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    1. August 21, 2016

      Pharmaceuticals: Staying power

      It was October of last year and the pharmaceuticals industry was firefighting an explosion set off by Martin Shkreli,...

    2. Fast FT

      August 8, 2016

      Wockhardt plunges following new FDA ban

      Shares in Indian pharmaceutical company Wockhardt plunged 14 percent in early trading on Monday, after the US Food and...

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    1. FT Health: Transatlantic Healthcare

      Drug regulators and producers are responding to the globalisation of the industry by l...
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      Digital healthcare has run into something of a crisis of expectations. Articles below ...
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    1. July 24, 2016

      Gene therapy: A controversial cure

      It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel. The body re-engineered to recognise and attack cancer, so that...

    2. Fast FT

      July 21, 2016

      Theranos names new compliance chiefs

      Theranos, the troubled blood testing start-up, has hired two new executives to lead its regulatory, quality and...

    3. Fast FT

      July 21, 2016

      Roche H1 earnings beat expectations

      Revenue at Swiss pharmaceutical group Roche grew 5 per cent year-on-year in the first half of 2016, pushing earnings...

    4. Fast FT

      July 20, 2016

      Valeant shares lifted by rare bout of good news

      Shares in Valeant hit a one-month high on Wednesday morning, following some rare good news for the crisis-prone...

    5. June 24, 2016

      Senators propose GMO labelling compromise

      Two US senators have introduced a compromise bipartisan bill for the federal labelling of genetically modified foods,...

    6. June 1, 2016

      Big Food gets a salty message from the FDA

      Big Food is under pressure to further reduce salt in meals after US health officials released guidelines aimed at...

    7. May 25, 2016

      FDA delays ruling on Sarepta’s muscular dystrophy drug

      Shares in Sarepta Therapeutics, a biotech company developing a treatment for a childhood wasting disease, jumped 20 per...

    8. Fast FT

      May 25, 2016

      Sarepta jumps 20% as FDA delays drug decision

      Shares in Sarepta, a biotech group developing a treatment for a deadly wasting disease that affects young boys, jumped...

    9. May 22, 2016

      US healthcare: Power to the patients?

      Austin Leclaire steered his electric wheelchair into the hotel ballroom and prepared for what he would later describe...

    10. Fast FT

      May 16, 2016

      Pfizer snaps up Anacor for $5.2bn

      It’s no Allergan. But barely a month after it scrapped plans to acquire its rival, Pfizer has found a new acquisition...

    11. May 16, 2016

      Fast-track drug approval schemes signal more US-EU collaboration

      Fast-track approval processes are accelerating the path of new drugs to patients on both sides of the Atlantic, as...

    12. Fast FT

      April 26, 2016

      Eli Lilly takes $200m charge due to Venezuelan crisis

      The Venezuelan financial crisis prompted Eli Lilly, the US drugmaker, to take a $200m charge in the first quarter, as...

    13. Fast FT

      April 19, 2016

      Roche Q1 sales surpass expectations

      It was a good start to 2016 for Roche, as the Swiss pharmaceuticals group beat expectations in the first quarter and...

    14. April 1, 2016

      Regulators scrutinise safety of mobile healthcare apps

      From taxicabs to hotels, some of the oldest areas of economic activity in the world have been upended by mobile apps...

    15. February 11, 2016

      Walgreens threatens to abandon collaboration with Theranos

      Theranos has been warned by its partner, the US pharmacy chain Walgreens, that it could pull the plug on their...

    16. January 27, 2016

      Theranos lab risks ‘serious injury or harm’

      Theranos has been warned by US regulators that one of its laboratories poses an immediate risk to patient health and...

    17. January 19, 2016

      A tragedy at Rennes and the problem of drug trials

      Two recent events have served to highlight the range of difficult questions raised by pharmaceuticals regulation. Last...

    18. Fast FT

      December 21, 2015

      Sun Pharma shares fall 7% after FDA warning

      Shares in Mumbai-based Sun Pharmaceuticals fell as much as 7.4 per cent on Monday after the US Food and Drug...

    19. December 19, 2015

      US FDA warns Sun Pharma for violating manufacturing standards

      India’s largest drugmaker, Sun Pharmaceuticals, said on Saturday that it had received a warning letter from the US Food...

    20. December 15, 2015

      Lack of cyber security draws hackers to hospital devices

      Imagine if simply typing “password123” into a computer did not open your email account, but an internet-connected...

    21. December 15, 2015

      FDA performs U-turn over restriction of pain drug

      US regulators have taken the rare step of reversing a decision aimed at curbing the use of a pain medicine after the...

    22. FT Alphaville

      December 4, 2015

      Relypsa: the next US biotech M&A target? reports: Merck & Co (NYSE: MRK) plans to make a non-binding offer to acquire Relypsa, (Nasdaq: RLYP),...

    23. FT Alphaville

      November 24, 2015

      Shkreli's new target market: 1100 Americans-a-year

      The name should ring a bell — Martin Shkreli — that smirking chap at Turing Pharmaceuticals who jacked the price of...

    24. November 19, 2015

      Genetically modified salmon approved as human food by US

      US regulators have licensed the production and consumption of a controversial genetically modified salmon. After a...

    25. October 6, 2015

      Express Scripts agrees deal for heart drugs

      The largest pharmacy group in the US has agreed to make two expensive new heart drugs available to its patients, after...

    26. October 6, 2015

      BTG: vein chasing

      British newspapers are fond of lurid stories about foppish wastrels frittering away their inheritances. BTG, the UK...

    27. September 28, 2015

      Patient lobby groups can be a catalyst for new therapies

      It was after learning that their son Hawken, now aged 18, had Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a childhood disease causing...

    28. September 28, 2015

      Incentives can help speed drug delivery

      When praise is apportioned for breakthroughs against rare diseases, the heroes are usually scientists, patient...

    29. September 10, 2015

      US regulators accept ‘chip in a pill’ application

      Smart medicines that tell doctors when their patients have taken them moved a step closer to reality after a company...

    30. September 9, 2015

      Indian drugs: not what the doctor ordered

      Last year, Israeli generics company Teva recalled 40,000 bottles of medicine manufactured for it by India’s Emcure...

    31. September 4, 2015

      AstraZeneca wins FDA approval for expanded use of blood thinner

      AstraZeneca has won US backing for expanded use of a heart drug it is relying on to support the company’s drive for...

    32. FT Alphaville

      September 4, 2015

      FT Opening Quote - bwin recommends £1.1bn GVC bid

      It’s been a long hand, but GVC looks to have trumped 888 in the bid battle for FT Opening Quote, with...

    33. FT Alphaville

      August 21, 2015

      Alphachat: the Chinese economy, and the dodgy Flibanserin (fine, the "female Viagra")

      embed1 We recorded this podcast on Thursday, August 20th. Alphachat is on iTunes and Stitcher, and to give us feedback...

    34. August 19, 2015

      Approval for ‘female Viagra’ raises questions about ‘patient power’

      It has been dubbed the “female Viagra” and on Tuesday it became the first drug for treating loss of libido in women to...

    35. August 14, 2015

      Frances Kelsey, drug regulator who barred thalidomide, 1914-2015

      To be declared the most admired US civil servant sounds like faint praise in a country that much prefers its...

    36. July 29, 2015

      Pharmaceuticals: Prescribing pain

      When Brandon had his appendix removed at the age of 26, his doctor gave him a supply of opioid-based painkillers to...

    37. July 22, 2015

      Amgen and Sanofi to battle for cholesterol drug crown

      Drug regulators have fired the starting gun in the race between Amgen and Sanofi to dominate the first large new class...

    38. June 5, 2015

      FDA panel approves ‘female Viagra’

      It has been dubbed “the female Viagra”. Now, after a long and contentious debate, the first treatment for low libido...

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