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    1. August 7, 2016

      Equal pensions case poses £13bn threat to UK companies

      A Lloyds Bank trade union is launching legal action to close a multimillion- pound pension pay gap for women in a case...

    2. July 28, 2016

      Eurozone must complete banking union to avert crisis

      Negative interest rates are taking the world of finance into uncharted waters. The impact will be damaging for most...

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    1. The Connected Business

      This month: news media move to end the dominance of ad-blocking technology to preserve...
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    1. July 20, 2016

      Free movement of labour and l’exception française

      Across Europe, it is becoming ever more difficult to reconcile the EU’s commitment to free movement of labour with...

    2. Fast FT

      July 20, 2016

      EC bows to French demands over temporary expat workers

      Brussels has bowed to French demands to push on with changes to the EU’s rules on temporary expat workers after Paris...

    3. July 19, 2016

      ‘Snoopers’ charter’ under threat from ECJ interim ruling

      The British government should be allowed to force telecoms groups to retain customer data but only if strict safeguards...

    4. Fast FT

      July 19, 2016

      Italian banks slip as EU court backs bail-ins

      Italian bank stocks took another hit on Tuesday after the EU’s highest court ruled European taxpayers should not be on...

    5. Fast FT

      July 19, 2016

      EU court backs Slovenian bank 'bail-in'

      EU taxpayers can be shielded from the cost of rescuing failing banks, the European Union’s top court has said, in a...

    6. Fast FT

      July 19, 2016

      UK Snoopers' Charter compatible with EU law - ECJ

      Britain should be allowed to force telecoms groups to retain customer data as long as “strict safeguards” are followed,...

    7. David Allen Green

      July 14, 2016

      David Davis, Brexit and the shapelessness of things to come

      The attention of the public and the media has been grabbed by the appointment by the new prime minister, Theresa May,...

    8. July 13, 2016

      EU court opinion lifts Spanish bank shares

      Shares in several Spanish banks rallied strongly on Wednesday, after the European Court of Justice issued a favourable...

    9. Fast FT

      July 13, 2016

      Sacked Muslim woman victim of direct discrimination - ECJ

      A Muslim woman who was sacked after refusing to take off her headscarf during client meetings was the victim of “direct...

    10. July 12, 2016

      Unicredit jumps 10%; Italian banks rally

      Unicredit shares have leapt more than 10 per cent today, leading a broad rally for Italian banks with its biggest rise...

    11. The Exchange

      June 22, 2016

      Dangers of following the path to an offshore Britain

      Infamously 20 years ago, in assessing whether Britain should join the euro, one of the five tests was whether it would...

    12. June 21, 2016

      Germany’s judges give the ECB a grudging nod

      Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank, promised to do “whatever it takes” to save the euro in July 2012....

    13. Fast FT

      June 21, 2016

      'Not a good day for democracy' - German critics attack ECB court ruling

      Critics of the European Central Bank’s stimulus measures have hit out at Germany’s powerful constitutional court after...

    14. Fast FT

      June 21, 2016

      German high court rejects case against ECB crisis tool

      Germany’s powerful constitutional court has ruled in favour of the one of the European Central Bank’s most important...

    15. Brussels Blog

      June 21, 2016

      Brussels briefing: misjudging the markets

      Some sovereignty obsessed people with little practical economic sense are preparing to make a decision with the...

    16. June 20, 2016

      German high court to rule on legality of ECB financial weapon

      Germany’s highest court will on Tuesday make a landmark judgment on one of the European Central Bank’s most important —...

    17. June 20, 2016

      Untangling Britain from Europe would cause constitutional ‘havoc’

      Untangling Britain from decades of European legislation would take years and could create constitutional mayhem,...

    18. June 14, 2016

      European court backs UK over child benefit limits

      British MPs demanding tighter controls on migrants claiming benefits in the UK have found an ally in a seemingly...

    19. Fast FT

      June 14, 2016

      European court backs UK over child benefit limits

      Britain can use strict “right to reside” rules to limit access to child benefit for non-UK citizens, according to a...

    20. June 12, 2016

      Pooled sovereignty has advanced national goals

      “In the modern world it is worth distinguishing between the substance and symbols of sovereignty. The substance is the...

    21. May 31, 2016

      Judge at EU’s top court backs workplace ban on headscarf

      Companies can ban Muslim staff from wearing headscarves as long as they also forbid other symbols of religion in the...

    22. Fast FT

      May 31, 2016

      European court opinion supports corporate headscarf ban

      Companies are allowed to ban Muslim staff from wearing headscarves as long as the rules are part of a general...

    23. May 29, 2016

      The island story that flags up Britain’s differences from Europe

      If you walk down Piccadilly in London you will see one European flag — on the Maltese High Commission — whereas on the...

    24. May 25, 2016

      Facebook data transfers threatened by EU ruling

      Irish authorities have warned that a crucial data transfer arrangement relied on by Facebook, Google and Amazon...

    25. Fast FT

      May 19, 2016

      Google appeals global 'right to be forgotten'

      Google is appealing against a demand by French regulators to apply the EU’s “right to be forgotten” ruling across the...

    26. Fast FT

      May 18, 2016

      German court to rule on ECB bond-buying plan

      Germany’s powerful constitutional court will finally deliver its ruling on the European Central Bank’s programme to buy...

    27. May 9, 2016

      Tory peer dismisses Brexit risk to banks and points up SME fears

      Investment banks based in the UK would “not have a major problem” if Britain opted to leave the EU, according to a...

    28. May 6, 2016

      Bank of England softens stance in eurozone regulations dispute

      The deputy governor of the Bank of England has backed down in a long-running argument with MPs, admitting that Britain...

    29. May 4, 2016

      EU’s highest court upholds tougher cigarette packet rules

      The European Court of Justice has upheld new EU regulations that require tobacco companies to cover two-thirds of...

    30. Fast FT

      May 4, 2016

      New EU rules on cigarette packaging upheld

      New EU regulations that require tobacco companies to cover 65 per cent of cigarette packs with health warnings were...

    31. May 4, 2016

      No Safe Harbour? Confusion still reigns over EU-US privacy deal

      Since 2000, US cloud providers have relied on the Safe Harbour agreement with the EU. This assured the providers and...

    32. May 2, 2016

      Brexit ‘could boost eurozone GDP’

      Eurozone economies would gain at the expense of Britain if the UK voted to leave the EU, a leading French economist has...

    33. April 27, 2016

      Leave camp balks at growing activist role of Europe’s highest court

      Theresa May, the home secretary, said this week Britain should leave the European Convention on Human Rights, a 1953...

    34. April 20, 2016

      Know your rights when your flight is delayed

      The television weather forecasts were showing swirls of white across the northeastern US. It may have been spring, but...

    35. April 19, 2016

      UK insurer Prudential closer to £100m refund in marathon tax case

      Prudential came a step closer to securing a tax refund of more than £100m on Tuesday in the latest round of the UK...

    36. Fast FT

      April 13, 2016

      EU-US data protection deal challenged

      European data protection authorities have expressed doubts about key features of a crucial new data transfer agreement...

    37. March 24, 2016

      Google handed €100,000 fine by French data regulator

      Google has been handed a €100,000 fine by France’s privacy watchdog over allegations that it has not properly applied...

    38. March 1, 2016

      Europe’s top court places curbs on Germany’s migration policy

      The EU’s top court has ruled that Germany cannot use the argument of spreading the burden of social welfare payments...

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