David Cameron

David Cameron has been MP for Witney since 2001. He was elected leader of the Conservative Party in December 2005 and after the 2010 general election became – at 43 - the youngest British premier since Lord Liverpool in 1812.

Short of an overall majority, he formed a coalition government – the first since the second world war - with the Liberal Democrats.

Sir Howard does the polymath on Heathrow

Glasto bongo duties were more of a challenge for multitasking mind behind airport recommendations

Airports panel backs third Heathrow runway

Davies calls for ban on night flights to reduce noise

European challenge for the CBI’s new boss

Employers should dismiss government’s call for silence on the EU

Cameron faces up to new terrorist threat

But the prime minister’s call for new anti-extremism laws is excessive

Expand Heathrow to show UK open for business

A third runway would prime London as the — not just a — global hub for passenger traffic

David Cameron wants to capitalise on his general election triumph

PM puts ‘final touches’ to UK Grexit plan

Government to ensure tourists and expats are not left stranded

David Cameron wants to capitalise on his general election triumph

Cameron keeps ministers on tight rein

PM seeks to ‘hit ground running’ after general election triumph

Tunisia closes mosques amid security crackdown

British death toll is worst since 7/7 bombings

Labour accuses Tories of rail ‘betrayal’

Electrification delays hinder Northern Powerhouse promises

Small businesses decry UK skills shortage

Lobby group wants summer Budget to tackle productivity

Cameron warned over EU reform

Leaders agree to start talks on British proposals

Queen ‘poorly advised’ on EU, says Farage

Ukip leader criticises sovereign’s speech in Berlin

PM drops aim of treaty change before vote

Renegotiation starts with low-key summit dinner presentation

Foreign Office reviews its overseas aid

Move follows report of expenditure on finding partners for fish

Ingram Pinn illustration

Britain would not survive Brexit

It is understood in Berlin that Cameron cannot return from negotiations admitting defeat

Cameron aims to launch EU renegotiation

Greek and migrant crises overshadow British membership at summit

Osborne urged to cut top tax rate to 40p

Lawson seeks action amid signs Treasury is eyeing reduction

Calais migrants set to affect EU debate

Conservatives put migration at heart of negotiations


Brexit could take 10 years, study says

‘Long and uncertain’ process would hit business and investment

Europen flags including Britain, Ireland, EU France and Germany ID 21844063 © Gradts | Dreamstime.com

Irish MPs see Dublin role in EU talks

Lawmakers say UK membership of bloc is ‘vital national interest’

Cameron’s difficult pursuit of Germany

Berlin is key to PM’s bid to renegotiate EU membership

Eurosceptics fear negotiation stitch-up

Cameron to leave ‘several months’ of policy work to officials

PM wants wage rises to replace benefits

Researchers say there is no clear evidence of link

Business groups exchange fire on EU vote

Report lists No campaign’s demands to counter ‘doom-mongers’

Cameron signals assault on tax credits

Ministers promise £12bn in welfare savings this year

What’s in the box, George?

Relief over election changes to Budget fears

Boris Johnson offered some advice to his successor as London mayor - do not listen to anyone who says the City needs more catamarans and helipads
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Ignore hedgies on helipads, Johnson urges

London mayor says city has great future even if Britain leaves EU

Challenge Isis poses for British Muslims

Some communities must do more to stamp out extremist ideology

UK taxpayers face sizeable Grexit bill

If Greece crashes out of euro, it can claim emergency assistance


Labour mavericks set up anti-EU group

MPs aim to stem the growth of Ukip on immigration fears

Farage left out of eurosceptic group

Conservative, Labour and Ukip MPs unite for referendum campaign

PM urges Muslims to resist extremism

David Cameron fears ideology is being ‘quietly condoned’

Cameron quiet on EU reform demand details

Premier sticks to general principles in negotiations

Britain in Europe: Cameron’s migrant equation

The PM believes benefit reform will persuade voters that the UK should stay in the EU, but it is proving a hard sell across Europe

Goldsmith promises 1m-man anti-runway protest

Tory mayoral contender says any Heathrow plan ‘unworkable’

Osborne cuts confident figure at PMQs

Chancellor performs first ‘audition’ standing in for the prime minister

Cameron ‘losing patience’ with Iraq probe

PM angered by repeated delays to Chilcot inquiry report

Watchdog eyes rolling back energy reforms

‘Big six’ expected to be cleared of accusations of market abuse

Cameron battles for EU reform agenda

UK premier begins grand tour to woo fellow leaders

Cameron compromises over EU referendum

Only 27 Tory eurosceptics join vote for rebel ‘purdah’ bill