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    1. May 17, 2016

      CMA: banking’s impotent watchmeerkat

      Is there any point to the Competition and Markets Authority? The regulator has once again been reduced to proposing...

    2. May 16, 2016

      Three UK in £6bn writedown last year ahead of proposed O2 deal

      The value of Three UK was written down by more than £6bn last year ahead of its planned acquisition of rival O2, a deal...

    1. May 13, 2016

      Week in Review, May 14

      A round up of some of the week’s most significant corporate events and news stories. Insider traders sentenced in wake...

    2. Tech blog

      May 13, 2016

      #techFT - Apple hails Chinese taxi app

      Apple’s invested in Uber’s homegrown rival in China, colour this one in – physical book sales are up, and I name this...

    3. May 12, 2016

      Former EE chief Tom Alexander weighs O2 bid

      Former EE chief executive Tom Alexander is in talks with financial institutions to create a consortium to mount a bid...

    4. Tech blog

      May 12, 2016

      #techFT - Fintech's first credit squeeze

      Fintech is feeling its first credit squeeze, Europe’s mobile future is complex, just like the Laws of Cricket. #techFT...

    5. May 11, 2016

      Vestager makes the right call on Three and O2

      Margrethe Vestager is proving to be a positive force for change in her role as Europe’s competition commissioner. In...

    6. May 11, 2016

      Tie-up hopes dashed for Europe’s telecoms

      The telecoms sector has become the battle ground for commissioners and businesses in a battle between opposing visions...

    7. May 11, 2016

      Vestager sends Hutchison-O2 deal to Valhalla

      The EU’s Danish competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager has blocked the acquisition of O2 by CK Hutchison, which is...

    8. May 11, 2016

      Three-O2: winners and losers

      The British mobile market will return to normal following the end of the £10.5bn attempt by CK Hutchison to acquire O2...

    9. Tech blog

      May 11, 2016

      #techFT - EC says four into Three won't go

      The European Commission has dashed hopes of a major telecoms merger, Elon Musk’s Hyperloop idea moves a step closer to...

    10. May 11, 2016

      EU Commission blocks Three-O2 telecoms merger

      Brussels has shut the door on the second European telecoms merger in a year in a landmark ruling that will put at risk...

    11. Fast FT

      May 11, 2016

      EC blocks CK Hutchison's £10.5bn deal for O2

      Europe’s competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, has decided to block CK Hutchison’s proposed £10.5bn acquisition...

    12. May 10, 2016

      Liberty Global open to takeover of Telefónica’s O2 unit

      Liberty Global would consider a takeover of Telefónica’s O2 in the UK as a long-running deal to sell the business to...

    13. Tech blog

      May 10, 2016

      #techFT - Neither an auditor nor a lender be

      The Big Four professional services firms are expected to cut jobs as they automate auditing, LendingClub has...

    14. May 9, 2016

      EU Commission expected to block Three-O2 merger

      European commissioners are expected to meet this week to reject formally CK Hutchison’s £10.5bn takeover of mobile...

    15. April 29, 2016

      Telefónica would consider other buyers for O2

      Telefónica would talk to other buyers for its British mobile business if the £10.5bn sale to CK Hutchison were blocked...

    16. April 15, 2016

      Brussels moving towards blocking Three-O2 deal

      Antitrust regulators in Brussels are moving towards blocking CK Hutchison’s £10.5bn deal to acquire O2, Telefonica’s...

    17. April 11, 2016

      UK competition watchdog hits out at Three-O2 deal

      Regulators in Brussels were on Monday under intense pressure to block CK Hutchison’s £10.5bn deal to acquire UK mobile...

    18. April 11, 2016

      Industry presses EU to rethink views over Three-O2 deal

      When it comes to big mergers, there is a magic number in Brussels: 40 per cent. The European Commission’s competition...

    19. April 11, 2016

      Local politics can turn deal heroes into zeros

      It pays to stay on good terms with the locals. That point cannot have been lost on Captain Cook when confronted by...

    20. Tech blog

      April 11, 2016

      #techFT - Safe self-driving scare for insurers

      Platoons are lining up and premiums are falling in the autonomous vehicle era, there’s discord over YouTube’s music...

    21. Fast FT

      April 11, 2016

      Opening Quote: Crackles on Three-O2 line; Vedanta; Tata Steel

      The UK competition watchdog has put the squeeze on the Three-O2 deal, Vedanta has persuaded lenders to amend debt...

    22. FT Alphaville

      April 11, 2016

      FT Opening Quote

      The UK competition watchdog has put the squeeze on the Three-O2 deal, Vedanta has persuaded lenders to amend debt...

    23. Fast FT

      April 11, 2016

      UK watchdog attacks proposed acquisition of O2

      The UK’s competition watchdog has written to the European Commission to express “serious concerns” over the mooted...

    24. April 8, 2016

      Vestager says precedent will not affect telecoms merger call

      The EU competition commissioner weighing Three’s proposed takeover of O2 has said she will not be bound by the...

    25. April 6, 2016

      Hutchison offers more concessions to soothe O2 bid concerns

      CK Hutchison has made a last-ditch attempt to win Brussels regulators sceptical of its £10.5bn acquisition of O2 in the...

    26. March 18, 2016

      Brussels, not Ofcom, will rule on O2 deal

      The kind of cross-looking woman often shown on the homepage of the Ofcom website is not Sharon White, but the chief...

    27. March 14, 2016

      CK Hutchison woos Brussels to back Three-O2 merger

      CK Hutchison hopes to win over sceptical regulators to its £10.5bn takeover of O2 in the UK with a package of remedies,...

    28. March 14, 2016

      Austrian data raise red flags for UK telecoms merger

      Telecoms consolidation in Austria almost doubled some consumers’ smartphone bills in 2013 and 2014, according to newly...

    29. February 26, 2016

      Telefónica forecasts revenue rise as it pledges over dividend

      Telefónica has predicted a 4 per cent rise in revenues this year and vowed to hold its core profit margin stable, after...

    30. February 14, 2016

      Three UK chief makes case that O2 deal is good for competition

      The British mobile market has become increasingly dysfunctional, says the chief executive of Three UK, as the company...

    31. February 14, 2016

      Hutchison makes new concessions on O2-Three merger

      CK Hutchison will promise to work with rivals to maintain two competing mobile networks in the UK, as it seeks to win...

    32. Lex Live

      February 8, 2016

      Wireless competition: there's no magic number of operators

        There has been plenty of blather – not a little of it generated by Lex – regarding the impact of reducing the number...

    33. February 7, 2016

      CK Hutchison in second Brussels battle

      CK Hutchison will fight to win over Brussels antitrust regulators on two fronts after submitting plans to merge its...

    34. February 7, 2016

      Hutchison’s mobile pledges contain more holes than Swiss cheese

      When businessmen come forward offering lower prices and superior services, it is often time to count the spoons. That...

    35. Tech blog

      February 5, 2016

      #techFT - Redstone drama is a Viacom production

      The fight for control of Sumner Redstone’s media companies would make a great TV drama, there’s a Game of Phones going...

    36. February 5, 2016

      Virgin Media calls on Brussels to allow O2 merger with Three

      Virgin Media has called on Brussels’ antitrust regulator to allow the controversial £10.5bn takeover of O2 by CK...

    37. Fast FT

      February 5, 2016

      Virgin Media in favour of Hutchison/O2 deal

      Virgin Media has called on Brussels’ antitrust regulator to allow the controversial £10.5bn takeover of O2 by CK...

    38. February 3, 2016

      Hutchison pledges to price freeze to win Three-O2 approval

      Mobile phone prices for tens of millions of UK customers would be frozen for five years as part of a £5bn investment...

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