna vows to boost local funds for SMEs

Labour draws lessons from US help for small business

The challenges for Labour pile up

Miliband must say how he will improve the cost of living

Osborne welcomes fall in UK inflation

Decline expected to be followed by further good news

Ed Miliband congratulates Ed Balls after speech during the Labour Party's annual conference in Brighton

Labour must be more pro-business

The electoral clock is ticking and it needs to go further and faster, writes Alan Milburn

Alan Milburn
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Milburn urges Labour to court business

Blairite ex-health secretary warns of repeat of 2010 rejection

Miliband visits Israel on three-day trip

Conservatives say Labour leader lacks foreign experience

Cameron left fighting for authority

Fear Miller row has left PM looking weak

Labour vows to spread wealth away from London

Miliband wants cities like Newcastle and Bristol to be urban hubs

Ukip supporters to keep election faith

Blow to Tories as voters to remain with anti-EU party

The challenge set by Nigel Farage

Britain’s political parties must improve their tactics against Ukip leader

Miliband backs excluding Farage from debate

Labour worried Tories trying to scupper general election face-offs

No ‘gentleman’s’ deal on mail, says Cable

Minister faces calls to clarify ‘unanswered’ sell-off questions

Labour leader Ed Miliband
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‘Dysfunctional’ Labour split over policy

Party faces choice between radical poll strategy or playing safe

Union chief urges Labour to revamp vision

Len McCluskey calls for radical alternative to coalition policies

Voters are about to wake up

The fortunes of the UK political parties appear predictable over the coming year

Labour to pledge cut in tuition fees

Party seeks to appeal to voters worried about higher education cost

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Cameron must do business with his rivals

Party leaders can change the bloc for the better and see off Ukip, writes Hugo Dixon

Osborne plans to boost lending to SMEs

Chancellor eyes legislation to help small business find finance

Labour snubs European Parliament leader

Party urges Schulz to stay away as it fears looking too pro-EU

Miliband tries to charm small business

Labour leader will use FSB conference to pitch to entrepreneurs

UK energy market needs a rethink

Review is needed to unravel politicians’ muddled thinking

Case studies in conscious coupling

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s intention to ‘consciously uncouple’ strikes chords elsewhere

L&G’s Wilson trumpets Schumpeter

A chunk of L&G’s future earnings have become less predictable

PERTH, SCOTLAND - MARCH 21: Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour Party gives his speech to the Scottish Labour conference on March 21, 2014 in Perth, Scotland. Mr Miliband told party members that a yes vote in the independence referendum and a Conservative win in the next general election, would force Scotland and the rest of the UK to compete on cutting taxes and wages to compete globally. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
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Labour MPs urge Miliband to change tune

Leader under pressure to come up with popular policies

Miliband to warn Scots over independence

Labour leader fears ‘race to bottom’ on tax cuts and wages

Labour attacks Tory ‘bingo and beer’ ad

’Patronising’ Shapps’ tweet undermines chancellor

Miliband attacks Osborne’s record

Labour leader taunts chancellor on cost of living

Tories should not expect poll dividend

Voters are more concerned with the squeeze on their real incomes, writes Anthony King

Miliband at last shows leadership

The Labour leader’s EU referendum intervention blends statecraft with self-interest

Veteran Labour politician Tony Benn dies

Maverick champion of the Left and former Cabinet minister

Winter deluge set to cost insurers £1.1bn

Sector counts the cost of flood and storm damage

Business divided as Miliband rules out EU vote

Lobby groups respond to clarification by Labour leader

Miliband plays a shrewd hand on Europe

Labour party’s EU policy has outsmarted the Tories

Miliband closes route to Britain’s EU exit

Labour leader removes ‘referendum risk’ that hung over the prospect of his party’s election victory

Miliband knocks down early EU vote

Business groups welcome Labour’s referendum stance

How to read Ed Miliband’s Europe policy

The worry is that after stoking populism, the Labour leader becomes stuck on the wrong side of it

Britain belongs at the heart of Europe

An arbitrary timetable for a vote on leaving the EU would undermine the real priorities, writes Ed Miliband