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    1. August 24, 2016

      FBI investigates cyber attacks on New York Times reporters

      The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating cyber attacks targeting New York Times journalists by alleged...

    2. The World

      August 22, 2016

      White House Countdown - Drip, drip, drip

      Do you hear that leaky faucet? That’s the sound of the never-ending Hillary Clinton email saga, which 77 days out from...

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    1. The Future of Transport

      The problem is how to integrate different modes of transport, such as rail, bicycle, w...
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    1. August 22, 2016

      Thousands of Clinton emails to be released

      Hillary Clinton failed to release almost 15,000 work-related emails to the FBI as part of its probe into her use of a...

    2. The World

      August 5, 2016

      White House Countdown: HRC speaks

      244 days. That’s how long it had been since Hillary Clinton gave a press conference. Until today. This afternoon, the...

    3. August 5, 2016

      Apple offers reward for finding security flaws

      Apple has become the latest major technology company to adopt a bug bounty programme, rewarding cyber security...

    4. The World

      July 28, 2016

      White House Countdown - Moscow mail

      Sign up for our daily US politics newsletter here. Donald Trump is renowned for knowing how to dominate a news cycle,...

    5. July 25, 2016

      Democrats hacked: Russia trail sees Moscow accused of wider aims

      Russia’s intelligence agencies have made it their business to gather political dirt from inside the Washington beltway...

    6. July 16, 2016

      US declassifies Saudi pages of 9/11 report

      The Obama administration on Friday declassified and made public 28 previously secret pages detailing links between...

    7. July 13, 2016

      Trump overtakes Clinton in poll of swing states

      Donald Trump has overtaken rival Hillary Clinton in the crucial US swing states of Florida and Pennsylvania and caught...

    8. The World

      July 9, 2016

      White House Countdown: Dallas tragedy takes on a political edge

      A day that began with a rare show of political unity over the killing of five Dallas police officers had by the late...

    9. The World

      July 7, 2016

      White House Countdown - To be or not to be?

      Sign up for our daily US politics newsletter here. Donald Trump should be having a better week. The media has been...

    10. July 7, 2016

      FBI chief defends Clinton email probe

      James Comey, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, on Thursday defended his decision not to recommend that...

    11. The World

      July 6, 2016

      White House Countdown - Trump's shortlist gets shorter (and longer)

      Sign up for our daily US politics newsletter here. Donald Trump’s list of vice-presidential prospects got shorter and...

    12. July 6, 2016

      Clinton will not face charges over emails

      The US Department of Justice has opted not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for sending classified information over her...

    13. July 6, 2016

      Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is far from over

      The announcement from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and James Comey, its director, that Hillary Clinton will not...

    14. The World

      July 5, 2016

      White House Countdown - Do Not Delete

      Sign up for our daily US politics newsletter here. As most Americans were getting ready to grill hamburgers and hot...

    15. July 5, 2016

      FT explainer: Hillary Clinton’s emails

      The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s decision not to recommend criminal charges be brought in relation to Hillary...

    16. July 5, 2016

      FBI on Clinton emails: the key points

      Highlights from FBI director James Comey’s statement on Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email system: ● “Secretary...

    17. Fast FT

      July 5, 2016

      FBI says no charges against Clinton over email use

      The Federal Bureau of Investigation has decided not to recommend filing charges against Hillary Clinton over her use of...

    18. July 2, 2016

      Hillary Clinton questioned by FBI over email scandal

      Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, has been questioned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation...

    19. The World

      July 1, 2016

      White House Countdown - Friday, July 1

      Sign up for our daily US politics newsletter here. Happy almost Fourth of July from all of us at White House Countdown....

    20. June 26, 2016

      The week: June 27

      • Asset managers should be subject to rigorous stress tests in the same way banks are, according to proposals by a...

    21. June 23, 2016

      John Kerry rallies tech entrepreneurs to tackle extremism

      US secretary of state John Kerry has called on technology entrepreneurs to create products to tackle violent extremism,...

    22. June 21, 2016

      Orlando highlights challenge of Isis propaganda

      Social media have played a role in nearly every Isis--inspired terrorism case brought against an American citizen, just...

    23. June 19, 2016

      Going to war with America’s gun lobby

      Guns don’t kill people, chants the gun lobby. People do. As with other catechisms, this one is deaf to evidence. No...

    24. June 15, 2016

      Donald Trump falls behind in US presidential polls

      Donald Trump has taken a fall in the polls, raising the question of whether controversial remarks by the presumptive...

    25. June 15, 2016

      The deadly draw of the Isis brand without borders

      Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had probably never heard of Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter who massacred 49 people at a gay...

    26. June 15, 2016

      FBI swamped by an avalanche of terror tips

      The FBI’s near-miss investigation of Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen reflects a US counterterror effort swamped...

    27. June 14, 2016

      Criminals try to snatch $3bn from companies with email scams

      Criminals have tried to snatch more than $3bn from companies globally by pretending to be executives and using fake...

    28. June 14, 2016

      Orlando massacre: what we know so far

      ● 49 people were murdered in the early hours of Sunday morning when a lone gunman stormed into Pulse, a gay nightclub,...

    29. The World

      June 13, 2016

      White House Countdown - The day after

      Keep track of the race with our daily US politics newsletter. Sign up here. One day after the worst mass shooting in...

    30. June 13, 2016

      FBI chief defends investigation into Orlando shooter

      FBI director James Comey on Monday defended his agency’s handling of an investigation into the Orlando nightclub...

    31. June 13, 2016

      Mateen a lone gunman, investigators believe

      Reeling from the worst attack on American soil since 9/11, the US authorities believe at this stage that Omar Mateen...

    32. June 13, 2016

      Orlando attacker’s journey from ‘Treasure Coast’ to terror

      The waterside stretch of central Florida where Omar Mateen lived, roaming between the upmarket town of Port St Lucie...

    33. June 13, 2016

      49 dead in Orlando gay nightclub massacre

      Orlando shooting The anguished city of Orlando was struggling to come to terms with its status as the site of the worst...

    34. June 3, 2016

      Huma Abedin, reluctant star of political screen

      At a 2013 Manhattan fundraiser, Anthony Weiner, a New York mayoral candidate and disgraced former congressman,...

    35. May 31, 2016

      Reform cyber laws, says UK hacker Lauri Love

      A British hacker facing decades in a US prison has called for reforms to cyber crime laws and issues of jurisdiction...

    36. Fast FT

      May 26, 2016

      Bangladesh bank hackers linked to Philippines attack - Symantec

      The cyber thieves trying to siphon money out of the financial system through the Swift payment network have been linked...

    37. May 25, 2016

      Clinton’s use of private emails created ‘security risks’, report finds

      Hillary Clinton created “security risks” by using a personal email account and private email server when she was...

    38. Fast FT

      May 25, 2016

      Report criticises Clinton for private email server

      The state department has criticised Hillary Clinton for not seeking legal approval to use a personal email account and...

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