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    1. Fast FT

      May 11, 2016

      Goldman bumps up its gold forecasts

      Goldman Sachs says the outlook for gold is bearish, but it’s still raising its forecasts for the shiny stuff. Confused?...

    2. Fast FT

      May 10, 2016

      Go long: Switzerland to issue 2058 bonds

      Long-dated bonds are so hot right now. Switzerland is set to issue bonds maturing in 2058, the latest in a series of...

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    1. Foreign Exchange 2013

      After long months in the dark, currencies are coming back into the light...
    2. Foreign Exchange April 2012

      US dollar: The past four years have taken their toll and most strategists are wary of ...
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    1. Fast FT

      May 3, 2016

      Gold soars to highest since January 2015

      The shiny stuff is on sparkling form, with gold breaching $1,300 per ounce – a 15-month high. Gold has been on a...

    2. Fast FT

      April 28, 2016

      SNB reaps billions from gold

      My precious. Switzerland’s central bank made SFr4.1bn ($4.24bn) from its gold holdings in the first quarter of this...

    3. Fast FT

      April 28, 2016

      Fast Europe Open: BoJ ripples

      It has been a busy 24 hours for various central banks around the world but all, including the Bank of Japan and the US...

    4. Fast FT

      April 13, 2016

      Fancy a fight? There's a central bank for that

      The golden rule “do not fight the central banks” is a thing of the past. That’s according to Bank of America Merrill...

    5. Fast FT

      April 8, 2016

      Switzerland in deflation for 17th consecutive month

      Inflation is still badly lacking in Switzerland, with the country remaining in deflationary territory for the 17th...

    6. April 3, 2016

      The Swiss franc may face another jolt

      Little more than a year ago, while European Central Bank president Mario Draghi was busy fulfilling his promise to do...

    7. Fast FT

      March 29, 2016

      UBS cuts earnings targets for Swiss watchmakers

      Life is not getting any easier for Swiss watchmakers, according to UBS. Swiss watchmakers have had an interesting time...

    8. Fast FT

      March 24, 2016

      The never-healing Swiss franc scar

      January 15th 2015: the day of the Swiss franc shocker. It’s the wound that just won’t heal in financial markets, and...

    9. March 18, 2016

      Euro surrenders some post-ECB gains

      Euro turbulence shows no signs of abating after comments from the European Central Bank’s chief economist appeared to...

    10. Fast FT

      March 16, 2016

      Danish central bank 1; Currency peg speculators 0

      Hedge funds, eat your heart out. For all the speculation last year that Denmark would be cornered into a humiliating...

    11. Fast FT

      March 15, 2016

      Polish banks face huge loan bill

      Poland’s banks look set to shoulder heavy bills relating to the foreign currency loans and mortgages that they extended...

    12. March 13, 2016

      Week Ahead Economic Outlook: Five central banks to lay out policy decisions

      The surprise decision by the European Central Bank last week to provide a more powerful boost to its programme of...

    13. Fast FT

      March 11, 2016

      Next week: Fed, UK budget, US politics

      After the European Central Bank’s aggressive stimulus package this week, investors will turn their attention to the...

    14. Fast FT

      March 10, 2016

      ECB move rattles currencies of neghbours

      There’s probably no shortage of wailing and gnashing of teeth among central bankers outside the eurozone on Thursday....

    15. February 29, 2016

      Forex market awaits Swiss intervention

      Fresh action by Switzerland’s policymakers to weaken the franc is becoming increasingly likely, analysts believe, as...

    16. Fast FT

      February 29, 2016

      Barclays warns of 'nuclear option' for Swiss franc

      Complacency is a dangerous thing when it comes to the Swiss franc. Just over a year since the Swiss National Bank gave...

    17. Fast FT

      February 23, 2016

      Hoarding banknotes? Try to be Swiss

      Swiss National Bank chief Thomas Jordan said today that negative interest rates have limits. At some point, they get...

    18. Fast FT

      February 23, 2016

      SNB chief Jordan suggests limit to negative rates

      Several key central bankers (we’re looking at you, Mario Draghi) are keen to stress that there are “no limits” to how...

    19. February 22, 2016

      The risk Switzerland runs with referendums

      British politicians on both sides of the Brexit campaign cast this summer’s referendum as a once-in-a-lifetime chance...

    20. Fast FT

      February 15, 2016

      Moody's: Poland mortgage law unlikely "in its current form"

      Moody’s says it is unlikely Poland’s notorious Swiss franc mortgage conversion law will be passed in its current form...

    21. February 11, 2016

      Don’t mess with the SNB over Swissie

      One reason why the yen has surged so much this week may be that another supposed haven is not really pulling its...

    22. February 4, 2016

      Free Lunch: There is no lower bound on interest rates

      Feet-of-clay monetary theory Has the Bank of Japan undercut the basis of everything we’ve thought about economic policy...

    23. February 3, 2016

      Swatch feels impact of strong Swiss franc

      Swatch has blamed the “dismal currency situation” in Switzerland for a squeeze on exports and a sharp fall in profit....

    24. Fast FT

      February 3, 2016

      Swatch hit by 'dismal' currency situation

      Swatch Group has blamed the “dismal currency situation” facing Swiss exporters for a painful 21 per cent drop in net...

    25. February 3, 2016

      ‘No limit’ to Japan easing, says Kuroda

      Haruhiko Kuroda said there was “no limit” to monetary easing as he vowed to slash Japanese interest rates deeper into...

    26. Fast FT

      January 28, 2016

      Solid result from Roche as sales beat estimates

      Roche came good on its forecast to deliver mid-single digit sales growth as it reported higher-than-expected revenue in...

    27. January 15, 2016

      Why the Swiss are turning away tax payments

      “Swiss canton tells taxpayers to delaysettling bills.” Financial Times, January 11 I know Switzerland is renowned as a...

    28. January 14, 2016

      Winding up forex traders, one year on

      Winding up currencies traders is good fun, and very easy. One way is to say that someone from compliance rang for them....

    29. January 4, 2016

      Louis Dreyfus Commodities chair expects twins in April

      The billionaire who chairs and controls Louis Dreyfus Commodities, one of the world’s biggest traders of grains and...

    30. December 21, 2015

      Currency surprises a feature of 2015

      After so many shocks, currency traders are ending the year fully expecting another bolt from the blue. Three major...

    31. Fast FT

      December 15, 2015

      Charts of the year: January 15th, Swiss franc. Enough said

        Where were you on the morning of January 15th 2015? No, you’re not in trouble with the police, but if you work...

    32. December 11, 2015

      Swiss bond issuance falls as negative rates damp markets

      Foreign companies have shunned Swiss bond markets with issuance falling to a record low this year, despite Switzerland...

    33. December 10, 2015

      Swiss National Bank keeps its powder dry

      Switzerland’s central bank has decided against pushing interest rates even deeper into negative territory after...

    34. December 10, 2015

      Swiss National Bank stays on hold, bemoans franc strength

      The Swiss central bank can thank Mario Draghi later. The relatively cautious rate cut from the ECB last week has given...

    35. December 10, 2015

      'Christmas has come early for SNB'

      The Swiss National Bank has its quarterly rates announcement coming up. Don’t expect fireworks. Since the European...

    36. December 6, 2015

      BoE and Swiss central bank to announce rate decisions

      Interest rate announcements from arguably the two most important European central banks outside the eurozone are the...

    37. December 2, 2015

      Central banks battle rising currencies as euro weakens

      For a select group of central bank governors, the year is threatening to end as it began — fending off unwelcome...

    38. December 1, 2015

      Stagnant growth piles pressure on Swiss ahead of ECB meeting

      Switzerland’s economic growth has stalled following this year’s sharp franc appreciation, piling pressure on its...

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