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    1. August 26, 2015

      Mexican watchdog probes Carlos Slim’s fixed-line Telmex group

      Mexico’s telecoms regulator is investigating whether Telmex, Mexican mogul Carlos Slim’s fixed-line telecoms group,...

    2. beyondbrics

      February 9, 2015

      Guest post: opportunities open for Mexico's smaller telcos

      By Joy K Gallup of Paul Hastings The transformation of Mexico’s telecoms sector has begun. Reforms enacted in 2013...

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    1. Mexico Infrastructure 2013

      Aztec tiger begins to sharpen its claws...
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    1. October 24, 2014

      América Móvil’s profits tumble

      América Móvil, the Mexican telecoms group facing tough new antitrust rules in its home market, reported an almost 40...

    2. October 15, 2014

      Mexico’s telecoms market seeks new signal

      Mexico’s telecoms sector, for so long largely the preserve of Carlos Slim’s América Móvil, is in flux. Both Mr Slim and...

    3. July 23, 2014

      The Carlos Slim three-day week is a great idea

      Carlos Slim’s proposal that we work a three-day week sounds crazy. But many, in 1922, thought Henry Ford crazy when he...

    4. July 11, 2014

      Carlos Slim, Mexico’s mogul of mobile

      Carlos Slim has one of the world’s biggest Rodin collections, almost 400 pieces – and the snide dig in Mexican art...

    5. beyondbrics

      July 9, 2014

      América Móvil - Five reasons for Slim's slimming

      Backed into a corner by tough new Mexican telecoms regulations, Carlos Slim’s América Móvil (AMX) has come out...

    6. beyondbrics

      June 12, 2014

      Opinion: Mexican reform, an outlier or an exemplar?

      Ever eager to point out exemplars, the World Bank this week made a point of praising Mexico as one of the few countries...

    7. beyondbrics

      June 2, 2014

      Mexico's telecoms reform: will it work?

      Mexico’s Congress should this month pass legislation designed to give the country’s fixed and mobile phone users access...

    8. March 28, 2014

      Carlos Slim slams Mexico telecoms bill

      Billionaire Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim has slammed a new telecoms bill before Congress as “confiscatory” and demanded...

    9. March 7, 2014

      Mexico eyes telecoms measures

      Mexico’s telecoms regulator has identified “predominant players” in the country’s telecoms and broadcast markets, but...

    10. beyondbrics

      December 20, 2013

      Christmas cheer for Mexico

      Mexico is certainly ending 2013 on a high note. Enrique Peña Nieto, the president, signed the country’s landmark...

    11. October 31, 2013

      Mexico: Funds race revs up for F1 2014 start

      Mexico City has never been closer to returning to the Formula One calendar since it held its last Grand Prix more than...

    12. September 23, 2013

      Growth leaves nowhere else to go but abroad

      The last time you sloped off to the beach – especially if that was in Latin America – it is likely that you wore or...

    13. June 27, 2013

      Telecoms: Regulation aims to rein in communication titans

      Mexico’s most powerful business leaders are poised to battle it out for control of the country’s telecoms, as an...

    14. beyondbrics

      May 1, 2013

      Mexico telecoms reform: almost there

      It’s not quite a done deal yet. But it’s getting there. Mexico’s Congress on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly in support of...

    15. beyondbrics

      March 16, 2013

      America Movil: time to buy?

      embed1 At what point do América Móvil shares start to look cheap? Investors have several ways of deciding the true...

    16. March 14, 2013

      América Móvil suffers as reforms sink in

      Shares in Carlos Slim’s América Móvil fell sharply on Wednesday as investors saw tougher competition ahead in the home...

    17. March 12, 2013

      Latin America: Mexican stand-off

      Twenty five years ago, as a dynamic and reformist government took power in Mexico, a youthful Carlos Slim, clean-shaven...

    18. March 12, 2013

      A monopoly that has cost Mexico dearly

      Mexico’s overhaul of its telecoms market looks set to follow the deregulation of European markets more than a decade...

    19. March 4, 2013

      A fight in Mexico

      The gloves are off in the battle between Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexico’s new president, and the crony union and industrial...

    20. beyondbrics

      February 8, 2013

      Sanborns IPO: a bright spot in a not so swell week for Carlos Slim

      Carlos Slim closed the week with a successful $950m IPO of his Sanborns retail and restaurant chain whose tastes...

    21. beyondbrics

      January 16, 2013

      Slim Academy? Carlos Slim brings Khan Academy to LatAm

      ¿Hablas inglés? If the answer is no, help is at hand: Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man, has just signed an...

    22. December 5, 2012

      A grand plan for Mexico’s future

      When Enrique Peña Nieto was elected Mexico’s 57th president last July, he promised sweeping reforms that would treble...

    23. September 26, 2012

      Televisa – Tech’s Mex

      Televisa, the Mexican media conglomerate, was built on telenovelas and is itself a tale of many parts and characters....

    24. June 20, 2012

      Telcel: No panic as Carlos Slim unit is denied TV access

      What do you do when, as a large company selling products and services to the general public, you suddenly find yourself...

    25. beyondbrics

      June 18, 2012

      Slim's YPF stake: more than meets the eye [updated]

      By John Paul Rathbone, Jude Webber and Adam Thomson At a lunch with businessfolk at the Council of the Americas last...

    26. May 8, 2012

      Slim eyes KPN as launch pad into Europe

      Could Carlos Slim, the Mexican telecoms tycoon and the world’s richest man, be about to realise his long-held ambition...

    27. April 27, 2012

      América Móvil reports surge in net profit

      América Móvil, Latin America’s largest telecoms company by subscribers, on Thursday reported a 37.5 per cent surge in...

    28. beyondbrics

      March 22, 2012

      New York headlines

      * Singh under fire over new India scandal * China and Australia in $31bn currency swap * Stocks slip on China and...

    29. beyondbrics

      March 22, 2012

      London headlines

      * US under pressure over World Bank chief * China factory activity slows, stoking market fears * Slim’s Telmex targeted...

    30. beyondbrics

      March 13, 2012

      New salvos in Mexico's TV war

      Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man, has opened a new front in Mexico’s TV war – and this time he has enlisted the...

    31. February 10, 2012

      América Móvil profits fall on higher debt costs

      América Móvil has reported a 36 per cent fall in fourth-quarter profits as Latin America’s largest telecoms company...

    32. beyondbrics

      January 4, 2012

      EM M&A in 2011: a tougher market

      What to make of emerging markets M&A in 2011? Overall deal values were 13.6 per cent down on 2010, EMs’ global share...

    33. beyondbrics

      November 11, 2011

      Mexico: rewriting the media rulebook

      Mexico’s media wars just got more brutal. For the best part of this year, Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man, has...

    34. October 28, 2011

      Currency movements hit América Móvil results

      América Móvil, one of the world’s largest telecoms companies, reported a 21 per cent fall in third-quarter net income...

    35. October 10, 2011

      América Móvil targets Telmex shares

      América Móvil, the pan-American telecoms provider, said on Monday that it would seek to buy the remaining 40 per cent...

    36. August 23, 2011

      Slim increases his stake in NY Times

      Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu has increased his stake in the New York Times Company just weeks after the US...

    37. beyondbrics

      August 3, 2011

      Further reading: small beer

      What caught the beyondbrics team’s eye on Wednesday: what is behind Walmart’s struggle in South Africa, how to prevent...

    38. August 2, 2011

      Slim bids $6.5bn for Teléfonos de Mexico

      Carlos Slim’s most recent revamp of his telecommunications empire might have come as a surprise to market watchers in...

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