David Cameron

David Cameron has been MP for Witney since 2001. He was elected leader of the Conservative Party in December 2005 and after the 2010 general election became – at 43 - the youngest British premier since Lord Liverpool in 1812.

Short of an overall majority, he formed a coalition government – the first since the second world war - with the Liberal Democrats.

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The prince plots to steal Cameron’s crown

Those who think the Tories would not move against a sitting prime minister forget Thatcher’s fall

Miliband launches campaign with NHS vow

Leader buoyed by confident showing in televised election event

Meriden Puknews

Muted debate does little to rouse voters

Politicians have a responsibility beyond mere victory. They have to make people believe in the process

Education minister wants 30% women MPs

Morgan says party should look at affirmative action

Cameron, Miliband battle in first TV ‘debate’

Labour challenger impresses but public back Tory PM 54%-46%

Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow at the Speakers House in Westminster speaking to the FT amid arguments over the appointment of the Clerk of the House of Commons. Credit: David Parry/ FT
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Tories kick off campaign with own goal

Attempt to change rules on election of Speaker ends in defeat

Fury over AIIB membership signifies little

Chancellor right to foster Anglo-Chinese relations

UK facing up to austerity, study suggests

Survey finds little appetite for tax rise to fund services

Voters have all the answers after final prime minister’s questions

David Cameron responds for last time before poll

Ireland braced for Brexit prospect

Dublin views a UK exit as a fundamental threat to Irish interests

David Cameron promises not to raise VAT

Prime minister delights his party and catches out opposition

Salmond vows to ‘lock out’ Tory minority

Move highlights potential role of SNP as kingmakers

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, talks to the FT from a train as he made his way to Birmingham to visit a science exhibition called the "Big Bang" at the NEC.
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Cameron confession triggers Tory disbelief

PM jeered by pensioners as election campaign hits serious snag

Cameron’s unforced error may prove costly

By setting a departure date the PM has stored up trouble for himself

Cameron fails to heed lessons of history

First rule of preparing to become ex-PM is to keep shtum

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, talks to the FT from a train as he made his way to Birmingham to visit a science exhibition called the "Big Bang" at the NEC.

Over-chillaxed Cameron drops a brick

Leadership speculation combined with minority government would be a thing to behold, writes Tim Bale

PM falls foul of the home interview

Critics latch on to ‘arrogance’ of Cameron’s two-term comments

Cameron sets leadership deadline

May, Osborne and Johnson identified as potential heirs

MPs urge review on second carrier

HMS Prince of Wales adds to strain on defence budget

Perpetual motion wrong in foreign affairs

The anti-Cameron carpers should admit that their complaint is with his ideas, not his lack of them

Party leaders to hold TV election debate

Seven parties, including Ukip and Greens, will participate

UK defence budget falling £5bn short

MPs warn of spending ‘understated by £5.2bn’

UK coalition projected outcomes

Plaid Cymru names price for power deal

Nationalists would lend support for £1.2bn extra Welsh funding

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Cameron takes a holiday from the world

A nation that aspires to be a global hub cannot be indifferent to international disorder

Cameron to press EU on VAT laws

Micro businesses forced to pay tax on digital sales

Budget 2015: A blatantly political purpose

Rick Nye on an event that was all about making chemistry count

Cameron nods to one 7-way election debate

Three main leaders will face solo Question Time-style appearances

Cameron acts clumsily on the Muslim Brothers

An unusual British inquiry has been driven by commercial pressures

Labour extends swing seat lead, poll finds

Tories tipped to win one of eight key marginal constituencies

UK needs clear goals and tight spending

Getting the policy right is only 10% of the task; 90% is implementation, writes Michael Barber

Dementia research to get $100m boost

Venture capital fund backed by UK ministers and drug companies

UK apprentices awarded 20% pay increase

CBI accuses ministers of politicising minimum wage

Watchdog fears ‘radical surgery’ of cuts

Audit chief concerned at effect of unwieldy financial scalpel on services

Cameron pulls Muslim Brotherhood report

Publication expected to say group is not a terrorist organisation

Ukip given major party status

Ofcom ruling will guarantee eurosceptic group more airtime

Investment lure trumps special relationship

Cameron pivoted to Asia knowing it would strain US ties

UK coalition projected outcomes

Poll predictor highlights SNP election role

Labour and Conservatives tied on 274 seats each

How Cameron lost, and then won, China

UK government approach is driven by hunger for investment

EU vote will halt sleepwalk to exit, says PM

Osborne handed key role in negotiating new membership deal

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, talks to the FT from a train as he made his way to Birmingham to visit a science exhibition called the "Big Bang" at the NEC.

Prime minister risks being an ‘empty chair’

Cameron keen to concentrate on the campaign but stance on televised hustings leaves him open to ridicule