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    1. January 29, 2015

      Belarus president’s slip of the tongue spooks bond markets

      A slip of the tongue by President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus sparked an unprecedented sell-off in the country’s...

    2. December 27, 2014

      Belarus replaces prime minister and top officials

      MINSK, Belarus — Belarus’ authoritarian president has replaced the prime minister, the head of the national bank and an...

    1. FT Alphaville

      December 24, 2014

      What does online shopping have to do with hyperinflation?

      As the WSJ reported on Tuesday, the Russian rouble’s collapse is taking a particularly heavy toll on Belarus, Europe’s last...

    2. September 2, 2014

      Standoff with west reveals splinters in Putin’s Eurasia project

      Cracks are beginning to show in Vladimir Putin’s grand project to form a Eurasian union to rival the EU as Russia’s partners...

    3. beyondbrics

      June 5, 2014

      Lots of circuses, not enough bread: EM's failure to reform and invest

      Last week, Alexander Lukashenko, president of Belarus, bafflingly announced he would sign a decree that would return to the...

    4. beyondbrics

      May 29, 2014

      Belarus plans to bring back serfdom

      Alexander Lukashenko is living up to his reputation as Europe’s last remaining dictator. The president of Belarus has...

    5. March 24, 2014

      Russian moves unsettle neighbours in Central Asia and Caucasus

      When Alexander Lukashenko, president of Belarus, on Sunday broke ranks with Moscow to criticise its annexation of Crimea as...

    6. March 23, 2014

      Belarus, a close Russia ally, criticises Putin’s Crimea grab

      Russia’s annexation of Crimea has provoked unease among one of its closest allies, with Alexander Lukashenko, the...

    7. January 7, 2014

      Putin’s attempt to recreate the Soviet empire is futile

      According to Vladimir Putin, the “Eurasian Union” that the Kremlin hopes to forge with two of Russia’s southwestern...

    8. beyondbrics

      January 6, 2014

      Russia rewards Belarus with $2bn and ice hockey friendship

      Russia continues its ‘funding-for-loyalty’ initiatives aimed at former Soviet states. Just after Ukraine agreed a $20bn...

    9. beyondbrics

      December 20, 2013

      Belarus's Lukashenko: looking for a lifeline

      Russian financial aid often comes with strings attached, and pumping Russian money into a dysfunctional economy only helps...

    10. beyondbrics

      December 19, 2013

      Guest post: Belarus gets jealous of Putin's cut for Ukraine

      By Anna Maria Dyner and Ievgen Vorobiov of PISM The deal announced by presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Viktor...

    11. beyondbrics

      November 18, 2013

      Belarus vs Uralkali: light at end of tunnel?

      It’s official: billionaire Suleiman Kerimov, formerly the main shareholder of Uralkali, the Russian potash miner, has sold...

    12. November 18, 2013

      Suleiman Kerimov sells stake in Uralkali to Mikhail Prokhorov

      Suleiman Kerimov, the Russian oligarch and largest shareholder of the world’s largest potash miner Uralkali, has agreed to...

    13. October 14, 2013

      Moscow launches probe of Uralkali chief

      The “Potash War” between Russia and Belarus took an unexpected turn on Monday when Russian police launched a probe into the...

    14. September 26, 2013

      Uralkali chief moves from Belarus jail to house arrest

      Vladislav Baumgertner, chief executive of Russian fertiliser group Uralkali, has been moved from jail to house arrest in...

    15. September 20, 2013

      Kremlin says Uralkali chief may be released soon

      Vladislav Baumgertner, the jailed Uralkali executive, may soon be extradited back from Belarus to Russia, the Kremlin said...

    16. beyondbrics

      September 20, 2013

      Belarus makes room for deal with Russia in potash saga

      Lukashenko speaks Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus’s president, has broken his unusual reticence about the ongoing potash fight...

    17. August 30, 2013

      Kremlin official tells Belarus it must release businessman

      Russia increased the pressure on Belarus on Friday as the row over the arrest of a prominent businessman intensified, with a...

    18. July 31, 2013

      Questions hang over Uralkali

      Since Uralkali announced it would leave the Belarussian Potash Company export cartel – spooking markets, blind-sighting...

    19. beyondbrics

      July 22, 2013

      Belarus gets a shot of Chinese investment

      A downturn in new auto sales in Russia this year has not deterred Zheijing Geely Holding. The Chinese car maker has entered...

    20. July 22, 2013

      Belarus looks to China for investment in infrastructure

      “Here is where we are on the plan,” said Alexei Semenenkov, poking a finger at a colourful zoning map and peering into the...

    21. beyondbrics

      April 25, 2013

      Belarus goes to the WTO - with Russia’s support

      Belarus wants to join the World Trade Organization. And it wants to do so as soon as possible. However, it is no secret that...

    22. beyondbrics

      April 18, 2013

      Belarus: cash needed fast, but where from?

      We need more than that Belarus is in a tight spot. The country has reached a peak in foreign government debt repayments and...

    23. beyondbrics

      November 6, 2012

      Belarus: Alfa looks to double down

      The influence of Russia in Belarus’ banking sector is easily spotted. All of Russia’s major banks have subsidiaries in the...

    24. September 24, 2012

      Belarus poll elects no opposition members

      All seats in the new Belarusian parliament were won by loyalists of authoritarian president Alexander Lukashenko, in...

    25. beyondbrics

      September 21, 2012

      Russia's WTO entry: Belarus loses out

      In most cases joining the World Trade Organisation does an economy good, opening a country to expanded international trade,...

    26. September 21, 2012

      Lukashenko’s electoral grip hides frailties

      Looking for signs of Sunday’s parliamentary elections along Minsks’ central boulevards takes some doing. A few government...

    27. August 3, 2012

      Give peace a lift

      Alexander Lukashenko, the dictator of Belarus, does not have a great sense of humour at the best of times. However his nose...

    28. beyondbrics

      July 5, 2012

      Belarus potash: the Swiss connection

      Lukashenko To put it mildly, Belarusian companies are not in favour in the EU and the US. Thanks to the authoritarian nature...

    29. June 25, 2012

      Belarus government risks further isolation

      Three months before planned parliamentary elections, the authoritarian government of Belarus is returning to its favoured...

    30. April 15, 2012

      Belarus frees opposition leader

      Belarusian opposition leader and former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov has been unexpectedly released from prison...

    31. March 19, 2012

      Belarus executions spark EU criticism

      The execution of two Belarusian men convicted of placing a bomb on the Minsk metro last April is drawing condemnation from...

    32. March 1, 2012

      Defiant Belarus faces uncertain future

      “Dictator starts burning the last bridges. Normally does not end well.” This was how Carl Bildt, Swedish foreign minister,...

    33. February 28, 2012

      Belarus expels European ambassadors

      Belarus expelled the ambassador of the European Union and that of Poland on Tuesday, marking a fresh low in the strained...

    34. beyondbrics

      February 22, 2012

      Belarus's salary dilemma

      Alexander Lukashenko wants average salaries in Belarus to go up – and what the authoritarian leader wants, he usually gets,...

    35. November 30, 2011

      Minsk metro bombers sentenced to death

      Two men convicted of detonating a bomb in the Minsk underground that killed 15 people and injured 200 in April have been...

    36. October 6, 2011

      Putin’s Eurasian push challenges west

      A new battle for hearts and minds is being waged in the republics of the former Soviet Union – and the west is in danger of...

    37. beyondbrics

      September 19, 2011

      Belarus: singing China's praises

      The tottering eurozone may be looking for help from cash-rich emerging markets, but the first country to get a taste of Bric...

    38. beyondbrics

      September 19, 2011

      [snap]: China throws Belarus a lifeline

      Is Belarus a better punt than Greece? China seems to think so. Just days after Wen Jiabao, the Chinese prime minister,...

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