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    1. October 6, 2014

      South African Reserve Bank names deputy as new governor

      Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s president, on Monday appointed Lesetja Kganyago as governor of the central bank, at a time when...

    2. September 18, 2014

      Gill Marcus to step down as South Africa’s central bank chief

      Gill Marcus, South Africa’s respected central bank governor, surprised markets on Thursday by announcing she would be...

    1. August 10, 2014

      S African rescue plan will split Abil into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ banks

      South Africa’s central bank has put crisis-hit African Bank Investments, the country’s biggest lender of unsecured loans,...

    2. June 22, 2014

      South Africa: exports, please

      When the South African Reserve Bank raised rates in January – its first increase in over half a decade, to fend off a squall...

    3. beyondbrics

      May 22, 2014

      South Africa keeps interest rates on hold

      There were no shocks or surprises from Pretoria today. Rather, South Africa’s Monetary Policy Committee agreed with the...

    4. March 25, 2014

      Rand benefits from calmer emerging market waters

      The South African Reserve Bank on Thursday will deliver its latest monetary policy decision. Analysts’ consensus is for the...

    5. beyondbrics

      January 29, 2014

      South Africa hikes rates but rand weakens

      South Africa’s hike in its policy rate on Wednesday failed to impress traders who sold off the rand within 15 minutes of the...

    6. beyondbrics

      January 24, 2014

      Rand at 11: how long before S Africa raises rates?

      Ah, the heady days of the rand at 10 to the dollar. Back only in June last year, that was the big psychological market...

    7. November 5, 2013

      South Africa to invest in China bonds

      South Africa’s central bank on Tuesday said a portion of the country’s reserves would be invested in Chinese bonds for the...

    8. beyondbrics

      September 19, 2013

      Post-Fed EM chartbook

      The Fed’s announcement that tapering can wait has given emerging market currencies and equities a big boost. Here are a few...

    9. August 25, 2013

      South Africa stops short of rand intervention as EM crisis builds

      While India, Brazil and Indonesia commit billions of dollars to attempts to prop up their fast depreciating currencies,...

    10. beyondbrics

      June 16, 2013

      Week ahead: June 17 - 21

      Look out for: IEA gas report, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro receives audience with Pope Francis in Rome, and the...

    11. FT Alphaville

      June 6, 2013


      The Aussie dollar is looking more like the South Pacific peso at the moment, but Australia is not alone in fending off the...

    12. beyondbrics

      May 28, 2013

      South Africa: manufacturing slump dents GDP growth

      South Africa’s economic gloom darkened on Tuesday, with government figures showing that GDP growth slowed in the first...

    13. beyondbrics

      May 15, 2013

      S Africa consumers reluctant to take brake off spending

      South Africa’s consumers are reluctant to take the brake off spending even though inflation is at a four-decade low,...

    14. beyondbrics

      March 19, 2013

      S Africa: weakening rand adds to list of economic woes

      As South Africa’s Monetary Policy Committee has been meeting this week it will have been grappling with some familiar...

    15. beyondbrics

      March 17, 2013

      Week ahead, March 18 – 22

      A look at the week ahead from beyondbrics, featuring: central bank meetings in South Africa and India; Nigeria inflation...

    16. beyondbrics

      March 12, 2013

      Brics bank to focus on infrastructure

      By John Thornhill Much attention at the forthcoming Brics summit in Durban on March 26 will focus on the progress the five...

    17. beyondbrics

      March 12, 2013

      South Africa: rand slumps on deficit

      South Africa’s central bank delivered a nasty shock on Tuesday morning: the country’s trade and current accounts were in a...

    18. beyondbrics

      December 21, 2012

      S Africa FX: proceeding with caution

      Although South Africa boasts some of the more sophisticated financial systems in Africa, there is still some scepticism...

    19. beyondbrics

      November 18, 2012

      Week ahead: November 19-23

      This week Q3 GDP figures are announced for Chile, Venezuela and Taiwan; we have full-year results from China Resources...

    20. beyondbrics

      October 5, 2012

      Rand drops on latest mine death

      embed1 The South African rand weakened on Friday amid continued violent unrest in the mining industry. A striking miner was...

    21. beyondbrics

      September 20, 2012

      South Africa holds rates for now

      The South African Reserve Bank held its repurchase rate at 5 per cent on Thursday, in a widely-expected move. The monetary...

    22. Money Supply

      September 14, 2012

      The week ahead in central banking

      Our week ahead email helps you to track the most important events in central banking. To see all of our emails and alerts...

    23. beyondbrics

      September 11, 2012

      S Africa: investors jittery as current account deficit soars, labour unrest spreads

      embed1 Difficult days for South Africa. Not only is the mining industry in turmoil but the current account deficit has...

    24. July 24, 2012

      World Bank cuts South Africa forecast

      The World Bank has slashed its growth forecast for South Africa and warned that Africa’s largest economy could be pushed...

    25. beyondbrics

      July 19, 2012

      South Africa: inflation fades as economic woes loom larger

      So, South Africa’s monetary policy makers have finally bitten the bullet and cut interest rates by 50 basis points,...

    26. July 19, 2012

      South Africa cuts rates to 5 per cent

      The South African Reserve Bank cut interest rates by 50 basis points on Thursday in a surprise move intended to bolster...

    27. beyondbrics

      June 20, 2012

      S African inflation adds to pressure for interest rate cut

      Good news for the South African consumer, perhaps, and a surprise for analysts: inflation appears to be falling more quickly...

    28. November 21, 2011

      Rand falls victim to global concerns

      The South African Reserve Bank will release its semi-annual monetary policy review on Tuesday just as the chart technicals...

    29. beyondbrics

      November 6, 2011

      The week ahead: November 7 - 11

      This week EM investors hoping that the eurozone can avoid another round of market-moving uncertainty will have their eyes...

    30. Money Supply

      November 4, 2011

      The week ahead in central banking

      Our week ahead email helps you track the most important events in central banking. To see all of our emails and alerts visit...

    31. beyondbrics

      September 18, 2011

      Week ahead: September 19 - 23

      The eyes of emerging markets investors will be on the Turkish and South African central banks, which hold interest rate...

    32. Money Supply

      September 16, 2011

      The week ahead in central banking

      Our week ahead email will help you to track the most important events in the central banking world. To see all of our...

    33. Money Supply

      August 23, 2011

      Sarb’s Marcus to world leaders: get a grip

      Gill Marcus. Image by Getty. Central bankers tend to pull their punches when it comes to criticising their political...

    34. Money Supply

      July 21, 2011

      Global outlook weighs on Sarb

      Events in the eurozone and the US are at the forefront of central bankers’ thoughts, in some cases eclipsing domestic...

    35. beyondbrics

      May 22, 2011

      Week ahead: May 23 - May 27

      Egypt will be in focus this week as the detention period of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak comes to an end on...

    36. FT Alphaville

      December 9, 2010

      Central bank mash-up, carry bash-up

      China started it. Quantitative tightening has been bandied about recently as the way in which the People’s Bank of China is...

    37. October 6, 2010

      Strong rand puts South Africa under pressure

      South African authorities are coming under growing pressure from exporters and union leaders to intervene to weaken the...

    38. April 25, 2010

      Former S African central banker joins Goldman

      Tito Mboweni, the former governor of South Africa’s Reserve Bank, is to join Goldman Sachs as an international adviser in...

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