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    1. November 5, 2015

      Low oil lifts credit risk at US banks

      Stresses created by the low oil price are contributing to elevated credit risk in the US banking sector despite a...

    2. October 30, 2015

      US banks face $120bn shortfall under Federal Reserve plan

      Six of the biggest US banks would have to make up a $120bn shortfall in their long-term debt to boost the financial...

    1. FT Alphaville

      October 26, 2015

      Eros, sorE UPDATED

      At pixel the wannabe Netflix of India, Eros International, is getting no love in Mumbai, off 20 per cent: Of course,...

    2. September 22, 2015

      US bond market: proceeds with caution

      What do you want it for? It is a question debt investors might ask more frequently given that investment-grade bond...

    3. July 20, 2015

      Banks back rival to Bloomberg messaging system

      A messaging service described as a WhatsApp for business is being launched by some of the world’s biggest banks in a...

    4. June 17, 2015

      Wells Fargo and HSBC banned from new mortgage servicing business

      Wells Fargo, the US’s largest mortgage lender, and HSBC have been banned from taking on new mortgage servicing...

    5. April 14, 2015

      JPMorgan shares hit record as outlook brightens

      Jamie Dimon has let it be known over the past few years that JPMorgan Chase is “under assault” from regulators and...

    6. March 19, 2015

      Big banks braced for rate rise boon

      Do not look to Goldman Sachs for a clear forecast on US interest rates: its top executives have different views. Lloyd...

    7. February 19, 2015

      SEC challenged over use of in-house judges

      The Securities and Exchange Commission’s use of in-house judges to bring enforcement actions is being challenged once...

    8. February 10, 2015

      Goldman Sachs: without peer

      The most interesting nugget in Goldman Sachs’ investor presentations appears (surprise, surprise) in the footnotes. Its...

    9. FT Alphaville

      January 29, 2015

      Further reading

      Elsewhere on Thursday, - Thinking about the new Greek crisis. - There “should be no significant increase in...

    10. January 18, 2015

      Oil price plunge bruises equity funds

      The largest equity mutual funds run by Legg Mason, Manning & Napier and Franklin Templeton have been caught out by the...

    11. December 8, 2014

      US sues Deutsche in $190m taxes claim

      Deutsche Bank and other firms are being pursued for more than $190m over allegedly setting up shell companies to avoid...

    12. FT Alphaville

      November 27, 2014

      Further reading

      Elsewhere on Thursday, - Keynes is slowly winning and losing. - Understanding George Osborne. - “For two days only,...

    13. November 26, 2014

      Oil price fall starts to weigh on banks

      Banks including Barclays and Wells Fargo are facing potentially heavy losses on an $850m loan made to two oil and gas...

    14. FT Tech Hub

      October 30, 2014

      BBVA looks to US's midwest for banking innovation

      Spanish bank BBVA has struck up a partnership with payments start-up Dwolla as the Spanish group continues trying to...

    15. FT Alphaville

      September 15, 2014

      This is BABA. When's the crash?

      This of course is Alibaba, the Cayman e-commerce site. Click the image above for the SEC filing; click the image below...

    16. September 2, 2014

      Low rates spur US corporate debt sales

      Sales of highly rated US corporate bonds are expected to pick up sharply during September as global companies take...

    17. August 21, 2014

      Brian Moynihan’s challenge to lift BofA’s revenues after $16.5bn fine

      When Brian Moynihan took over as Bank of America chief executive nearly five years ago, he had to focus on the past. A...

    18. July 11, 2014

      US mortgage insurers fall on FHFA plans

      Mortgage insurers fell sharply on Friday after the Federal Housing Finance Agency proposed new rules to tighten...

    19. July 6, 2014

      US banks braced for weak second quarter

      Big US banks are expected to report dismal second-quarter earnings, with weakness in fixed-income trading and mortgage...

    20. April 14, 2014

      Tale of two banks exposes pay as wrong target of critics

      Last week brought a tale of two banks. At one extreme is the Co-operative Bank in the UK, which reported annual losses...

    21. April 11, 2014

      Wells Fargo benefits from better credit

      Wells Fargo, the biggest US bank by market value, reported a 14 per cent rise in net income in the first quarter to...

    22. April 8, 2014

      Biggest US banks forced to hold $68bn in extra capital

      US regulators have held out the prospect of more draconian measures after ratcheting up capital requirements for the...

    23. March 25, 2014

      Could women make up financial adviser shortfall?

      Women still make up only 30 per cent of financial advisers, and even fewer have made it to the top, but it seems that...

    24. FT Alphaville

      February 26, 2014

      The 6am London Cut

      Markets: Asian equities were under pressure as investors grappled with uncertainty about Chinese policymakers’...

    25. February 21, 2014

      Select Wall Street banks cleared to use own risk models

      Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Citigroup are among the banks that have successfully completed trial runs using their own...

    26. February 19, 2014

      US regulators urged to look at rapid growth of mortgage service sector

      A leading US lawmaker who oversees financial institutions has asked regulators to examine the rapid growth of a group...

    27. January 26, 2014

      Wells Fargo chief’s rise to the top

      As chief executive of Wells Fargo, John Stumpf is in charge of the world’s biggest bank by stock market value at a time...

    28. January 24, 2014

      JPMorgan: nice work if you can get it

      In spite of JPMorgan’s legal annus horriblilis, the bank’s board has decided to reward the boss, Jamie Dimon, with a...

    29. FT Alphaville

      January 24, 2014

      That Jamie Dimon raise

      So the bank has paid around $20bn in fines, penalties, etc, but Wall Street’s favourite chief executive is going to get...

    30. FT Alphaville

      January 15, 2014

      The 6am London Cut

      Markets: Wall Street gains spurred a rally in Asian markets, but the rebounds have failed to compensate for an ugly...

    31. November 28, 2013

      Tech groups tap big data on small businesses to smooth financing

      As the plight of small businesses struggling to borrow money climbs up the political agenda in Europe and the US, a...

    32. FT Alphaville

      October 31, 2013

      The Closer

      FURTHER FURTHER READING - A profile of Dan Tarullo. - Halloween costumes for economists. - You can find political...

    33. October 23, 2013

      US task force probes nine banks on mortgage-backed securities

      At least nine banks face investigations by the US Department of Justice into their sales of mortgage-backed securities...

    34. October 1, 2013

      Wells Fargo to pay $869m in Freddie deal

      Wells Fargo has agreed to pay $869m to Freddie Mac, the US government-backed mortgage company, to resolve claims that...

    35. FT Alphaville

      September 18, 2013

      The (early) Lunch Wrap

      Good morning New York, FT ALPHAVILLE David notes one small problem with the world’s largest democracy using structural...

    36. August 23, 2013

      US mortgage lending: Wells Fargo cuts

      If there were any doubts left that the US mortgage refinancing wave had crested, broken and was receding, simply look...

    37. FT Alphaville

      August 23, 2013

      The 6am Cut London

      Asian stocks rose after positive manufacturing data from the US and Europe yesterday, with the Nikkei and Topix both...

    38. FT Alphaville

      August 14, 2013

      The SME demand-side problem

      In a new analysis the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland looks into the question of why small business lending isn’t...

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