David Cameron

David Cameron has been MP for Witney since 2001. He was elected leader of the Conservative Party in December 2005 and after the 2010 general election became – at 43 - the youngest British premier since Lord Liverpool in 1812.

Short of an overall majority, he formed a coalition government – the first since the second world war - with the Liberal Democrats.

Westminster minority not ideal but workable

Political uncertainty is troubling but it need not spell chaos

David Cameron launches the Conservative manifesto in Swindon on Tuesday
©David Cameron

Cameron intervenes in Gabon oil dispute

Prime minister has written to president Ali Bongo Ondimba

Cameron warns of ‘frightening’ Labour pact

Tory leader steps up rhetoric against Scottish nationalists

Conservatives plans further Lloyds sell-off

Promise of sale of government’s shares in bank to public

Election foes fail to land knockout blow

Deadlock could last until voting day, say pollsters

The parallels with 1970’s shock result

Ed could well do a Ted and beat the more popular leader, writes Tim Bale

Miliband rebuffs SNP anti-Tory deal

Rivals attack Cameron for missing pre-poll clash

Entrepreneurs back Lib Dems in letter

UK would benefit from party in coalition, say 50 business people

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Five things to know about UK election

‘Hung parliament’ is not on the ballot, but polls suggest stalemate is the nation’s choice

Referendum would spur complex negotiations

New EU treaty has almost hallowed status for eurosceptic Tory MPs

Clegg says Lib Dems open to new coalition

Party leader unveils manifesto allowing post-election deal

Britons split on EU exit, says poll

Survey finds 40% want to stay and 39% want to go

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Lies, damned lies and the British election

Promises mean little when the parties have only the vaguest idea of how things will turn out

David Cameron launches the Conservative manifesto in Swindon on Tuesday
©David Cameron

Tories should not throw away trump card

Too many uncosted pledges will fritter away economic credibility

David Cameron launches the Conservative manifesto in Swindon on Tuesday
©David Cameron

Tories promise ‘good life’ to voters

Cameron makes unfunded pledges with aim of winning over electors

Pro-Europeans need to woo ‘anxious middle’

Migrants bring benefits but it is not enough to celebrate that, writes Hugo Dixon

Cameron promises ‘good life’ for workers

Tories’ optimistic vision for those at work pushed in manifesto

Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party. Photographed in near Westminster, London.
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Greens seek tax and public sector rises

Redistribution of wealth at heart of environmentalists’ manifesto

Cameron accentuates the positive

Previous Tory strategy of bashing Ed Miliband had been taken too far

David Cameron’s manifesto pledges

Tories woo voters with Right to Buy extension and childcare

Cameron pledges ‘good life’ for Britain

PM sketches out optimistic vision at manifesto launch

Cameron to expand Right to Buy

Tories look to Thatcher policy to regain initiative

Miliband’s belated vow to do his fiscal homework

Labour struggles to don the Tories’ frayed mantle of financial rigour

Labour seeks to narrow gap on spending

Manifesto to promise all policies funded without extra borrowing

Cameron struggles to find breakthrough

PM changes focus to ‘Conservative dream’ as polls refuse to budge

The mounting challenges facing UK’s NHS

Fulminating against bureaucrats and the private sector does not help

Billionaire pollster upsets Tory command

Anger that former party treasurer Ashcroft is arming enemy

Tories promise cut in inheritance tax

Cameron pledges to up property threshold to £1m

Tories and Labour trade blows over health

Cameron pledges £8bn extra spending by 2020

City fears threat from ‘non-dom’ axe

Opposing views on risk of mass exodus from Labour’s tax plans

Cameron takes positive tack on NHS

Labour ahead in three polls despite aggressive Tory campaigning

Cameron and Miliband all too predictable

The party that leaves its comfort zone will win the UK general election

SNP extends lead over Labour in Scotland

Poll shows SNP support at 49 per cent versus Labour’s 25 per cent

Cameron harks back to Big Society

Plan for paid leave for volunteers splits business

‘Happy Warrior’ confronts bomber pilot

Prof Tim Bale analyses the strategies adopted by UK party leaders

The bank of England, City of London.
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Cameron ends first term with no rate rise

First time since ’50s a government has not seen borrowing costs rise

Rise in patients awaiting NHS treatment

Figures will add fuel to election debate over health service

Fallon takes on Miliband over Trident

Tory says Labour leader would ‘stab UK in the back’ to be PM

Cuts driving food bank use, study finds

Facilities more likely to open in areas with greater cuts to welfare

Parties trade ‘secret’ tax rise blows

Senior figures go on attack over living standards