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    1. July 20, 2016

      BT broadband network hit by outage

      Internet services to thousands of BT customers were disrupted on Wednesday, the day after UK politicians said the...

    2. July 19, 2016

      BT warned by MPs to put ‘house in order’ or face break-up

      BT needs to put its “house in order” or face a break-up of its business, UK politicians have warned, ahead of a highly...

    1. Fast FT

      July 19, 2016

      Royal Mail 'monitoring' GDP movements for effects on market

      Royal Mail says it is keeping a close eye on economic developments in the UK as the former state-owned postal monopoly...

    2. July 5, 2016

      ITV, C4 told not to expect retransmission fees

      ITV and Channel 4 have been told they should not expect payment from operators such as Virgin Media and Sky for...

    3. Fast FT

      June 6, 2016

      Ofcom attacks Vodafone customer service

      Vodafone’s customer service record has come under renewed attack, as Ofcom said it believes the British telecoms group...

    4. June 5, 2016

      Three calls on Ofcom for protection from BT in spectrum auction

      Telecoms operator Three has demanded protection from Ofcom in a forthcoming auction of the airwaves used to deliver...

    5. May 31, 2016

      UK telecoms sector regroups after blocked Three-O2 deal

      The merger between Three and O2 may only have been blocked by Brussels just a few weeks ago, but companies in the UK...

    6. May 27, 2016

      Ofcom launches new nuisance call blocker

      Mobile phone users will be able to block unsolicited sales and marketing calls using a free text message service from...

    7. Fast FT

      May 25, 2016

      Royal Mail swerves new pricing regulations

      Royal Mail will avoid the imposition of new price controls after the UK’s communications regulator, Ofcom, determined...

    8. Fast FT

      May 20, 2016

      Ofcom pushes ahead with Royal Mail investigation

      Urgent delivery. Ofcom said it has determined there are “reasonable grounds” to believe that Royal Mail has contravened...

    9. Tech blog

      May 16, 2016

      #techFT - Cook courts China in a cab

      Warren Buffett has taken a stake in Apple and is interested in Yahoo, crowdfunding companies finally gets the go-ahead...

    10. May 15, 2016

      UK digital bill to boost infrastructure and services

      Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, will have its powers boosted by proposals in the Queen’s Speech under a digital economy...

    11. May 13, 2016

      Royal Mail fails to deliver on first-class target

      Ofcom, the communications watchdog, has launched an investigation into Royal Mail after the UK postal operator failed...

    12. May 13, 2016

      Faster WiFi on horizon as Ofcom moves to open up airwaves

      UK homes and businesses will enjoy faster mobile internet streaming under plans by the telecoms regulator to boost WiFi...

    13. Fast FT

      May 5, 2016

      Opening Quote: It's sunset for New Day

      BT plans to boost broadband spending, Sage profits are down and it’s sunset for The New Day. FT Opening Quote, with...

    14. FT Alphaville

      May 5, 2016

      FT Opening Quote

      BT plans to boost broadband spending, Sage profits are down and it’s sunset for The New Day. FT Opening Quote, with...

    15. April 20, 2016

      Vodafone in Ofcom’s cross hairs over pay-as-you-go charges

      Ofcom has found “reasonable grounds for believing” that Vodafone falsely charged pay-as-you-go customers over a...

    16. March 25, 2016

      Digital divide made plain in broadband study

      Only one in four rural homes has access to broadband speeds above 10 Mbps, according to research by the telecoms...

    17. March 22, 2016

      Ofcom orders BT to cut prices and speed up installation times

      BT must cut costs and speed up broadband installation and repair times, the UK telecoms regulator said on Tuesday....

    18. March 18, 2016

      Brussels, not Ofcom, will rule on O2 deal

      The kind of cross-looking woman often shown on the homepage of the Ofcom website is not Sharon White, but the chief...

    19. March 1, 2016

      BBC Trust should be scrapped, independent review says

      The BBC Trust should be scrapped and the media regulator Ofcom be given complete oversight of the broadcaster, an...

    20. February 29, 2016

      Record fine for company that made 46m cold calls

      A spam-calling company that made more than 46m nuisance calls has been hit with a record fine from the data-protection...

    21. February 25, 2016

      Chief in public eye used to pressure

      Sharon White took a breather from an exhausting round of interviews on Thursday in which she had defended Ofcom’s...

    22. February 25, 2016

      Ofcom gives BT one last chance to speed up its act

      Britain may have the biggest digital economy in the G7, but you would not think it to look at the country’s creaking...

    23. February 25, 2016

      Ofcom’s digital review boosts faltering broadband network

      The UK’s telecoms regulator has outlined sweeping changes to the communications market to encourage investment in...

    24. February 25, 2016

      Q&A: What do the Ofcom proposals mean for BT and rivals?

      What has Ofcom proposed? BT has been told to strengthen the ring fence around “Openreach” — its broadband network — to...

    25. February 25, 2016

      Ofcom should go further and break up BT

      It is hard to read Ofcom’s long-awaited report on the future of the British telecommunications market without the sense...

    26. February 25, 2016

      BT dodges close shave at Sharon’s Salon

      Gavin Patterson, footballer-coiffed boss of BT Group, takes a seat in his favourite salon as Ofcom delivers its...

    27. Fast FT

      February 25, 2016

      How BT needs to change - key points from Ofcom

      The UK’s telecoms watchdog, Ofcom, this morning delivered its verdict on BT’s Openreach business. BT has escaped the...

    28. Fast FT

      February 25, 2016

      The BT verdict: responses from Sky and TalkTalk

      The big telecoms news this morning: BT has dodged the threat of an immediate order to dismantle its national broadband...

    29. Fast FT

      February 25, 2016

      BT welcomes Ofcom decision

      A BT spokesman welcomed the decision by Ofcom to put the structural separation as a “last resort”, and said that it had...

    30. Fast FT

      February 25, 2016

      BT avoids break-up but faces tougher regulation

      BT has escaped the immediate threat of a split in its national broadband network but faces a stricter regulatory...

    31. February 23, 2016

      BT promises to invest £1bn in broadband if it stays intact

      The chief executive of BT has promised to “significantly” increase investment in its broadband network in a final...

    32. February 23, 2016

      Britain should unbundle BT’s telecom network

      Broadband in Britain is no longer a luxury reserved for geeks and deep-pocketed companies. It is an everyday necessity,...

    33. February 22, 2016

      Vodafone chief Vittorio Colao urges BT split

      Vodafone chief executive Vittorio Colao has made one last appeal for the British telecoms regulator to either split BT...

    34. February 19, 2016

      Ofcom review set to shape UK broadband market

      The grand plan for Britain’s digital future will be unveiled next week as the regulator publishes its first review of...

    35. February 10, 2016

      Price of phone line rental rises 33% since 2010

      The rising price of a fixed line rental that supplies phone and broadband services to homes in the UK is a “risk” to...

    36. February 3, 2016

      Vodafone accuses BT of loading costs on to Openreach network

      Vodafone has criticised BT for “loading costs” on to its Openreach division, which operates the national broadband...

    37. February 2, 2016

      Business secretary Sajid Javid poised to act over BT criticisms

      Sajid Javid has promised to “take action” if Ofcom recommends breaking up BT or launching a competition inquiry when...

    38. February 1, 2016

      Britain must not go from four to three in mobile

      Over the past three years, Europe’s largest telecoms operators have rushed to consolidate the mobile industry....

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