Ed Miliband

A former adviser to Gordon Brown in both opposition and government, Ed Miliband has been MP for Doncaster North since 2005.

He entered the cabinet as chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in 2007, eventually becoming energy and climate change secretary. After the Labour Party's loss in the 2010 general election he was elected as its youngest-ever leader.

© London News Pictures. 26/04/2015. Leader of The Labour Party, ED MILIBAND arriving at Broadcasting House in London to appear on the Andrew Marr Show on BBC One. Photo credit: Ben Cawthra/LNP

Miliband rules out post-election deal with SNP

Labour leader pledges to represent unified country

Jonathan McHugh illustration
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This is no time for the Tories to panic

National campaigns can be tweaked, but they have little impact on the election result

Miliband looks to Obama’s poll blueprint

Labour leader’s inner circle inspired by US politics

Cameron slams Miliband on migrant remarks

PM says words raise doubts over Miliband’s suitability for office

Coalition projected outcomes

Miliband’s PM prospects rise: Populus

Model shows likelihood of hung parliament

Cameron campaign strategy splits opinion

Business frets at polls but Tories stick to Crosby strategy

David Cameron

FTSE chiefs frustrated by Tory tactics

Miliband mounting stiffer challenge than expected

UK election: Who will run Britain?

In two weeks, if the polls are right, intense horse-trading will begin to form the next government

Labour and Tories ramp up economic attacks

Miliband says rivals are planning ‘biggest cuts in developed world’

Punters place more bets on Miliband as PM

Gamblers see no late run by Cameron in final straight

Mansion tax story. Properties on Burrad Rd NW6 which will fall into the mansion tax bracket in a few years. 22/4/15
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Mansion tax key election issue in Hampstead

Residents concerned Labour win could land them with bill

Goldman warns of sell-off if Labour win

Boris Johnson says Miliband policies ‘should curdle blood’

Cameron steps up attack on Labour-SNP

Prime minister rejects warnings about demonising nationalists

Miliband honed key qualities as minister

Stubbornness and ambition take politician to top of Labour party

Sturgeon presents her wish list to Labour

The SNP wants to eat its cake and have it too, courtesy of Ed Miliband

Miliband makes Scottish trade union plea

Thousands of once-loyal Labour members turn to SNP

UK backs further welfare cuts, says poll

Tory plan wins backing but the public tires of austerity

Westminster minority not ideal but workable

Political uncertainty is troubling but it need not spell chaos

Election foes fail to land knockout blow

Deadlock could last until voting day, say pollsters

The parallels with 1970’s shock result

Ed could well do a Ted and beat the more popular leader, writes Tim Bale

Debate sketch: A dysfunctional wedding

At least no one puked or snored, writes Matthew Engel

Projected outcomes

Simulations put Labour-led coalition ahead

Liberal-Conservative alliance has 5% chance, says Populus

Ballot box
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Labour pledges clamp on unpaid internships

Party steps up efforts to attract young voters

Miliband rebuffs SNP anti-Tory deal

Rivals attack Cameron for missing pre-poll clash

Leaders' TV debate

Highs and lows of leaders’ TV clash

Five-way debate allowed challenger parties to make their pitch

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Five things to know about UK election

‘Hung parliament’ is not on the ballot, but polls suggest stalemate is the nation’s choice

Figures reveal Labour reliance on unions

Unite and Unison make hefty donations as general election nears

Clegg says Lib Dems open to new coalition

Party leader unveils manifesto allowing post-election deal

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Lies, damned lies and the British election

Promises mean little when the parties have only the vaguest idea of how things will turn out

Cameron accentuates the positive

Previous Tory strategy of bashing Ed Miliband had been taken too far

Cameron to expand Right to Buy

Tories look to Thatcher policy to regain initiative

Labour manifesto allows for more spending

Tough language masks vagueness on detail

Miliband’s belated vow to do his fiscal homework

Labour struggles to don the Tories’ frayed mantle of financial rigour

Manifesto gets mixed business reaction

Infrastructure stance welcomed but market-meddling causes unease

Miliband distances himself from profligacy

Labour leader provides echoes of 1970s with manifesto speech

UK’s Labour promises fiscal responsibility

Manifesto launch focuses on keeping a lid on borrowing

Miliband has never sounded more like a PM

Labour leader takes on mantle of fiscal rectitude

Miliband stresses frugality in manifesto

Labour to fund all pledges without borrowing more

Miliband’s manifesto pledges

Labour leader places cutting deficit at core of strategy

Parties change tack as vote comes closer

Labour centres on finance while Tories focus on positives