David Cameron

David Cameron has been MP for Witney since 2001. He was elected leader of the Conservative Party in December 2005 and after the 2010 general election became – at 43 - the youngest British premier since Lord Liverpool in 1812.

He won the overall majoirty in the last general election in May 2015.

Tory infighting leaves UK voters cold

The referendum debate has made some MPs mutinous but the electorate simply does not care

Cameron joins Khan on Remain platform

PM embraces London’s Labour mayor to boost campaign to stay in EU

Conservatives are not yet at war

The focus should be the UK referendum, there is no appetite for a revolution, writes Sebastian Payne

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The story that flags up the differences

A Leave vote would recognise the UK has always diverged from its neighbours, writes David Abulafia

Brexiteers turn attention to toppling Cameron

Personal attacks on PM intensify

Brexit camp steps up attacks on Cameron

Immigration pledge ‘corrosive of public trust’, say critics

Slash greenhouse gases 57%, Cameron told

UK prime minister urged to stick to climate change proposals

How Cameron marshalled world leaders

PM hopes to highlight lack of high-level backing for Leave push

Migrants drawn by UK economy, says Cameron

Prime minister also vows to halt Tory descent into civil war

Cameron pushes for action on ‘superbugs’

UK wants $1.6bn a year global fund to reward drug developers

Britain ready to intercept traffickers

Royal Navy poised to crack down on smuggling in Libyan waters

Self-inflicted dangers of EU referendum

Cameron might soon be known as the man who left the UK in far-from-splendid isolation

A Brexit guide to four more weeks of fear

In case you miss it here are the best bits from the final days of the UK referendum campaign

EU warns China of new steel tariffs

Pressure mounts to block Beijing bid for market economy status

Pseudonym: Kayo Anosike had better luck as alter ego Kayla Benjamin when she applied for jobs
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Black and ethnic names have less chance of making shortlist

Bias means that well-qualified candidates struggle to get a foot in the door

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A Brexit myth of Brussels (mis)rule

Good or bad, imaginative or dull, the important decisions have been taken at home

Cameron urges the young to cast EU vote

Push for participation by under-25s more likely to vote Remain

UNITED KINGDOM, London: Hundreds of steelworkers from across the UK march through Westminster to keep up pressure for government help for their industry as the British steel industry declines in London, on May 25, 2016. Pic by Andrew Cowie / Story Picture Agency

Javid launches talks on steel pension shake-up

Tata tight-lipped on UK bidders as workers march

Cameron adds to legal pressure on China

Suspicions Britain is soft on Beijing set scene for testy G7 session

Brown sets out ‘positive’ UK case for the EU

Ex-Labour PM urges Cameron to enthuse In vote with reform plans

Fracking has far to go despite victory

Doubts on commercial viability persist even after Yorkshire boost

Russians rally to the Brexit flag

Cameron remarks on Putin bemused Moscow but Russian nationals in the UK have a stake in the outcome

Cameron’s U-turn on his own radicalism

His former guru confirms the prime minister has become more conventional, writes Sebastian Payne

Brexit would create a ‘DIY recession’

Treasury analysis says wages, sterling and employment would fall

Turkish immigration

Is Turkey on course to join the EU and significantly increase migration to Britain?

Life imitates satire in latest Brexit sparring

Latest referendum rhetoric is beyond a joke

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Back to Big Society for the Tories

David Cameron hopes his social justice agenda will reunite a warring party, writes Danny Kruger

Bribe probe highlights Rolls’ challenge

Technological brilliance at Britain’s engineering champion has fostered managerial mediocrity

Unite to prevent a superbug apocalypse

Drug companies need market incentives to generate new antibiotics

Eurosceptics plot Queen’s Speech defeat

More than 25 rightwingers to form unlikely alliance with Corbyn

James Ferguson illustration - Brexit Madness

Brexiters have bet the bank on anger

The goal was always to harness the myriad grievances of voters to revolt against Brussels

Cameron sets out vision of fairer Britain

PM attempts to reunite his party amid civil war on Europe

Queen’s Speech: Key points

The government’s legislative agenda

The Cameron legacy project goes on show

The prime minister’s slim legislative programme reveals the challenges ahead, writes Sebastian Payne

Cameron aims for ‘big and bold reforms’

Queen’s Speech measures range from extremists to spaceports

Queen’s Speech aims to heal Tory wounds

Modernising agenda to include legislation to reform prisons

Cameron warns against EU ‘neverendum’

Michael Heseltine attacks Boris Johnson’s ‘obscene’ remarks

Cameron accused of Brexit ‘stitch-up’

Boris Johnson says PM was always destined to campaign for Remain

Cameron mocks Brexit ‘neverendum’

Farage raises possibility of second vote if result inconclusive

Trump and the US-UK special relationship

The presumptive Republican nominee would test the bond between the two, writes Sebastian Payne