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    1. May 27, 2016

      How Cameron marshalled world leaders to support his UK in EU drive

      David Cameron left Japan on Friday after completing the final leg of an exhaustive and complex Downing Street...

    2. Fast FT

      May 27, 2016

      Markets snooze with Yellen ahead; oil retreats

      Bourses are gently mixed, consolidating recent gains amid cautious trading, with Treasury yields nudging higher as the...

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    1. G7: Japan

      The main focus at this year’s G7 summit in Japan will be the struggling world economy,...
    2. G8 Summit 2013

      Old alliance gives west a chance for final stand...
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    1. Brussels Blog

      May 27, 2016

      Brussels briefing: Purdah and Plan B

      Welcome to Friday’s edition of our daily Brussels Briefing. To receive it every morning in your email in-box, sign up...

    2. Fast FT

      May 27, 2016

      David Cameron: EU helps Britain 'stand up' to the US

      Britain’s clout as part of the European Union helps the UK “stand up” to the United States to defend its trade...

    3. May 27, 2016

      Cameron pushes for action on ‘superbugs’

      David Cameron will on Friday urge world leaders to set up a global fund worth $1.6bn a year to reward pharmaceutical...

    4. May 27, 2016

      G7 leaders say Brexit poses ‘serious risk’ to global growth

      G7 leaders warned on Friday that a British vote to leave the EU next month would seriously threaten the world economy,...

    5. Fast FT

      May 27, 2016

      Asian markets higher despite oil's retreat

      Asian shares were mostly higher on Friday morning, overcoming a soft lead from Wall Street and a retracement in the...

    6. Fast FT

      May 27, 2016

      Brexit "a further serious risk to growth": G7

      A UK vote to leave the EU would be “a further serious risk to growth,” according to a statement following the G7...

    7. May 26, 2016

      Britain poised to intercept traffickers in Libyan waters

      Britain is ready to send Royal Navy warships to Libyan coastal waters to intercept human smugglers and weapons bound...

    8. May 26, 2016

      World leaders rattled by Donald Trump, says Barack Obama

      President Barack Obama took to the world stage on Thursday to warn Americans that US allies have been “rattled” by the...

    9. May 26, 2016

      Brussels casts Boris Johnson in populist ‘horror scenario’

      Boris Johnson is telling distorted stories about the EU and is part of a “horror scenario” of rising populism, say...

    10. FT Photo Diary

      May 26, 2016

      G7 leaders plant trees

      Eikei Suzuki (L-R), governor of the Mie Prefecture, European Council President Donald Tusk, Italian Prime Minister...

    11. May 26, 2016

      Abe’s grim warning about global economy highlights G7 divisions

      The global economic outlook is as grim as it was after the Lehman Brothers crisis in 2008, Shinzo Abe claimed on...

    12. Fast FT

      May 26, 2016

      Abe warns on Lehman-era crisis signals

      Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned leaders at the G7 summit that several indicators–namely commodities prices...

    13. May 26, 2016

      China warns G7 not to ‘escalate tensions’ in Asia

      China’s foreign minister fired a pre-emptive shot at G7 leaders gathering in Japan on Thursday, warning them not to...

    14. Fast FT

      May 26, 2016

      Fast Europe Open: a vote for their lifetimes

      David Cameron has pleaded with young people to register to vote in next month’s EU referendum as he admitted his...

    15. May 25, 2016

      Cameron urges young people to register for EU referendum vote

      David Cameron has pleaded with young people to register to vote in next month’s EU referendum, admitting his “greatest...

    16. May 25, 2016

      Pressure grows as migrant numbers look likely to soar

      In early April the Italian coastguard and a Spanish aircraft rescued more than 300 migrants who were trying to cross...

    17. May 25, 2016

      Opportunity or threat — the G7’s China challenge

      There is a new facet to China and Japan’s increasingly bitter economic and geopolitical rivalry — international...

    18. May 25, 2016

      Yen intervention will stay in toolbox, says Masatsugu Asakawa

      In most countries there are two people whose every utterance can make markets plunge or soar. First is the central bank...

    19. May 25, 2016

      Sherpas are the unsung heroes at the G7 negotiations

      “You did a superb job on the summit meeting in London,” wrote President Jimmy Carter to Henry Owen, a White House aide,...

    20. May 25, 2016

      Abe seeks stimulus for world economy

      The forerunner of Group of Seven summits was held in Rambouillet, France, in November 1975. Its purpose, according to...

    21. May 25, 2016

      Tokyo moves to normalise relations with Moscow

      For 17 years, until 2014, the G7 was the G8. In a goodwill gesture to post-communist Russia, the Group of Seven...

    22. May 25, 2016

      Governor of G7 summit region urges Japanese fathers to take paternity leave

      Eikei Suzuki is Japan’s biggest winner from this month’s G7 in every way but one: the summit has made him delay his...

    23. May 25, 2016

      Olivier Blanchard and Adam Posen believe a recovery is on track

      After several years of financial and economic turmoil, the world’s policymakers became accustomed to Olivier Blanchard...

    24. May 25, 2016

      The risks of central banks’ radical treatments

      Have we reached the limits of monetary policy? No. The central banks’ medicine cabinet is still full. Yet using the old...

    25. May 25, 2016

      G7 leaders should address security risks in East Asia

      When Europe’s heads of government attend the G7 summit in Japan on Thursday, their minds are likely to be focused on...

    26. May 25, 2016

      Cameron adds to pressure on China over maritime disputes

      David Cameron arrived at the Group of Seven summit in Japan on Wednesday and added his voice to pressure on China to...

    27. Fast FT

      May 25, 2016

      Yen softens amid renewed reports of sales tax hike delay

      The yen is marginally weaker on Wednesday morning amid further reports the Japanese government is about to announce a...

    28. May 24, 2016

      Cameron poised to tap G7 for Remain endorsements

      David Cameron flies to Japan on Tuesday night, amid speculation he will try to add the Group of Seven to the growing...

    29. May 23, 2016

      Yen strength returns after G7 meeting

      Three weeks of yen weakness ended on Monday as Japan’s currency strengthened against the dollar, after the country’s...

    30. May 23, 2016

      South Korea backlash over Obama visit to Hiroshima

      Barack Obama’s planned trip to Hiroshima, a gesture aimed at reconciliation, has sparked dissension in South Korea,...

    31. May 21, 2016

      World Bank launches pandemic risk insurance market

      New diseases such as Ebola will automatically trigger a $500m fund to fight back after the World Bank launched the...

    32. The Exchange

      May 21, 2016

      Can the G7 rekindle the flame of co-operation?

      For those of a nostalgic disposition, able to remember how the world was before the rise of China and the end of the...

    33. Fast FT

      May 20, 2016

      Week ahead: US GDP, G7 summit, Greece

      The timing of the next rate rise dominated markets this week and next week attention turns overseas as investors focus...

    34. May 20, 2016

      Greece’s creditors eye IMF debt deal

      Greece’s international creditors are discussing a plan to drastically scale back the International Monetary Fund’s...

    35. May 20, 2016

      US warns Japan against yen intervention

      There is no disorderly trading in the yen that would justify intervention, a senior US Treasury official said on...

    36. Fast FT

      May 20, 2016

      Washington warns against yen intervention

      Japan continues to have orderly conditions in its currency market said a senior US Treasury official on Friday, as...

    37. May 15, 2016

      Week Ahead Political Diary: G7 leaders gather in Japan

      Currencies, fiscal policy and tax havens are likely to top the agenda when finance ministers and central bank governors...

    38. May 12, 2016

      What’s in the BoE toolkit in the event of Brexit

      Sterling gets 92 mentions in the Bank of England’s quarterly inflation report and two stand out: about half of the...

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