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    1. March 22, 2015

      Top Chinese bank plans Europe fund expansion

      China’s second-largest bank is to launch a UK-domiciled fund targeting international investors, marking the latest in a...

    2. February 16, 2015

      China’s big banks sidestep ‘too big to fail’ capital buffers

      China is still probably the world’s best bet for generating global growth. Even as the economy cools, it is expanding at 7...

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    1. The Future of the Renminbi

      Having been almost invisible in much of the world for years, the Chinese currency is n...
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    1. February 2, 2015

      Chinese banks to join new gold fix from March

      The replacement for the near-century-old London gold fix will start in March, with the hope of attracting at least 11...

    2. beyondbrics

      January 9, 2015

      China's "big four" banks lose out as savers gain sophistication

      China’s “big four” state banks are losing share in the country’s fast-growing retail banking market as customers embrace a...

    3. January 8, 2015

      UK licenses second Chinese bank

      China Construction Bank has been granted a licence by British regulators to expand into the UK’s business banking market in...

    4. December 9, 2014

      Chinese banks raise rates on deposits

      Three of China’s four biggest banks have raised interest rates on deposits in recent days, potentially blunting the impact...

    5. FT Alphaville

      December 5, 2014

      Buy STAN*

      * Suggest Citi, kinda. Still, it’s AN argument (with our emphasis): After the debating – A favourite year-end discussion...

    6. October 30, 2014

      Bad loans surge at China’s biggest banks

      Bad loans at China’s biggest banks rose at the fastest pace in at least seven years during the third quarter as a slowing...

    7. October 27, 2014

      China set to invest £105bn in UK infrastructure by 2025

      China is set to invest £105bn in British infrastructure by 2025, with energy, property and transport the biggest recipients,...

    8. September 30, 2014

      Financial centres vie for slice of renminbi’s growing offshore business

      The international rise of the renminbi may be a long game – but many players are jostling for position. The currency...

    9. beyondbrics

      September 25, 2014

      PBoC chief exit - a recurring rumour

      Rumours that China’s long-serving central bank governor will soon be replaced have been swirling around Beijing for the past...

    10. September 5, 2014

      UK set to license Chinese bank branch

      Britain is preparing to grant the first new licence allowing a Chinese bank to operate a branch in the UK, in a bid to boost...

    11. August 15, 2014

      China banks fortify balance sheets against loan risks

      China’s second and third-largest banks sold a combined Rmb50bn ($8bn) in subordinated bonds on Friday, the latest in a wave...

    12. FT Alphaville

      July 21, 2014

      Flight to a semblance of quality, China property edition

      Today in Chinese efforts to shore up the property market, from Bloomberg: China will revive mortgage-backed debt sales this...

    13. July 10, 2014

      Chinese bank debt finds favour with money market funds

      Some of the world’s biggest, most conservative money market funds have been increasing their exposure to Chinese bank debt,...

    14. July 4, 2014

      China’s Huarong plans maiden US dollar bond

      Huarong, one of China’s former bad banks, will kick off a roadshow on Monday as it looks to sell its first US dollar bond,...

    15. June 30, 2014

      UK banks generate less profit than Brazil

      UK banks are still generating less profit than those in France, Australia and Brazil, according to an annual analysis of the...

    16. June 24, 2014

      London’s renminbi trade will dance to Beijing’s tune

      George Osborne was in ebullient mood last week as he greeted the news that China Construction Bank had been designated the...

    17. June 19, 2014

      Chinese bank seeks approval for UK branch

      China’s second-biggest lender is pressing UK regulators for approval to set up a branch in London as part of a drive to...

    18. beyondbrics

      June 12, 2014

      New York morning espresso

      ** FT News ** * Iraq prepares fightback against Isis | Pressure for counter-offensive against Islamist insurgents mounts,...

    19. June 11, 2014

      Renminbi boost for London’s forex trade

      Britain’s bid to become the leading centre for offshore trading in the renminbi is set to receive a boost with the...

    20. May 20, 2014

      China’s banks line up extra capital cushion

      China’s banks are poised to raise tens of billions of dollars via preferred share issues in the coming months, as they look...

    21. May 11, 2014

      Premier: China looks ‘particularly cheap’

      Premier Asset Management’s Jake Robbins has bought into a Chinese bank in spite of negative sentiment towards the banking...

    22. April 29, 2014

      Wealthy Chinese investors stage protest over trust default

      For millennia China’s poor and downtrodden have taken their grievances to the capital to seek redress from their rulers. In...

    23. March 24, 2014

      Chinese banks: bear hug

      Investors in China’s state-backed banks have a lot to worry about: the dangers of default in a slowing economy, the threat...

    24. March 19, 2014

      S Korea regulators launch probe into China banks’ operations

      South Korean financial authorities have launched an inspection of three Chinese banks' operations in the country, amid...

    25. March 18, 2014

      China’s central bank holds bailout talks with property developer

      China’s central bank and one of its largest state lenders are holding emergency talks over whether to bail out a defaulting...

    26. FT Alphaville

      March 5, 2014

      China solar credit does not equal gold

      Things you don’t expect on the night before a dovish National People’s Congress announces a 7.5 per cent growth target...

    27. beyondbrics

      February 21, 2014

      Chinese brand equity makes for stock hits

      Chinese brands may not yet be world beaters, but it looks as though they are making waves among stock pickers. Research from...

    28. February 12, 2014

      China coal miner’s $50m loan default fuels shadow banking fears

      A Chinese mining company, whose flamboyant boss made headlines for spending $11m on his daughter’s wedding, has defaulted on...

    29. FT Alphaville

      January 29, 2014

      Oh, Canada

      If you go back to the very first post in our Living the Herbalife series, you’ll play spot the difference between two...

    30. beyondbrics

      January 28, 2014

      China's banks: fighting back against online upstarts

      Still depositing your money in the bank? In China, you would be laughed at by your friends, who are either buying wealth...

    31. January 20, 2014

      China’s banks: undervalued

      Would you? The reasons not to buy China’s banks are many, from questionable loan quality and untested links with shadow...

    32. December 30, 2013

      China raps brokerages for ‘disruptive’ trades

      The Shanghai stock exchange has said it will impose “self-disciplinary actions” on four brokerages after a series of...

    33. December 17, 2013

      Coal tycoon’s plight shines light on China trusts

      A Chinese mining boss who threw a multimillion-dollar wedding for his daughter last year is now struggling under a pile of...

    34. December 12, 2013

      Cinda raises $2.5bn in Hong Kong debut

      Shares in Cinda, the former Chinese bad bank, got off to a flying start on Thursday, rising 26 per cent during their first...

    35. November 3, 2013

      China Construction Bank looks to Europe for acquisitions

      Fresh from its biggest overseas deal ever, China Construction Bank is looking to Europe for acquisition opportunities but...

    36. October 30, 2013

      China Construction Bank closes in on Brazil’s BicBanco

      China Construction Bank is poised to clinch its first international banking deal as it closes in on Brazil’s BicBanco, a São...

    37. beyondbrics

      October 15, 2013

      ICBC bond: latest step on London's road to RMB dominance

      ICBC will issue an RMB bond in London next month. First issued by a mainland #China headquartered bank. — George Osborne...

    38. beyondbrics

      September 4, 2013

      Western banks still betting on China

      It is tempting to see Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s $1.47bn sale of the last bit of its stake in China Construction Bank...

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