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    1. June 27, 2016

      Transport stocks take a hit; easyJet down 20%

      Transport stocks are getting battered today as fears for the UK economy intensify in the wake of the vote to leave the...

    2. June 26, 2016

      Airlines: brace position

      If you can use some exotic booze . . . let’s fly away, sang Frank Sinatra. Airline executives could use a bucket of...

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    1. Employment: Global Best Practice

      A happy workplace often leads to strong productivity – but how to achieve it?...
    2. Ireland Financial Services

      Ireland’s financial institutions have endured a torrid few years. Yet in spite of the ...
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    1. June 2, 2016

      Steel workers and shop staff push pensions into the limelight

      A tale of two cities. From London comes news that no buyer has been found for BHS and so the company will be wound up....

    2. June 2, 2016

      Ryanair makes cuts to checked baggage fees

      Ryanair, the Irish no-frills airline, has cut baggage fees for the vast majority of its passengers and simplified its...

    3. Fast FT

      June 2, 2016

      Ryanair cuts back on its 108 'bag fee options'

      You know how it is. You’re taking a flight. You probably have some bags. Big bags, maybe even small bags too. Bags. It...

    4. June 1, 2016

      Ryanair retaliates against Norway air tax

      Ryanair is to close its main base in Norway and cut half of its flights to the Nordic country in retaliation at Oslo’s...

    5. May 25, 2016

      Low fuel costs boost profits at Wizz Air

      Low fuel costs and increased volumes lifted profits at low-cost airline Wizz Air to record levels as the company...

    6. May 23, 2016

      Ryanair expects EgyptAir crash to lead to cut in fares

      The crash of an EgyptAir jet killing 66 people last week will help to drive down airfares this summer as airlines try...

    7. Fast FT

      May 23, 2016

      Opening Quote: Bayer the buyer; BHS; Ryanair; Brexit

      Ryanair’s profits growth is set to slow, Bayer has offered $62bn for Monsanto, MPs are looking into what happened at...

    8. FT Alphaville

      May 23, 2016

      FT Opening Quote

      Ryanair’s profits growth is set to slow, Bayer has offered $62bn for Monsanto, MPs are looking into what happened at...

    9. Fast FT

      May 23, 2016

      Ryanair profits and forecast miss estimates

      Full-year profits at Ryanair and forecasted earnings both underwhelmed today, as the European low cost airline grappled...

    10. Fast FT

      May 19, 2016

      Airline stocks weak after EgyptAir jet vanishes

      Shares in a numbers of European airlines are falling in early trading following the news that an EgyptAir passenger jet...

    11. May 4, 2016

      Airlines will carry on flying for no money

      Europe’s airlines are cutting costs and pledging to pare back the expansion of routes and flights across the continent...

    12. March 22, 2016

      European travel groups hit by terrorism fears

      Shares in European airlines and travel groups fell on Tuesday after explosions in Brussels raised fears about the...

    13. Fast FT

      March 22, 2016

      European equities creep back after sell-off

      The sharp sell off in European financial markets following explosions in Brussels is easing. Belgium’s benchmark equity...

    14. Fast FT

      March 22, 2016

      Airline and travel shares slide after Brussels explosions

      Shares in European airlines and travel groups have declined sharply after two explosions hit Brussels airport this...

    15. March 9, 2016

      Ryanair looks to ditch low-cost image with private jet service

      Ryanair is casting aside its no-frills image with the launch of a corporate jet service that promises leather reclining...

    16. Fast FT

      March 9, 2016

      Ryanair goes upmarket with corporate jet service

      The words “Ryanair” and “fine dining” don’t usually go hand in hand but that is what the low cost airline is promising...

    17. February 28, 2016

      Qantas boss urges Britain to vote to stay in the EU

      Qantas boss Alan Joyce has urged Britain to vote to stay in the EU, saying UK membership in the union is good for trade...

    18. February 24, 2016

      Michael O’Leary presses British voters to stick with EU

      Michael O’Leary, chief executive of Ryanair, has urged the British public to vote to stay in the EU, warning that an...

    19. Fast FT

      February 24, 2016

      UK 'should remain in European Union' - Ryanair

      Ryanair has added its name to a list of major European businesses that have come out in support of the UK remaining in...

    20. February 19, 2016

      Ladbrokes to be absent from Cheltenham week

      One of the UK’s busiest betting shops will not operate at Cheltenham Week this year, because of a dispute between...

    21. Fast FT

      February 18, 2016

      Air France-KLM turns a profit in 2015

      Low fuel costs helped airlines group Air France-KLM to offset static demand for flights in the wake of the Paris...

    22. FT Alphaville

      February 4, 2016

      The lifecycle of a fintech startup

      Whether it’s crypto currency or peer-to-peer, the lifecycle of a fintech start-up can be roughly summarised as follows:...

    23. Fast FT

      February 2, 2016

      EasyJet's debut bond set for take-off

      Wheels up: EasyJet’s first ever bond is launching today. The deal seven-year bond is fixed to an upper limit of €500m,...

    24. February 1, 2016

      Ryanair plans largest ever share buyback

      Ryanair plans to return €800m to investors through its largest ever share buyback, highlighting how Europe’s leading...

    25. February 1, 2016

      Ryanair: share fly backs

      Dividends do not mix very well with airlines’ business models. Of the large listed European airline groups, only...

    26. Fast FT

      February 1, 2016

      Ryanair shares lifted as €800m share buyback announced

      Shares in Ryanair are outperforming in early trading after the Irish low cost carrier said it would buy back €800m of...

    27. Fast FT

      February 1, 2016

      Ryanair announces €800m share buyback

      Irish low cost carrier Ryanair, which has been on a mission since 2013 to improve its reputation, missed profit...

    28. January 27, 2016

      Dublin determined to maintain its cutting edge in aircraft leasing

      The late Irish businessman Tony Ryan is most associated these days with the creation of Ryanair, which he co-founded...

    29. Fast FT

      January 26, 2016

      EasyJet revenue dips in wake of Paris terrorist attacks

      EasyJet suffered a 3.7 per cent decline in revenue per seat in the three months to December, due to the impact of...

    30. January 12, 2016

      Ryanair and easyJet eye work with rivals

      European passengers flying long-haul to the US or further afield could soon find themselves travelling part of the way...

    31. Fast FT

      January 6, 2016

      Ryanair picks Uber lobbyist as first public affairs head

      Ryanair really is growing up. A charm offensive launched in the wake of two profit warnings in 2013 has led to a number...

    32. December 23, 2015

      Irish aviation: in the blood

      The Irish rule the skies and finance every airliner in them. Well, not quite. But even an Irish storyteller given to...

    33. December 9, 2015

      Stagecoach warns of lower travel demand after Paris attacks

      Stagecoach has become the first UK transport group to warn that earnings will be lower than expected because of a drop...

    34. December 1, 2015

      Ryanair launches legal case against Google and eDreams

      Ryanair has launched legal action against Google and online travel agent eDreams in the Irish High Court over what it...

    35. November 30, 2015

      Lufthansa faces down strikes amid cost-cutting plans

      Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel rarely intervenes in labour disputes, but Lufthansa’s drawn-out confrontation with...

    36. November 29, 2015

      Smurfit school unveils unique aviation finance course

      The international aircraft leasing industry has long been dominated by Irish expertise, and now the University College...

    37. November 26, 2015

      Social media is capitalism with a human face

      In 2012, the blog Gizmodo acquired a copy of Apple’s Genius training manual. There was a section on teaching...

    38. November 17, 2015

      EasyJet: on easy street

      When an airline trumpets record profits, lifts its dividend by a fifth, and says it will buy $3.2bn worth of new...

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