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    1. July 18, 2016

      Tech investing: second derivatives

      Consider “Company X”. A technology company, it sells to big businesses and is big itself, with a market value of more...

    2. Tech blog

      July 1, 2016

      #techFT - Spotify caught in a rip tide

      Spotify is angry with Apple, which may be buying Tidal; Nikesh Arora is being investigated by the SEC; the dubious...

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    1. 50 Leading Business Pioneers

      Who are the greatest business pioneers of all time?...
    2. Innovation and the Economy

      Innovation and commercialisation of research are key to future-proofing economic growt...
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    1. July 1, 2016

      Oracle ordered to pay $3bn to HP after losing lawsuit

      Oracle has lost its second multibillion-dollar legal battle in little more than a month, after a jury in Silicon Valley...

    2. June 29, 2016

      Credit markets open up as companies sell debt

      Beer company Molson Coors reopened corporate bond markets on both sides of the Atlantic by launching a €800m bond on...

    3. June 17, 2016

      Salesforce considered a bid for LinkedIn considered making a takeover bid for LinkedIn before Microsoft won the professional social networking...

    4. Tech blog

      June 17, 2016

      #techFT - New Facebook data aids ad-book

      Facebook for ad-bookers, Uber making major-market profits, getting the messaging. #techFT is a daily newsletter on...

    5. June 17, 2016

      Software M&A: get off of my cloud

      The arms race in enterprise software is getting increasingly hazardous. Two financially dubious acquisitions have been...

    6. June 17, 2016

      Oracle aims high in race to the cloud

      Cloud computing still only represents a small fraction of revenues at Oracle, but it was front and centre on Thursday...

    7. Fast FT

      June 16, 2016

      Oracle logs rapid cloud sales growth, shares rise

      Cloud computing may still only represent a small fraction of revenues at Oracle, but it was front and centre on...

    8. Tech blog

      May 27, 2016

      #techFT- Today's press review: We're all doomed

      Is the death of print newspapers inevitable? Is the freedom of the press under threat from Silicon Valley? At least...

    9. May 26, 2016

      Google beats Oracle in $9bn copyright case

      Google has won a high-profile copyright case against Oracle, fending off a $9bn damages claim and establishing a legal...

    10. Fast FT

      May 26, 2016

      Google beats Oracle in key copyright suit

      Google has won a high-profile copyright case against Oracle, in the process fending off a $9bn damages claim and...

    11. May 23, 2016

      Google makes final pitch in copyright trial with Oracle

      Google on Monday made a final courtroom pitch to defend an approach to programming that has become second-nature to...

    12. May 20, 2016

      US companies’ cash pile hits $1.7tn

      Five US tech giants are hoarding more than half a trillion dollars, a record sum that underscores how cash has become...

    13. Tech blog

      May 20, 2016

      #techFT - Android's N for Negativity

      Android is under pressure in court and from a commission, Apple is adding avenues and groves to its retail stores, 42...

    14. May 19, 2016

      Mixed signals on future for Google’s Android operating system

      Android, the Google smartphone operating system, was the centre of attention in three very different places recently: a...

    15. Fast FT

      May 16, 2016

      Berkshire Hathaway discloses $1bn stake in Apple

      The Oracle of Omaha is sinking his teeth into Apple stock. Shares in the iPhone maker are up more than 2 per cent in...

    16. May 15, 2016

      VMware: Tractor beam

      It sounds a bit Star Trek. Despite being protected by The Federation, VMware is being captured by the secretive aliens...

    17. Tech blog

      May 9, 2016

      #techFT - Big Yellow Taxi blues

      Uber is hitting regular cab drivers and those that make loans to them, PwC is turning to drones, Oracle and Google are...

    18. May 8, 2016

      Oracle and Google copyright fight is back in court

      A long-running battle between Oracle and Google that could have a sweeping impact on how copyright laws apply to the...

    19. April 8, 2016

      Blood Simple

      “If only they’d found out sooner. Maybe they’d still be alive.” It is the cry of anyone who has lost a loved one to a...

    20. March 16, 2016

      Oracle shares rise on robust cloud growth

      Oracle shares rallied on Wednesday after the business software company revealed strong growth in its cloud division,...

    21. Fast FT

      March 15, 2016

      Oracle's cloud surge brightens quarter

      Larry Ellison’s Oracle has reported another jump in sales at its cloud software business, overshadowing a drop in...

    22. Fast FT

      March 8, 2016

      Buffett's Berkshire taps heavy demand for bond

      The Oracle of Omaha is drumming up investor interest in one of his latest acquisitions. Orders for a $10bn Berkshire...

    23. Tech blog

      March 8, 2016

      #techFT - Flash Boys and the magic shoebox

      A “magic shoebox” that slows down market trades is at the centre of IEX’s bid to become a recognised exchange,...

    24. March 7, 2016

      Microsoft takes step to move beyond Windows operating system

      Microsoft is taking its biggest step beyond the Windows operating system since chief executive Satya Nadella started a...

    25. Fast FT

      January 29, 2016

      Cancel those Omaha tickets, Berkshire to webcast investor meeting

      Is Warren Buffett shorting stocks in Omaha hotels companies? For the past couple of years, he has been telling the...

    26. January 27, 2016

      Tableau thrives as it seeks to free data from ‘Excel hell’

      In 1993, Pat Hanrahan was part of the Pixar team that won an Oscar for animation software. A decade later, he...

    27. Fast FT

      January 18, 2016

      Adidas CEO hangs up his trainers

      All becomes clear. Kasper Rorsted, the 53-year-old chief executive of German consumer goods heavyweight Henkel, whose...

    28. December 21, 2015

      Oracle settles Java security flaw charge

      Oracle has suffered another black eye over security flaws in its widely used Java software, as the US tech company on...

    29. December 17, 2015

      Strong dollar hits Oracle sales and profits

      Oracle’s latest quarterly sales and profits took a hit from a stronger US dollar, but its cloud computing business,...

    30. Fast FT

      December 16, 2015

      Oracle profits dip, but cloud business grows

      Oracle’s latest quarterly sales and profits took a hit from a stronger US dollar, but its cloud computing business,...

    31. December 8, 2015

      Salesforce: fast talk

      Mealy-mouthed chief executives make way: Salesforce’s founder and chief executive Marc Benioff is coming through....

    32. October 23, 2015

      Big Tech back in vogue on Wall Street

      The sometimes fractious relations between Wall Street and Silicon Valley enjoyed a moment of harmony on Thursday, as a...

    33. October 15, 2015

      Dell-EMC deal latest sign old guard of IT world left behind

      Silicon Valley wit Scott McNealy once described the union of Hewlett-Packard and Compaq as “two garbage trucks...

    34. FT Photo Diary

      October 9, 2015

      An Oracle with Angels

      Team Oracle stunt pilot Sean Tucker flies ahead of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels as part of a practice run for Fleet Week...

    35. September 24, 2015

      Share buybacks: don’t panic; worry

      There are a lot of silly theories about what moves the stock market. One thinks of “psychologically important levels”;...

    36. September 16, 2015

      Cloud shift casts shadow on Oracle result

      The shift to the cloud put another dent in Oracle’s revenues in its latest quarter, according to the latest earnings...

    37. September 16, 2015

      The power of prizes to encourage innovation

      In 1906, Lord Northcliffe, the proprietor of Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, offered a £10,000 prize to the first...

    38. The World

      September 15, 2015

      The Oracle's verdict on Jeremy Corbyn

      I was at the Greek archaeological site of Delphi last weekend, attending a conference on Europe’s future, when the news...

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