David Cameron

David Cameron has been MP for Witney since 2001. He was elected leader of the Conservative Party in December 2005 and after the 2010 general election became – at 43 - the youngest British premier since Lord Liverpool in 1812.

Short of an overall majority, he formed a coalition government – the first since the second world war - with the Liberal Democrats.

Full Muslim Brotherhood UK report withheld

Only a summary of group’s activities in Britain will be published

Keep calm in the face of European populism

Mainstream parties must not ape extremists on the political scene

Northern Ireland parties reach broad deal

Last-minute agreement bolstered by £2bn package

Ukip donor behind website attacking rivals

Insurance tycoon funding LibLabCon site

Ulster negotiations go through the night

Talks to clinch political deal follow ‘generous’ Cameron financial offer

The Tories’ vote-repelling right wing

Even the anti-austerity, anti-nuclear, anti-fracking Greens are seen as nearer the centre

Ashcroft becomes independent pollster

Conservative peer establishes reputation for objective surveys

NHS launches genetic sequencing centres

Clinics aim to recruit 100,000 with rare diseases or cancer

Johnson to woo voters as One Nation Tory

Commons comeback bid includes focus on low pay and infrastructure

Four PMs missed out on Butler reforms

From John C Boothman. Sir, Whatever other advantages may have been conferred on Jonathan Farrington by a grammar school education, it seems to have left a gap in his mastery of historical facts and figures

Farage aides rule out Ukip coalition role

Party cites fate of Lib Dems for decision to stay out of formal pact

Ministerial special advisers’ pay up 17%

Cameron and Clegg under fire over coalition pledge on ‘Spads’

Cameron backs ‘broad’ transatlantic deal

British PM rejects suggestions trade agreement should be scaled back

A businesswoman in Canary Wharf

Phone deal to give 90% of UK mobile cover

Government and operators set 2017 as target in legal commitment

PM in push to spur on US-EU trade talks

Cameron aims to put ‘rocket boosters’ under TTIP negotiations

Miliband attacks Tories’ ‘1930s vision’

Labour leader says plan to slash state is a strategic error

Hague seeks the West Lothian Answer

Labour decry ‘partisan attempt’ to bar their Scottish MPs from votes

Cameron rejects pressure for police reform

Chiefs say 43-force structure is too old to deal with modern crime

US-Europe trade deal stuck on launch pad

Officials resigned to lack of agreement before 2016

Benefits cap has fractional effect on welfare

Bill has fallen by just one-thousandth, says IFS

Cameron defends plans for cuts

Britain still vulnerable to being ‘tipped over the edge’

UK election will be all about the economy

The Autumn Statement has widened the ideological choice between Tories and Labour

Cameron ‘fails’ on vow to cut red tape

Think-tank says total burden on business has increased by £3.1bn

Cameron to defend budget surplus goals

Lib Dem insist Tory spending cuts will ‘devastate’ public services

Britain looks for EU treaty shortcuts

Cameron warned of political impossibility of referendum strategy

Eurosceptics urge Cameron to avoid battle

Group outlines EU strategy without treaty change

Cameron aims for ‘sweet spot’ in EU deal timing

PM sees his chance in gap between French and German polls

Prime ministers Enda Kenny, left, and David Cameron speak to the media before leaving Belfast on Friday
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Cameron fails to break N Ireland deadlock

Suggestions that UK premier mistimed his intervention

04/07/2011 - Social care costs in England should be capped so people do not face losing large chunks of their assets, an independent review says. Council-funded home help and care home places for the elderly and adults with disabilities are currently only offered to those with under £23,250 of assets.

Who wins in the state pension shake-up?

Biggest overhaul to the system in decades

Ministers accused of state pension hype

Expectations of more generous package misplaced, survey finds

Northern Ireland talks break down

Failure to end political deadlock is a blow to Cameron and Kenny

Time to deliver, PM tells Belfast leaders

London and Dublin strive to break impasse on four key issues

Irish and UK leaders aim to break impasse

Cameron and Kenny meet in Belfast to discuss welfare and Troubles legacy

Cameron seeks Turkey terror alliance

Push to improve co-operation with Ankara to combat Isis

‘Other parties’ fracture UK politics

Smaller political groups overtake Labour and Tories in polls

Cameron caught in devolution crossfire

PM faces Commons backlash over ‘English votes for English laws’

Tories split over Scots vote reform plans

Some backbenchers want Scots denied any vote on English matters

PM to multiply maths and physics teachers

Bursaries towards study cost in return for commitment to teaching

Rethinking Britain’s stance on overseas aid

Policy should focus on the quality of projects, not the quantity spent

Jonathan McHugh Illustration for Philip Stephens piece
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Angry electorate makes politicians fearful

The mainstream UK parties are on the run — left, right and centre