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    Apple-EU Q&A: the tax dispute explained

    Ireland will on Tuesday be ordered to claw back billions of euros from Apple, triggering one of the world’s biggest tax...

  2. August 24, 2016

    US in last-ditch effort to quash Brussels tax demand on Apple

    The US has launched a stinging attack on the European Commission in a last-ditch bid to dissuade Brussels from hitting...

Special Reports

  1. Tomorrow's Global Business

    Catching up can be hard to do. But while many emerging market economies have hit the s...
  2. Doing Business in Wallonia

    Wallonia’s economy is quite diverse. But with a diet of bullets and pills, it is not a...
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  1. July 26, 2016

    McDonald’s new US menu buzz falls flat

    McDonald’s US sales growth slowed in the second quarter, underscoring a fast food industry-wide weakening of demand and...

  2. Fast FT

    July 26, 2016

    McDonald’s drops as sales growth falls short

    Not lovin’ it so much. McDonald’s US sales growth slowed in the second quarter, underscoring an industry-wide weakening...

  3. July 22, 2016

    Fast-food chains feel bite of faltering US consumer sentiment

    Howard Schultz, Starbucks’ chairman and chief executive, did not hold back this week when he said that political and...

  4. Fast FT

    July 22, 2016

    Stocks slip on slew of weak earnings; ECB stays on hold

    Stocks are ending the week on a downbeat note as traders reassess the chances of more central bank support, and after...

  5. June 29, 2016

    Starbucks’ European unit pays $15m UK tax

    Starbucks has revealed that the London headquarters it set up after a public outcry over alleged tax avoidance paid...

  6. June 21, 2016

    Local chains take on coffee giants

    Not long after Starbucks made its first foray into Ho Chi Minh City in 2013, a local coffee chain called Phuc Long...

  7. Fast FT

    June 2, 2016

    Beer giant AB Inbev makes push into tea

    Anheuser-Busch InBev, the 800lb gorilla of the beer brewing industry, is making a push into the tea business. The...

  8. May 15, 2016

    Potholes, litter and endless roadworks? There’s an app for that

    Your bicycle plunges into a pothole and breaks a wheel. The park bins are overflowing after a hot summer’s day. Road...

  9. May 1, 2016

    Pub groups wake up and smell the coffee

    A man walks into a bar and asks for a latte macchiato. That might have been a joke in the past. But, faced with high...

  10. April 29, 2016

    Too many boardrooms display a ‘conspiracy against the public’

    On a cool May morning in 2006 a group of garishly dressed people preceded by a small camel paraded across London’s...

  11. Fast FT

    April 22, 2016

    Sliding yen dominates markets

    Markets action is dominated by a sharp drop in the yen on reports the Bank of Japan is considering negative interest...

  12. Fast FT

    April 21, 2016

    Starbucks slips as Americas, China growth disappoints

    Starbucks just served up a disappointing brew. Shares in the Seattle-based coffee chain fell nearly 5 per cent in...

  13. Brussels Blog

    April 19, 2016

    Brussels Briefing: Vestager vs Google 2.0

    This is Tuesday’s edition of our daily Brussels Briefing. To receive it every morning in your email in-box, sign up...

  14. April 12, 2016

    Starbucks slips on fears of loss in momentum

    Starbucks shares fell on Tuesday after an analyst downgraded the stock and said the US coffee chain’s rally in recent...

  15. Fast FT

    April 12, 2016

    Starbucks slides on analyst downgrade

    A bitter brew of news for Starbucks on Tuesday. Shares in the Seattle-based coffee chain fell more than 4 per cent in...

  16. April 8, 2016

    Why one size doesn’t fit all

    Most Tuesday afternoons, in the lazy late hour between the end of school and the start of Brownies, you can find me...

  17. March 31, 2016

    Living wage: Seattle’s wage rise could sting in recession

    In downtown Seattle on a Wednesday morning, diners at Miller’s Guild, an upscale eatery, are quietly choosing between...

  18. March 16, 2016

    The Budget’s sugar tax is half-baked

    I’m all in favour of a sugar tax, as I wrote in the FT Magazine on Saturday. It’s a shame, then, that — despite the...

  19. March 10, 2016

    Lavazza targets €2bn sales within 5 years

    Lavazza, Italy’s best-selling coffee brand, has a warning for Starbucks as the coffee and frappuccino giant enters the...

  20. Fast FT

    February 29, 2016

    EU competition chief defends US tax probes

    Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s powerful competition chief, has rebuffed claims from the US government that a series of...

  21. February 29, 2016

    Starbucks takes the Americano to the home of caffè

    Starbucks is taking on Italy at its own game: coffee. The American chain is to open its first shop in Milan next year,...

  22. MBA blog

    February 9, 2016

    How to unlock (cover letter) writer's block

    Most of the MBA students zoom in on one goal: getting a job. Not just any job, but the job. When enrolling into...

  23. February 1, 2016

    Alt Coffee, Shanghai

    Where 30 Wusong Road, Hongkou district WiFi Yes Plug sockets Yes Coffee Rmb40 ($6) Open 10am-6pm; closed Mon Privacy...

  24. January 29, 2016

    US blasts Brussels over tax probe bias

    The US has unleashed an unusually forthright attack on the European Commission, saying it was unfairly targeting...

  25. January 22, 2016

    Schlumberger advances on cost cuts and new buyback

    Schlumberger shares advanced after announcing deeper cuts and a new share buyback programme. The world’s largest...

  26. Fast FT

    January 21, 2016

    Starbucks shares slide after its Q1 results

    An aggressive push into China helped Starbucks grow its topline in the final quarter of 2015 but not enough to win...

  27. January 20, 2016

    Bono surveys a Red decade of ‘conscious consumerism’

    An appearance by Bono at the World Economic Forum in Davos, alongside world leaders, chief executives and other members...

  28. January 14, 2016

    Jakarta attacks not sign of country tipping into fundamentalism

    A small group of young men armed with guns and explosives attacked a Starbucks coffee shop and a police post in the...

  29. January 12, 2016

    Lululemon jumps after holiday sales boost

    Lululemon, the maker of yoga clothing, rallied on Tuesday after providing an upbeat sales outlook for the key holiday...

  30. Brussels Blog

    January 12, 2016

    Vestager: Not a party in the USA

    To receive this new daily Brussels Briefing every morning via email, sign up here. It wasn’t so much what she said, it...

  31. Fast FT

    January 12, 2016

    Starbucks to open 500 more stores in China

    The China market may be short on cheerleaders these days, as global investors fret about a mainland ​economic...

  32. January 11, 2016

    Belgium ordered to claw back €700m from multinationals

    The European Commission has ordered Belgium to recoup about €700m from 35 multinational companies that have benefited...

  33. January 3, 2016

    Equities: And then there were nine

    Had it not been for a small group of nifty companies, 2015 would have entered the history books as a terrible year for...

  34. January 3, 2016

    Time to get stoked by the year’s worst corporate guff

    Last year was a ripping one for flannel. I know I say that every year, but 2015 broke all records for obfuscation,...

  35. December 29, 2015

    Mast Brothers ‘remelting’ stirs debate over high-end chocolate

    “Remelting” has lurched into the public vernacular and stirred angry debate in the chocolate world as controversy...

  36. December 29, 2015

    Seattle, US: a different west coast scene

    Metropolitan population 3,600,000 State income tax: 0% (1 of 7 US states with no income tax) Students attending...

  37. December 16, 2015

    Starbucks tries to draw a line under tax controversy

    When Starbucks announced its largest ever UK profit on Tuesday, it appeared to draw a line under a unique episode in...

  38. December 15, 2015

    Starbucks pays £8.1m corporation tax as profits rise

    Starbucks UK paid £8.1m in corporation tax in the past 12 months — almost as much as it contributed between 1998 and...

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