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    1. Fast FT

      August 12, 2016

      State Bank of India profits drop on new bad loan provisions

      Profits at State Bank of India, the country’s biggest publicly-controlled lender, dropped by almost a third in the...

    2. August 4, 2016

      ICICI: Wheel of life

      The old joke about life insurance is that it is a bet you cannot win. ICICI and Prudential are aiming to demonstrate...

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      Geneva Seal: overhauling a quality standard that has gone unchanged since 1957 Moveme...
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    1. Fast FT

      July 29, 2016

      ICICI profits hit by sharp rise in bad loan provisions

      ICICI Bank, India’s biggest private-sector lender by assets, has reported a quarterly slump in profits that provides...

    2. June 29, 2016

      India’s RBI warns on rise in bad loans

      India’s central bank has warned that bad loan ratios will continue to rise this year, raising pressure on the...

    3. Fast FT

      April 29, 2016

      ICICI Bank Q4 profits hit by rising bad loans

      India’s largest private sector lender by assets ICICI Bank has been hit by a surge in bad loans with fourth quarter net...

    4. October 8, 2015

      India’s public banks are the weakest link

      The Indian government’s newly announced capital infusion programme for public banks is good news. But the Reserve Bank...

    5. June 14, 2015

      Foreign insurers hit roadblock in India growth plans

      Prudential and Standard Life, India’s two largest foreign insurers by market share, have hit a regulatory roadblock in...

    6. May 18, 2015

      Nimble private lenders take aim at India’s static banking sector

      With its jaunty branding and stewardesses decked out in identikit 50s-style wigs, India’s IndiGo airline seems a world...

    7. March 4, 2015

      Indian banks: paper chase

      A good salesperson can sell even duff goods. Some goods are so good they sell themselves. India’s stock market — up 46...

    8. July 11, 2014

      India and China – clash of the titans

      Britain’s chancellor George Osborne was in India this week, praising the new government of Narendra Modi for its...

    9. beyondbrics

      January 28, 2014

      Prospects glimmer for an easing in India gold import controls

      Restrictions on India’s gold imports will be reviewed by the end of March if concerns over the country’s external...

    10. beyondbrics

      January 27, 2014

      India: markets stay out of EM firing line

      After the Argentine peso depreciated sharply at the end of last week, talk has begun of a wider EM rout. Once engines...

    11. January 2, 2014

      Indian banks lead the world on gender equality

      Why is India the best place in the world to be a female banker? In some ways, 2013 was a grim year for women in India...

    12. beyondbrics

      December 11, 2013

      India trade balance: better, but gold concerns persist

      India’s external balances have been a focal point this year as the country’s economic woes have centred around the...

    13. beyondbrics

      October 8, 2013

      SBI appoints female head

      One bright light for gender equality in India is the world of banking, where a relatively impressive number of powerful...

    14. September 17, 2013

      Education: Gaming aims to take the fear out of finance

      An imaginary world filled with fantasy creatures is helping children learn about the value of money. Using the app,...

    15. beyondbrics

      September 5, 2013

      India: markets give Rajan's big bang the thumbs up

      embed2 What to make of the “big bang” from incoming governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, as he...

    16. September 4, 2013

      India crisis threatens big hit on banks

      The arrival of Raghuram Rajan at the Reserve Bank of India has been eagerly awaited by investors anticipating what...

    17. August 26, 2013

      An appetite for stronger boards

      In the third century BC, Kautilya, a political adviser in the capital of the Mauryan Empire and the pioneer of...

    18. beyondbrics

      July 29, 2013

      India's RBI: tightening or loosening?

      The Reserve Bank of India, the country’s central bank, has been busy this month with all kinds of efforts to tighten...

    19. beyondbrics

      June 21, 2013

      India's sell-off threatens to get ugly

      In March, India’s benchmark Sensex index was promising to rise above 20,000 points. In May, the Nifty index breached...

    20. June 2, 2013

      Infosys recalls co-founder in attempt to revive fortunes

      Infosys has recalled co-founder Narayana Murthy as executive chairman in a surprise attempt to revive the fortunes of...

    21. May 12, 2013

      India’s Axis Bank cleared to open first China branch

      Axis Bank, India’s third-largest private sector bank, is set to open its first branch in China within the next three...

    22. beyondbrics

      April 26, 2013

      ICICI: profits up, shares down

      ICICI Bank’s earnings report, out on Friday, met expectations. Yet the stock fell after the announcement – down 3 per...

    23. beyondbrics

      April 19, 2013

      India: M-Pesa is rolled out - at last

      M-Pesa, the mobile money transfer tool set up in Kenya back in 2007, has now launched in large areas of India. Vodafone...

    24. April 1, 2013

      Weak exporters lead Tokyo’s Nikkei lower

      Asian equities were hit by a mixed batch of economic data, led lower by Japan’s Nikkei 225 as investors booked profits...

    25. March 26, 2013

      India must do more to open up banking

      Indian banking is all aflutter. Last month the country’s central bank finally unveiled the rules under which it plans...

    26. March 26, 2013

      Suzlon refinancing draws much attention

      Troubled Indian renewables manufacturer Suzlon has completed a $647m bond issue, in an unusual deal likely to attract...

    27. March 15, 2013

      India probes banks on money-laundering

      India’s central bank has launched an investigation into allegations of money-laundering at branches of ICICI, HDFC Bank...

    28. beyondbrics

      March 15, 2013

      New York headlines

      * India bank shares fall on RBI probe * Beijing set to liberalise energy market * China appoints new head of Supreme...

    29. March 10, 2013

      India banks urged to follow China’s lead

      India’s leading banks need to mimic the mass scale of Chinese financial institutions if they are to meet increasing...

    30. March 5, 2013

      China Vanke to issue its first dollar bond

      China Vanke, the country’s largest property developer by sales, plans to issue its first dollar bond despite growing...

    31. December 26, 2012

      Brics approach year end with optimism

      Chinese shares extended their strong finish to the year amid hopes that emerging markets would benefit next year from...

    32. beyondbrics

      November 23, 2012

      India's Topsgrup: appetite for risk

      Not every company would be happy to have a prominent right-wing extremist on its roster of clients. But for Topsgrup,...

    33. October 16, 2012

      ICICI and Ecobank forge alliance

      India’s ICICI Bank and the pan-African group Ecobank have entered in a business alliance, underscoring the increasing...

    34. October 4, 2012

      Carmakers lift Nikkei as Asian stocks rally

      Tokyo stocks rebounded on Thursday after four straight sessions of losses as gains for carmakers and other exporters...

    35. September 28, 2012

      Reforms provide a gateway to India

      Investors keen to take advantage of India’s dramatic new economic reforms should consider Indian funds as the best way...

    36. September 19, 2012

      Deloitte advisory firm hires director

      Deloitte Corporate Finance, an advisory firm, is expanding its forensic and dispute services practice in the Middle...

    37. August 31, 2012

      India’s banks face balance sheet decline

      The term “lazy banking” has dogged Indian financial services for the past decade since a senior regulator used it to...

    38. August 16, 2012

      Debt dealers await move from greed to fear

      During the financial crisis of 2008, Sunny Verghese, the chief executive and founder of Olam, a soft commodities...

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