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    1. July 13, 2016

      Bank of Tokyo quits as primary dealer for Japanese government bonds

      Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ has formally resigned from the rarefied club of primary underwriters of Japanese...

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      July 13, 2016

      Japan’s BTMU quits JGB primary dealers’ club

      Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Japan’s biggest financial group, has quit as a primary dealer of the nation’s sovereign...

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      With no end in sight for sluggish growth, the migration of financial institutions over...
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    1. Fast FT

      July 6, 2016

      Japanese carmakers and banks sink

      With the yen/dollar dallying between the ¥100 and ¥101 range, Japanese companies are feeling the heat on Wednesday....

    2. July 6, 2016

      Japan’s banks to take lead on Brexit from US

      Japanese banks weighing up the future of their London operations after the UK’s Brexit vote are “intensely watching”...

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      June 28, 2016

      Verizon to issue first bonds backed by mobile contracts

      Verizon is set to issue a $1.2bn bond backed by cell phone contracts, the first of its kind in the US which could pave...

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      June 16, 2016

      Fitch turns negative on Japanese banks

      Fitch Ratings has lowered its outlook to negative on a bunch of Japanese banks following its recent decision to cut the...

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      June 9, 2016

      Fast Europe Open: feeling negative

      Lenders in Europe and Japan are rebelling against their central banks’ negative interest rate policies. Commerzbank is...

    6. June 8, 2016

      Japan’s BTMU threatens to quit JGB primary dealers’ club

      Japan’s biggest financial group is threatening to quit the 22-member club of primary dealers of the nation’s sovereign...

    7. June 7, 2016

      Newcomers face big hurdles in challenging Asia’s big three banks

      Can you imagine the ignominy? According to a rumour circulating among Hong Kong bankers, the Asian business of ANZ...

    8. May 24, 2016

      US court opens door over Libor claims

      A US appeals court has opened the door for more claims against the big banks for rigging benchmark interest rates, by...

    9. Fast FT

      May 17, 2016

      MUFG shares up as investors weigh profit slide, buyback

      Shares in Japan’s biggest bank were outperforming the broader market a day after the lender flagged negative interest...

    10. May 1, 2016

      Movers & shakers: May 2

      • AQR, the $153.6bn Connecticut-based hedge fund, has hired Peter Hechtas as co-head of its US portfolio solutions...

    11. April 26, 2016

      Japan’s negative rate experiment is an alarm bell for the US

      Hirano Nobuyuki may be the bravest man in Japan. The chief executive of Mitsubishi UFJ earlier this month used a speech...

    12. April 3, 2016

      Japan’s biggest bank looks to expand fixed income

      Japan’s biggest bank sees a “good chance” to expand its fixed income business as western banks scale back theirs, its...

    13. Fast FT

      March 30, 2016

      Western Digital offering highlights junk bond worries

      One of the largest junk bond offerings on record that had been seen as a test of the month-long rally delivered a...

    14. Fast FT

      March 30, 2016

      Japanese banks to impose negative rates on clients

      Some Japanese banks will start imposing charges on the money they hold for clients such as pension funds, in a bid to...

    15. March 16, 2016

      China debt: swap shop

      Turning bad debts into equity stakes does not always make for healthier companies, richer investors, or stronger...

    16. March 8, 2016

      Japan banking unions drop pay rise demands amid negative rates

      Trade unions across Japan’s financial sector are abandoning their demands for wage rises this year in a sign that...

    17. Fast FT

      March 8, 2016

      'Hunters' drive biggest drop in 3 years for 30-yr JGB yield

      Some context on the rally in 30-year Japanese bonds today: That drop in yields was the biggest since 2013. Yields ended...

    18. Fast FT

      February 9, 2016

      Too fast? How JGB yields could spring back

      Beware the backlash. Yields on 10-year Japanese government bonds went negative for the first time earlier today, a...

    19. February 9, 2016

      Japan: alternating currency

      It looks like an epic fail. Despite the Bank of Japan cutting interest rates for new bank reserves into unprecedented...

    20. Fast FT

      February 9, 2016

      Financials lead Japanese stocks 4% lower, ASX down 2.3%

      It’s shaping up to be a very ugly day. Twenty minutes after the open, and the Nikkei 225 is down 3.9 per cent, having...

    21. Fast FT

      February 5, 2016

      Negative rate hammering Japanese bank shares

      “What remains of the Bank of Japan’s decision to introduce negative interest rate, is the confusion in the money...

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      February 2, 2016

      Negative rates skewer money market funds in Japan

      Welcome to upside-down land, Japanese money-market funds! It’s already a long-familiar story in Europe, but several...

    23. January 29, 2016

      Japan rates: take that

      If China needed a lesson in how to shock markets without upsetting them, it could look to its neighbour, Japan. On...

    24. January 14, 2016

      BTMU acquires 20% stake in Philippine bank

      The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Japan’s largest financial group, has unveiled plans to extend its advance across Asia...

    25. Fast FT

      January 14, 2016

      Japan's BTMU buys 20% stake in Security Bank

      The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and the Security Bank of the Philippines have agreed on a “strategic partnership” to...

    26. December 24, 2015

      Japanese bank chief warns over stricter US merger rules

      Plans by Japan’s largest financial groups for a new round of US-focused acquisitions risk being thrown off course in...

    27. December 13, 2015

      Movers & shakers: December 14

      • Irshaad Ahmad is moving to Allianz Global Investors in January as head of institutional for Europe. Mr Ahmad joins...

    28. November 29, 2015

      Movers & shakers: November 30

      • JPMorgan Asset Management has appointed Paul Levene as an analyst in the convertible bonds and capital structure...

    29. November 15, 2015

      Japanese banks to accelerate unwind of cross-shareholdings

      Nearly six months since Japan established its first corporate governance code, the country’s three largest banks have...

    30. November 12, 2015

      Dollar from down under set to stay strong

      Is the Australian dollar in line for a sustained rally? The Aussie bounced on Thursday after much better than expected...

    31. July 26, 2015

      MUFG eyes US asset management deal

      Japan’s largest bank Mitsubishi UFJ Group wants to turbocharge its push into the asset management sector with an...

    32. July 23, 2015

      Aberdeen Asset Management retreats to its granite bunker

      It suits some investment managers when markets swing wildly on a sixpence worth of information. Not Aberdeen Asset...

    33. June 15, 2015

      Aberdeen Asset Management: switcheroo time

      It all looks so run of the mill. The 7am announcement, the heavy use of legalese in the first paragraph and the...

    34. June 14, 2015

      Japanese mega-banks step up search for foreign targets

      Japan’s three mega-banks are stepping up their search for foreign acquisitions as they come under intensifying pressure...

    35. April 13, 2015

      China equity advance creates new corporate giants

      China Construction Bank has overtaken JPMorgan, Facebook and Chevron in terms of size,underlining how a dramatic stock...

    36. March 22, 2015

      Movers & shakers: March 23

      Loomis Sayles has promoted Kevin Charleston to chief executive from his previous role as president of the $240bn...

    37. December 8, 2014

      Mizuho Financial Group focuses on lending beyond Japan blue-chips

      The president of Mizuho Financial Group has vowed to do more lending outside Japan, anticipating higher margins and...

    38. November 14, 2014

      Yen weakness puts Korean won under pressure

      The yen sank to a fresh seven-year low against the dollar on Friday as uncertainty surrounded the government of Shinzo...

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