David Cameron

David Cameron has been MP for Witney since 2001. He was elected leader of the Conservative Party in December 2005 and after the 2010 general election became – at 43 - the youngest British premier since Lord Liverpool in 1812.

Short of an overall majority, he formed a coalition government – the first since the second world war - with the Liberal Democrats.

Parties battle for votes on migration

Labour and Tories send out tough messages on benefits policy

Pressure builds for homes in greenbelt

Population growth and lack of supply forcing change

PM to cut EU migrant benefit claim times

Cameron says he is acting to stop welfare tourism

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham
©Charlie Bibby

Labour calls for NHS contracts moratorium

Voters face forced privatisation of health service, says Burnham

Golden games performance boosts Scotland

Event raises morale before referendum on independence

David Cameron’s four housing ministers

Reshuffle brings planning and housing back into a single role

Top UK chairmen back EU renegotiation

Disenchantment with status quo among FTSE 100 groups

Cameron attacked over oligarch’s gift

Miliband says UK prime minister has ‘questions to answer’

Miliband says PM wins in photo finish

Labour leader says he cannot beat Cameron on image

Gaza causes split between main UK parties

There is a growing divide between Labour and Tories over Israel

Sanctions and a disunited European Union

A coherent EU response to Russia requires clear thinking

Cameron to play tennis with Russian donor

Johnson says checks needed on any links to Putin

Cameron hints at risk to Scottish exports

Independence would mean losing access to embassy ‘sales force’

Cameron accused of hypocrisy on Russia

French Socialist party leader critical of number of oligarchs in London

Glasgow is set for political games

Scottish nationalists poised for emotional boost

Low take-up for superfast broadband fund

Less than 4% drawn by businesses in 22 cities

UK urges tougher EU sanctions on Russia

Rebels hand over black boxes and allow bodies to leave

Osborne warns on hit from Russia sanctions

Chancellor says UK must be prepared for short-term hit to ensure security

Liverpool lifted by business festival

50-day event attracted 75,000 delegates from 88 countries

Leaders’ sharp words on Russia’s role

West urges swift action from Moscow

MH17: EU divided over severity of sanctions

Unclear if MH17 will be sanctions ‘wake-up call’ sought by Obama

Hammond takes tough line on Europe

‘No future for Britain in EU without substantive change’

Foreign investment in UK hits record

Figures show projects in 2013-14 created 66,390 jobs

Manage the reshuffle rumour mill

How information is spread is important

Miliband may cancel Washington trip

Downing of flight MH17 puts Obama meeting in doubt

Neville-Rolfe appointed IP minister

Conservative peer resigns from directorships to take on role

Cameron’s trouble with women

UK prime minister’s “female-friendly” reshuffle backfires

Tory jockeying at heart of reshuffle

Cameron’s new cabinet meets for first time

Cameron opposes Tusk for senior EU job

UK and Polish premiers have clashed over migration reforms

Downing Street deserves more credit

Number 10 can claim to have steered the ship through difficult waters, writes Anthony Seldon

Britain should stay inside the ECHR

Politics must not trump principle on human rights

US sanctions target Russian companies

Businesses added to blacklist include Rosneft and Gazprombank

Former Major aide rises through ranks

Before he was a peer, Hill worked briefly for the Tories in the mid-1980s

Female bishops and catwalk politicians

The cause of equality has been taken to a higher level in England

Britain must stand up for Hong Kong

The UK cannot ignore China’s threat to democratic rights

Cameron taunted over Gove’s demotion

Liam Fox said to be ‘angry and humiliated’ over his treatment

Cameron moves to boost life sciences

Freeman staunch defender of UK-based research

UK aims for top EU economy portfolio

Cabinet reshuffle adds urgency to drive for reform

Cameron shuffles away from Europe

British PM’s cabinet changes raise new doubts on EU

PM injects new blood to revive Tories

Cameron freshens his team with one aim in mind – winning in 2015