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    1. September 23, 2015

      Bank of England’s Ben Broadbent says wages are on rise

      Britain’s move to a lower skilled economy is beginning to unwind, helping to boost average real wages, says the Bank of...

    2. July 22, 2015

      UK on the brink: Doves v Hawks and the debate over interest rates

      With inflation at zero it may seem an odd time for the Bank of England to contemplate raising interest rates from their...

    1. April 19, 2015

      Weighing up four theories on the UK’s productivity gap

      Theories abound over the causes of the UK’s slump in productivity since the financial crisis; here are four...

    2. March 27, 2015

      Bank of England deputy Ben Broadbent says deflation risk contained

      The deputy governor of the Bank of England has struck a defiant note on the danger that Britain may fall into a...

    3. February 22, 2015

      Weak current account blots rosy economic landscape

      With only a few months to go until the general election, the British economy — by some measures — is on a roll. Growth...

    4. October 31, 2014

      Farewell to the Fed’s QE3, a monetary job well done

      The Federal Reserve this week quietly ended its third bout of quantitative easing, an experiment that contrived to...

    5. October 23, 2014

      Low rates here to stay, says BoE deputy governor

      UK borrowers and savers can expect low interest rates for a long time because the interest rate needed to stop the...

    6. August 26, 2014

      Wage growth in manufacturing offers hope for UK economy

      Manufacturers are paying their workers more in a tentative sign that wage growth – a missing piece of the UK’s recovery...

    7. August 23, 2014

      Bank of England admits mistake over labour market growth

      Ben Broadbent, deputy governor of the Bank of England, has said the central bank’s recent focus on unemployment and...

    8. July 29, 2014

      Ben Broadbent: UK trade deficit is not a threat to growth

      The UK does not need to worry about an “existential threat to UK growth” from Britain’s historically weak trading...

    9. May 15, 2014

      US academic Kristin Forbes named as MPC member at Bank of England

      George Osborne has appointed a US academic with policy making experience to fill the last vacant slot on the Bank of...

    10. March 18, 2014

      Broadbent steps up to oversee BoE monetary policy

      Ben Broadbent, who spent a decade at Goldman Sachs before joining the Monetary Policy Committee as an external member...

    11. March 18, 2014

      Carney warns risks building in financial system

      Mark Carney unveiled a radical shake-up of the Bank of England on Tuesday, introducing sweeping changes to senior...

    12. March 17, 2014

      Overhaul to be announced at top of the Bank of England

      An overhaul at the top of the Bank of England is likely to be announced as soon as Tuesday, as Mark Carney prepares to...

    13. February 26, 2014

      Britain’s economic recovery is rooted overseas

      Demonstrators outside the lavish London apartment of Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine’s wealthiest man, have brought the crisis...

    14. January 17, 2014

      Real incomes set to rise in 2014, MPC member says

      Most people in the UK will start to feel a little better off in 2014 with real wages likely to begin to grow after six...

    15. October 21, 2013

      MPC member plays down fear of increase in interest rates

      Interest rates could rise significantly before UK homeowners found it difficult to meet mortgage repayments, Ben...

    16. October 9, 2013

      Forecasting beset by tendency to think we are good at predictions

      When it comes to predictions about the economy, our judgments are flawed partly because human beings tend to think they...

    17. October 9, 2013

      Britain’s perplexing performance proves bane of economists

      Economists have done little to win back the Queen’s confidence in the five years since she demanded to be told why no...

    18. FT Long Short

      September 26, 2013

      Saving the world from 1994?

      The Bank of England has finally snapped. It is fed up with being constantly criticised for messing up its forward...

    19. September 23, 2013

      Bank of England’s Broadbent defends guidance

      The Bank of England launched a defence of its forward guidance on Monday, with one of its monetary policy makers...

    20. May 28, 2013

      Falling insolvency figures could return to 2005 levels

      A rise in “zombie debtors” – people paying only the interest charges on their debt and not the debt itself – is masking...

    21. FT Alphaville

      February 20, 2013

      A Minutes worth of sterling freefall [updated]

      Here’s the dovish BoE minutes that started sterling sliding (click through for the pdf): The minutes put the MPC far...

    22. November 27, 2012

      King attacked over Treasury surplus swap

      Sir Mervyn King issued a rare apology on Tuesday over the appearance that the Bank of England’s independence to set...

    23. November 2, 2012

      Construction loses jobs as orders fall

      Britain’s construction companies cut more jobs in October as their new orders fell for the fifth successive month,...

    24. October 29, 2012

      Outlook lifts for commercial property

      The collapse in commercial property values as the financial crisis set in was, unusually, not preceded by a...

    25. Money Supply

      September 12, 2012

      Broadbent: focus on jobs, not output

      Last Friday the FT’s economics editor Chris Giles took issue with the use of “the Niesr chart”, so-called because of...

    26. September 12, 2012

      UK employment defies gravity in slowdown

      Employment in the UK has “defied gravity” and risen during the crisis despite the fall in output because of the poor...

    27. September 2, 2012

      Effects of recession puzzle economists

      Britain’s economy has behaved very strangely since the start of the financial crisis. The combination of weak output...

    28. July 18, 2012

      BoE split on decision to boost QE

      Two members of the Bank of England’s interest rate setting committee did not want to restart the printing presses this...

    29. Money Supply

      June 26, 2012

      BoE Treasury Committee hearing

      The Treasury Committee held its latest hearing with the Bank of England this morning. The governor, Sir Mervyn King,...

    30. Money Supply

      June 22, 2012

      The week ahead in central banking

      Our week ahead email helps you to track the most important events in central banking. To see all of our emails and...

    31. FT Alphaville

      June 20, 2012

      Bank of England turning dovish

      The minutes from the latest MPC meeting are out, and it seems the doves are gaining ground: Regarding the stock of...

    32. Money Supply

      May 25, 2012

      The week ahead in central banking

      Our week ahead email helps you to track the most important events in central banking. To see all of our emails and...

    33. April 19, 2012

      Some Tolstoyan advice for the UK on debt

      The UK’s debt problem has been exaggerated. That was the thesis of a provocative speech on “deleveraging” by Ben...

    34. Money Supply

      April 5, 2012

      BoE May vote: will they, won’t they?

      Commuters pass the Bank of England. Image by Getty As expected, the Bank of England today kept interest rates on hold...

    35. Money Supply

      March 23, 2012

      The week ahead in central banking

      Our week ahead email helps you to track the most important events in central banking. To see all of our emails and...

    36. Money Supply

      March 15, 2012

      The case for a Bank of England LTRO

      British householder, the time for chastisement is over. The banking system’s woes are not your fault. You did not...

    37. Money Supply

      February 6, 2012

      Q&A: more quantitative easing from the Bank of England?

      So the Bank of England’s decision is out at noon on Thursday. More money printing is pretty much of a dead cert isn’t...

    38. Money Supply

      December 19, 2011

      Why has the UK economy not rebalanced?

      The Bank of England has pinned much of its hopes for the UK economy’s long-term success on economic rebalancing, ie,...

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