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    1. FT Photo Diary

      November 14, 2014

      Obama meets Aung San Suu Kyi

      Nyein Chan Naing/EPA US President Barack Obama and Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi greet each other at her house...

    2. FT Photo Diary

      November 14, 2014

      Myanmar prepares for Obama

      Damir Sagolj/Reuters A policeman secures a university compound where U.S. President Barack Obama will meet members of...

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    1. November 14, 2014

      Obama gives blunt assessment of reforms in Myanmar

      YANGON – US President Barack Obama gave a blunt assessment on Friday of the need for further reform in Myanmar’s move...

    2. November 11, 2014

      US divisions over Myanmar threaten to overshadow Obama visit

      A growing political battle over Myanmar’s transition from military rule threatens to overshadow President Barack Obama’s...

    3. July 9, 2014

      No fairytale ending for poor, divided Myanmar

      Myanmar is a story just waiting for a fairytale ending. The beautiful daughter of an assassinated national hero faces down...

    4. April 22, 2014

      A white-knuckle ride in Myanmar

      Thura Soe-Paing is Myanmar’s accidental entrepreneur. Arriving back home in 2010 thanks to his Brazilian diplomat wife’s...

    5. April 21, 2014

      Myanmar journalist Win Tin dies at 84

      Win Tin, the Myanmar journalist who became the country’s longest-serving political prisoner, has died aged 84 after seeing...

    6. March 14, 2014

      The Diary: Martha Kearney

      The Irrawaddy Literary Festival isn’t exactly like Cheltenham or Hay. For a start, it’s unlikely that a British literary...

    7. March 13, 2014

      Fears Myanmar census could stoke tensions

      An internationally funded census in Myanmar threatens to undermine the former military dictatorship’s efforts to end more...

    8. December 15, 2013

      EU to urge Myanmar to allow Aung San Suu Kyi to seek presidency

      EU member states will urge Myanmar’s former military rulers to change the country’s constitution and electoral laws to allow...

    9. beyondbrics

      October 29, 2013

      Suu Kyi: Myanmar still has some way to go

      Last week Italy’s government hosted a high-level delegation from Myanmar promoting foreign investment in their rapidly...

    10. FT Photo Diary

      October 24, 2013

      Aung San Suu Kyi in Belfast

      Cathal McNaughton/Reuters Myanmar pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi arrives at the parliament buildings on the Stormont...

    11. FT Photo Diary

      October 22, 2013

      Aung San Suu Kyi collects Sakharov prize 23 years on

      Frederick Florin/AFP/Getty Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi arrives at the European Parliament in Strasbourg,...

    12. June 6, 2013

      Britain revives links with Myanmar’s military establishment

      Britain has launched a push to revive relations with Myanmar’s military, with the UK’s Chief of Defence Staff visiting the...

    13. beyondbrics

      May 17, 2013

      Further reading: Myanmar's uneasy alliance

      Friday’s picks from beyondbrics: Aung San Suu Kyi and the ex-generals must overcome their past; Qatar is being nudged aside...

    14. May 16, 2013

      Myanmar: An uneasy alliance

      If a single image captures the scope of Myanmar’s sweeping transition, it is the photograph of opposition leader and Nobel...

    15. May 9, 2013

      Suu Kyi appeals for UK help to rebuild Myanmar university system

      Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s opposition leader, has called on UK university leaders to help her country rebuild its higher...

    16. May 6, 2013

      For Asia’s newest baby tiger, the hard grind begins

      As I dragged my luggage through the long terminal of the ridiculously hot and humid Yangon airport a few days ago, I thought...

    17. April 12, 2013

      The Diary: Lionel Barber

      These days, Myanmar’s fearsome generals have largely returned to barracks or are wearing longyis. During a five-day maiden...

    18. April 4, 2013

      Myanmar’s return

      These have not been the best few weeks in Myanmar’s short, post-junta history. Members of the country’s Muslim minority,...

    19. March 28, 2013

      Thein Sein threatens religious extremists

      Myanmar’s President Thein Sein has issued his strongest challenge yet to “political opportunists and religious extremists”...

    20. beyondbrics

      March 3, 2013

      Week ahead, Mar 4 - 8

      A look at the week ahead from beyondbrics, featuring: Kenya’s elections on Monday, China starts its two-week annual plenary...

    21. beyondbrics

      February 4, 2013

      S Korea: Special Olympics gives taste of 2018 winter games

      Lee Myung-bak’s approval ratings remain painfully low as he prepares to step down as South Korean president next month. But...

    22. February 3, 2013

      Myanmar writes new page in history

      When Fergal Keane, the award-winning Irish journalist, last stayed at Yangon’s Inya Lake Hotel, he was posing as a water...

    23. January 30, 2013

      Pipeline marks scramble for Myanmar

      In May, something curious will happen to the geography of China. The continental-sized country, whose supercharged...

    24. December 16, 2012

      Branson launches campaign to end slavery

      A group of corporate executives including the UK’s Sir Richard Branson and Australian mining magnate Andrew Forrest have...

    25. December 14, 2012

      Aung San Suu Kyi

      It has been quite a year for Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese opposition leader who spent much of the past 20 years in enforced...

    26. December 4, 2012

      Myanmar – A nation rises

      A short walk from Yangon’s notorious Insein prison, where Myanmar’s military junta jailed and tortured political prisoners,...

    27. December 2, 2012

      Myanmar addresses anger over mine

      Myanmar’s government has moved swiftly to address public anger over the violent crackdown on protesters at a copper mine in...

    28. November 30, 2012

      Violence casts shadow over Myanmar reform

      In the space of a few hours on Thursday morning the feel-good effect generated by US President Barack Obama’s visit to...

    29. November 29, 2012

      Mines protest exposes Myanmar dilemma

      Scores of protesters including Buddhist monks and local villagers were injured when police used tear gas, water cannons and...

    30. beyondbrics

      November 19, 2012

      Myanmar: Obama drops in

      The picture tells the story: US President Barack Obama kisses Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi during his brief...

    31. November 19, 2012

      Myanmar can ‘taste freedom’, says Obama

      In the first visit by a US president to Myanmar, Barack Obama on Monday told a visibly excited audience at Yangon University...

    32. November 18, 2012

      Myanmar pressure

      Choosing when to welcome a pariah state back into the international fold is fraught with risk. The ill-judged rehabilitation...

    33. November 18, 2012

      Obama arrives in Myanmar

      Barack Obama has become the first US president to visit Myanmar after Air Force One touched down on Monday morning, bringing...

    34. November 16, 2012

      Obama to promote rights on Asia trip

      President Barack Obama leaves on Saturday for a four-day trip to southeast Asia which will set the tone for his approach to...

    35. The World

      November 13, 2012

      President Aung San Suu Kyi? Why not?

      Aung San Suu Kyi arriving in New Delhi. (AFP) Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s opposition leader, gave an exceptionally...

    36. November 9, 2012

      Obama to visit Myanmar on SE Asia tour

      YANGON/WASHINGTON, Nov 9 – President Barack Obama will this month become the first US leader to visit Myanmar, the strongest...

    37. November 6, 2012

      Group breaks away from Suu Kyi party

      Turmoil within the party of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has prompted a breakaway group from her National League for...

    38. November 5, 2012

      Anti-Muslim violence spreads in Myanmar

      Fresh reports from witnesses and victims of communal violence in western Myanmar indicate that tensions have spread beyond...

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