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    1. Brussels Blog

      May 26, 2015

      The big eurozone overhaul may not be so big

      When eurozone leaders decided last year it was time for another look at overhauling their common currency, the main driver...

    2. Brussels Blog

      May 13, 2015

      Future of the eurozone: Leaked sherpas' note

      The agenda for next month’s EU summit has the potential to become very full very fast. European leaders are already facing a...

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      Innovation and commercialisation of research are key to future-proofing economic growt...
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    1. Brussels Blog

      May 6, 2015

      Paris, Berlin & Rome: Dijsselbloem re-election tour?

      Normally, it wouldn’t seem unusual for Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the Dutch finance minister, to be making the rounds to the...

    2. April 22, 2015

      The hour of Europe on the Mediterranean crisis

      When EU heads of government meet in Brussels on Thursday to discuss the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean they need to...

    3. Nick Butler

      April 13, 2015

      The EU is quietly shaping its energy union

      An intriguing process has begun in the EU, almost unnoticed outside the small world of Brussels and the shrinking circle of...

    4. April 12, 2015

      European Court of Justice doubles number of judges

      The number of judges at the second-highest court in the EU is to double to 56, even though the court itself initially only...

    5. March 19, 2015

      EU moves towards extending Russia sanctions

      EU leaders took the first step towards extending their sweeping economic sanctions against Russia on Thursday night,...

    6. March 19, 2015

      David Cameron to seek EU VAT exemptions for small UK companies

      David Cameron will press Jean-Claude Juncker to revise new European laws applying to value added tax on digital services...

    7. March 3, 2015

      Proposals on European net neutrality open ‘two-speed’ internet

      European internet providers would be allowed to profit from “two-speed” data services under proposals being considered in...

    8. January 21, 2015

      Telecoms operators welcome European proposals on net neutrality

      European telecom operators would face strict rules guaranteeing unrestrained internet access for customers under “net...

    9. December 14, 2014

      A topsy-turvy EU world of power, money and politics

      One of the more peculiar characteristics of the EU is an inverse relationship between political power and control over...

    10. Brussels Blog

      December 10, 2014

      Leaked EU summit conclusions: Draghi left hanging?

      The dance had become so routine that we at the Brussels Blog were thinking of giving it a name, the Eurozone Two-Step. Ever...

    11. December 5, 2014

      Air traffic changes spark UK spat with Spain on Gibraltar

      The UK’s foreign secretary has accused Spain of using the EU to attack Gibraltar’s sovereignty in the latest dispute between...

    12. Gavyn Davies

      October 7, 2014

      Germany is stalling

      Tuesday’s extremely weak German industrial production figures published for August have come an awkward time for the German...

    13. October 1, 2014

      Poland on course for battle on new EU climate change targets

      Poland’s new prime minister on Wednesday set her country on course for a battle with Brussels over the EU’s future climate...

    14. The World

      September 28, 2014

      Solving the mystery of Donald Tusk

      The appointment of Donald Tusk as president of the European Council was greeted with a certain amount of bafflement in...

    15. September 23, 2014

      Mobile operators set to get reprieve on EU roaming rates

      Long-fought proposals on roaming and spectrum ownership could be watered down, giving some breathing room for the EU’s large...

    16. The World

      September 15, 2014

      Au revoir and thank you to Mr Van Rompuy

      It’s time to say “thank you” to Herman Van Rompuy. Mr Van Rompuy, 66, is nearing the end of five years as the first...

    17. September 7, 2014

      Polish premier’s departure leaves party facing test

      Poland will lose its longest-serving prime minister in more than three decades this week, forcing a government reshuffle...

    18. August 31, 2014

      Cameron looks to reap dividend from backing Tusk for top EU job

      David Cameron’s belated switch to back Poland’s Donald Tusk for a top EU post has secured Britain’s prime minister an...

    19. The World

      August 31, 2014

      Poland cheers Tusk’s departure to Europe’s top table

        © Getty By Henry Foy in Warsaw Pride and relief mixed on the streets of Warsaw the morning after Polish prime minister...

    20. August 30, 2014

      EU leaders name Donald Tusk president of the European Council

      EU leaders have unanimously chosen Poland’s prime minister as president of the European Council, giving a country from the...

    21. Brussels Blog

      August 29, 2014

      EU summit: leaked language on Ukraine sanctions

      Italy's Mogherini, the likely next EU foreign policy chief, arrives at a meeting with her counterparts If EU leaders are...

    22. The A-List

      August 28, 2014

      Russia's invasion of Ukraine demands a decisive response

      Let’s be clear: Russia has invaded Ukraine. We can debate the reasons. But we can no longer debate the fact. Nor can we...

    23. August 28, 2014

      Poland and Denmark in two-horse race for EU council presidency

      The contest for the final remaining top EU job has become a two-person race between the leaders of Poland and Denmark,...

    24. August 27, 2014

      Europe’s next foreign policy chief

      The EU’s heads of government will meet in Brussels on Saturday to select two of the bloc’s leading office-holders for the...

    25. August 27, 2014

      Polish PM Donald Tusk takes populist route to re-election

      Polish prime minister Donald Tusk outlined a ream of populist measures on Wednesday, starting a year-long election campaign...

    26. August 27, 2014

      European Council presidency race is wide open with six contenders

      The mounting consensus that Italian foreign minister Federica Mogherini will be chosen as the EU’s next foreign policy chief...

    27. August 26, 2014

      David Cameron backs Polish PM to head European Council

      David Cameron has offered to back Donald Tusk, Poland’s premier, as the next European Council head, despite a blazing row...

    28. July 25, 2014

      Brussels chiefs urge EU states to approve tough curbs on Russia

      Two of the EU’s most senior figures have urged the bloc’s prime ministers to approve a sweeping set of new sanctions against...

    29. Brussels Blog

      July 25, 2014

      Van Rompuy's letter on Russia: the complete text

      Russian president Vladimir Putin, left, with Van Rompuy at a January summit in Brussels After weeks of equivocation that...

    30. July 17, 2014

      EU leaders fail to reach deal on top jobs

      A summit of European leaders held to pick the three remaining top EU jobs broke up early Thursday morning with no deal on...

    31. July 16, 2014

      Q&A: The confusing contest for the EU’s top jobs

      After Tuesday’s official coronation of Jean-Claude Juncker as the next president of the European Commission, EU leaders at a...

    32. Brussels Blog

      July 16, 2014

      EU summit: Leaked draft of new Russia sanctions

      A pro-Russian militant stands guard at a checkpoint outside Donetsk earlier this week. UPDATE: We’ve now posted the draft...

    33. July 6, 2014

      Drive towards single European digital economy proposed

      Proposals to support a single European digital economy will be revealed in Venice this week at the first meeting held by the...

    34. Brussels Blog

      June 30, 2014

      After Juncker, the deluge: a look at other top jobs

      Thorning-Schmidt, left, and Merkel at last week's EU summit. Is the Danish PM's star falling? With Jean-Claude Juncker’s...

    35. The World

      June 27, 2014

      The summit that will go down in history

      (Getty) “There is a tide in the affairs of men “Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” So said Brutus in...

    36. June 25, 2014

      Allies abandon Cameron ahead of summit

      European allies of David Cameron abandoned the British prime minister on Wednesday ahead of a showdown over EU leadership,...

    37. June 25, 2014

      Europe’s top jobs: The runners and riders

      With the nomination of Jean Claude-Juncker, an ex-Luxembourg prime minister, as president of the European Commission all but...

    38. Brussels Blog

      June 24, 2014

      Van Rompuy's fiscal agenda: more Matti than Mutti?

      Van Rompuy meeting with Britain's David Cameron at Downing Street on Monday The less-watched parallel process to selecting...

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