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    1. July 6, 2016

      Chevron and Kazakhstan see mutual benefits to oilfield expansion

      Mega-projects are an endangered species in today’s oil and gas industry. As companies struggle to keep up their...

    2. July 5, 2016

      Chevron approves $37bn Kazakhstan oilfield expansion 

      A $36.8bn expansion of the Tengiz oilfield in Kazakhstan, the largest investment by private sector oil companies this...

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      A combination of technological progress, a shift in strategy by Saudi Arabia and worri...
    2. Investing in the Pacific Alliance Countries

      The members of the Pacific Alliance — Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Colombia — are more sta...
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    1. Fast FT

      July 5, 2016

      Chevron approves $37bn Kazakh oil field expansion

      A $36.8bn expansion of the Tengiz oilfield in Kazakhstan, the largest oil development to be approved since the price...

    2. June 6, 2016

      Lukoil raises spending to boost output after price rebound

      Lukoil on Monday said it was responding to the rebound in oil prices this year by increasing investments in its ageing...

    3. Fast FT

      June 6, 2016

      Lukoil profits drop 59 per cent on oil price rout

      Lukoil, Russia’s second-largest oil company by output, reported a 59 per cent drop in net profit in the first quarter...

    4. May 24, 2016

      Iraq struggles to match January’s record oil production

      Iraq is struggling to match January’s record production of 4.8m barrels a day because of maintenance, bad weather and...

    5. Fast FT

      May 24, 2016

      Iraq oil output crimped by power outages, weather

      Iraq is producing 4.5m barrels of oil a day as maintenance, bad weather and power outages slowed output from January’s...

    6. March 23, 2016

      Amid the oil price crash, Rosneft is running to stand still

      Across the global oil patch, from Texas to the North Sea, drilling rigs are standing idle as energy companies respond...

    7. Fast FT

      March 7, 2016

      EM stocks wipe out 2016 losses

      Bada boom. Emerging market equities moved back into positive territory for the first time since the start of the new...

    8. Fast FT

      January 28, 2016

      Oil leaps as Russia says may meet Saudi on cut

      Oil prices jumped 5 per cent to near $35 a barrel on Thursday after reports said Russia’s energy minister was ready to...

    9. December 22, 2015

      Conoco quits Russia after 25 years

      ConocoPhillips, one of the pioneers of foreign investment in the Russian oil and gas industry, has completed a full...

    10. November 1, 2015

      Iran prepares to open up to foreign oil companies

      It is customary in Iran to refuse an offer several times before agreeing to take it, whether it be an invitation to tea...

    11. October 20, 2015

      Europe and Asia oil groups target Iran

      As energy executives from Europe and Asia met their Iranian counterparts in Tehran on Tuesday, for one man it felt more...

    12. September 30, 2015

      Mexico oil auction eases memory of previous sale flop

      Despite the plunge in oil prices, Mexico banished the bitter memory of its oil tender flop by awarding more blocks than...

    13. September 27, 2015

      Mexico learns lessons after oil auction flop

      Mexico’s economy has long been open, with the notable exception of its energy sector. Now, as trade integration under...

    14. April 21, 2015

      Russia’s Lukoil eyes return to Iran once sanctions are lifted

      The head of Lukoil said on Monday that the Russian energy group wanted to return to Iran as soon as sanctions on Tehran...

    15. March 20, 2015

      Labour’s ‘mystery donor’ revealed as hedge fund manager

      The identity of a “mystery donor” who has given Labour £600,000 during the current parliament has been revealed as a...

    16. beyondbrics

      March 18, 2015

      Fallen angels changing the face of high yield bond market

      With a flock of ‘fallen angels’ from Russia and Latin America re-shaping the euro-denominated high yield bond market,...

    17. February 27, 2015

      Pemex losses grow amid low oil price

      Clobbered by plunging oil prices and foreign exchange volatility, Mexico’s state energy company, Pemex, reported what...

    18. February 6, 2015

      Russia’s Micex nears 4-year high

      Russia’s main stock market index neared a four-year high on Friday amid hope that renewed diplomatic efforts would ease...

    19. December 5, 2014

      Sistema investors fear Bashneft dividend seizure

      Shares in Vladimir Yevtushenkov’s Sistema Group fell more than 35 per cent this week, amid growing concern that Russian...

    20. December 3, 2014

      Serbia caught between Russia and the west

      Serbia torn between Russia and Europe “Partners for the Future!” proclaim the Gazprom billboards that line the main...

    21. November 27, 2014

      Lukoil executive predicts significant fall in Russian oil output

      One of Russia’s top oil executives has warned that falling oil prices and western sanctions will lead to a bigger fall...

    22. beyondbrics

      November 20, 2014

      How to play Putin: fund managers disagree

      A fascinating note has arrived in our inbox from Steven Holden of Copley Fund Research, which tracks the investments of...

    23. beyondbrics

      November 4, 2014

      Guest post: Russia ETF inflows strong in spite of turmoil

      By Relte Stephen Schutte, Markit In spite of what you might expect to be a “perfect storm” scenario for Russian...

    24. beyondbrics

      October 17, 2014

      Guest post: European energy security is a delicate balancing act

      By Riccardo Puliti of the EBRD Until recently the Nabucco pipeline, just like the chorus in Verdi’s opera of the same...

    25. September 22, 2014

      Sanctions scupper Total/Lukoil venture

      France’s Total on Monday said its joint venture with Russia’s Lukoil, to explore shale oil in western Siberia, had...

    26. September 14, 2014

      Short sellers wary of making call on direction of Russian market

      When Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops into Crimea in early March, hedge fund managers were quick to bet...

    27. September 12, 2014

      Energy slides after Russia sanctions

      The energy sector weakened materially on Friday as a combination of new sanctions targeting the Russian oil and gas...

    28. June 24, 2014

      Bowleven sells Cameroon oilfield stake

      Bowleven, the Africa-focused oil and gas explorer, is to sell a 50 per cent stake in a key project off the Cameroon...

    29. June 18, 2014

      Oil chiefs urge co-operation with Russia

      One of Russia’s largest energy projects would struggle if the west followed through on threats to sanction technology...

    30. June 17, 2014

      Islamist siege forces closure of north’s main oil refinery

      Northern Iraq’s key oil facility has been forced to close after a siege by militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and...

    31. beyondbrics

      May 23, 2014

      France's Total breaks with Russia censure to do Lukoil deal

      As western governments impose sanctions on Russia, international majors with interests in the country have stayed out...

    32. beyondbrics

      April 15, 2014

      Sinopec in $1.2bn deal with Lukoil as China moves deeper into Central Asia

      Lukoil has agreed to sell its stake in several oil projects in Kazakhstan to Sinopec for $1.2bn, in the latest of a...

    33. March 27, 2014

      Total and Lukoil in talks over Russian shale deal

      Total is in talks to partner with Lukoil on its shale oil projects in Russia, as Moscow targets unconventional...

    34. March 14, 2014

      Russian companies withdraw billions from west, say Moscow bankers

      Russian companies are pulling billions out of western banks, fearful that any US sanctions over the Crimean crisis...

    35. January 24, 2014

      Mexico set for $7bn foreign cash boost

      Mexico is set for a wave of foreign cash as PepsiCo, Nestlé and Cisco announced investments totalling more than $7.35bn...

    36. beyondbrics

      October 14, 2013

      Hong Kong / Lukoil: the Russians aren't coming

      Russia’s second largest oil producer Lukoil has put on ice its plans to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Lack of...

    37. beyondbrics

      October 2, 2013

      Another oil major pulls out of Venezuela

      The revolving door at Venezuela’s oil sector continued to spin on Wednesday after Lukoil, Russia’s second largest oil...

    38. September 25, 2013

      Russian energy: Frozen assets

      The Soviets went to great lengths to try to extract their vast reserves of unconventional oil. In the far north of...

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