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  1. April 9, 2014

    Comcast-TWC would create ‘national octopus’, Senate committee told

    Comcast’s proposed $45.2bn takeover of Time Warner Cable will limit consumer choice and could spur higher prices, a Senate...

  2. April 8, 2014

    Comcast FCC filing puts case for TWC deal

    Comcast is positioning itself as a limited player in a dynamic media and technology industry dominated by Apple, Google,...

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  1. Satellite Communications 2012

    Satellite communications has been one of the most stable growth businesses in media an...
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  1. April 2, 2014

    Comcast / TWC: stay the course

    Comcast has proven to be a deft tactician in its pursuit of Time Warner Cable. Its acumen is tested again as its shares have...

  2. March 31, 2014

    BlackBerry slides on broker downgrades

    BlackBerry suffered a second day of declines after two brokers downgraded the company following a fourth quarter marked by...

  3. March 28, 2014

    CBS $3.3bn billboard spin-off signals end of era

    CBS’s spin-off of its $3.3bn billboard business into a public company, which began trading on Friday, signals the end of an...

  4. March 28, 2014

    Charter contests proposed TWC-Comcast merger

    Charter Communications has filed legal documents contesting the proposed $42.5bn merger between Time Warner Cable and...

  5. March 24, 2014

    Netflix shares fall on talk of Apple service

    Netflix shares fell almost 7 per cent on concerns about competitive threats to its online film and series streaming service...

  6. March 21, 2014

    AT&T hits back at Netflix over ISP fees

    AT&T has hit back at Netflix, calling the chief executive of the film and TV streaming service “arrogant” for arguing it...

  7. March 20, 2014

    Netflix targets Comcast over ISP fees

    Netflix has accused Comcast and other big internet providers of using their “market position” to impose tolls for access to...

  8. March 20, 2014

    Don’t expect Malone the ‘cable cowboy’ to ride into the sunset

    When Comcast delivered its surprise bid for Time Warner Cable last month, most observers assumed it would knock the...

  9. March 18, 2014

    Hunger for long-term debt poses US rate risk

    Will it be all pain and no gain for investors who have piled into long-term corporate debt recently? Despite rising...

  10. March 16, 2014

    Centerview Partners’ relationship care brings blockbuster deals

    In the first few days of 2014, Centerview Partners helped Jim Beam, the US spirits group, sell itself to Suntory of Japan...

  11. March 13, 2014

    Malone chooses rights issue over Sirius deal

    John Malone’s Liberty Media has dropped its bid to buy a minority stake in Sirius XM, the satellite radio operator, in...

  12. March 4, 2014

    Comcast points to NBCU deal to convince regulators

    Comcast, the US media group, is trumpeting its compliance with conditions attached to its 2009 acquisition of NBCUniversal...

  13. March 2, 2014

    Comcast nears $320m deal for FreeWheel

    Comcast is poised to pay around $320m for FreeWheel, a seven-year-old company that inserts advertising in online videos for...

  14. February 27, 2014

    JC Penney soars on same-store success

    JC Penney soared by its biggest intraday rise on record after the retailer reported its first same-store sales growth since...

  15. FT Alphaville

    February 25, 2014

    ISPit in consumers' general direction

    There’s been a ton of blogospheric analysis about the deal between Netflix and Comcast, and even after reading all of it you...

  16. February 24, 2014

    Netflix / Comcast: strange bedfellows

    It’s easier to cheer for David than Goliath. That doesn’t make David right. On Sunday, Netflix and Comcast said they would...

  17. FT Alphaville

    February 24, 2014

    The (early) Lunch Wrap

    Good morning New York, FT ALPHAVILLE Buffett derivatives, feel the (credit) quality: Dan wonders if Berkshire’s own credit...

  18. FT Alphaville

    February 24, 2014

    The 6am London Cut

    Markets: Asian markets started the week on the back foot, with investors concerned that Chinese banks have curtailed lending...

  19. February 23, 2014

    Netflix to pay Comcast for better speeds

    Netflix and Comcast have struck a landmark agreement for internet providers and content distribution companies, with Netflix...

  20. February 23, 2014

    Dish Network: a platter of choices

    Charlie Ergen, chairman of satellite television provider Dish Network, was facing a tough time to start with. Pay TV already...

  21. February 21, 2014

    Charter prowls for deals after Comcast blow

    Charter Communications has not given up on its ambitions to grow through mergers and acquisitions after its hostile bid for...

  22. February 20, 2014

    The tax credit that costs NY its cool

    Events in New York this week reminded me of an old saying of Solomon Burke, the late great soul singer. “Sometimes you get...

  23. February 19, 2014

    Google eyes fibre expansion in US metro areas

    Google on Wednesday revealed ambitious plans to compete more directly with the US cable TV and telecoms industries as it...

  24. February 19, 2014

    Comcast confident of TWC deal approval

    Comcast’s top lobbyist for shepherding the $45.2bn Time Warner Cable bid through the regulatory process has dismissed...

  25. February 19, 2014

    How to tackle the great American cable monopoly

    What harm is there in merging Comcast, America’s biggest cable company, with Time Warner Cable, the second biggest? The...

  26. February 19, 2014

    FCC plans new rules to free web traffic

    The US Federal Communications Commission will propose new “net neutrality” rules, prohibiting internet service providers...

  27. February 19, 2014

    US ‘Cable Cowboy’ John Malone begins succession planning

    John Malone, the US billionaire dubbed the “Cable Cowboy”, has begun planning his succession at Discovery Communications and...

  28. February 17, 2014

    Television: More power to the cord

    Marshall Maher is wreaking havoc on the media business. The 38-year-old Manhattan marketing executive is an avid television...

  29. February 14, 2014

    Charter looks for way back into Time Warner Cable deal

    Charter Communications has expressed interest in picking up some or all of the 3m subscribers that Comcast could sell to...

  30. February 14, 2014

    Comcast’s Roberts lines up TWC deal on Russian slopes

    It was in confident mood that several of the senior bankers on Charter Communications’ deal team headed to the slopes of...

  31. February 14, 2014

    Letter from Lex: expectation management

    Readers, Cast your mind back to last weekend. Predictions for the week ahead might have gone something like this: Charter...

  32. February 14, 2014

    Squash-playing Comcast chief Brian Roberts no stranger to battle

    As a keen squash player who won gold at the Maccabiah Games – also known as the Jewish Olympics – Brian Roberts knows...

  33. February 14, 2014

    TWC shareholders hope for benefits beyond Comcast’s bid

    Hedge fund manager John Paulson says he plans to keep his stake in Comcast if its $42.5bn all-share bid for Time Warner...

  34. February 13, 2014

    TWC battle will test Comcast’s regulatory skills

    Comcast and Time Warner Cable are already the two most powerful companies in an industry that is unpopular with consumers...

  35. February 13, 2014

    TWC / Comcast valuation: Easy as pie

    There are plenty of dubious ways to evaluate an all-stock merger of the type Comcast and Time Warner Cable have entered...

  36. February 13, 2014

    Ma Bell should toll for Comcast’s deal

    America may be the birthplace of the internet. But when it comes to web access, US consumers get a startlingly poorer deal...

  37. February 13, 2014

    Time Warner Cable deal extends Comcast’s geographic reach

    The acquisition of Time Warner Cable would extend Comcast’s presence, which is already strong on the west coast,...

  38. February 13, 2014

    Time Warner/Comcast: bizarre love triangle

    There are no permanent allies, just permanent interests – as Charter Communications investor John Malone has just been...

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